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Every cam enthusiast must have heard about Chaturbate. You may also already be an active member of this popular cam site. Chaturbate is a live, interactive streaming platform that offers adult men and women a great online environment to easily fulfill their fantasies. In addition, this site is available for the most exciting and erotic cam shows. This cam site not only consists of thousands of female models, but also men, transgender people, lesbians and couples. There is something for everyone on this very populair cam site.


Chaturbate was founded in 2011, headquarters California (US). Chaturbate stands for Chat and Masturbate. In 2020 the cam site was ranked 65th most popular website in the world and it ranked 5th as most popular adult site.

Chaturbate Tokens

On Chaturbate you buy tokens to spoil your favorite camgirls. You can watch the shows for free, but you will get a lot more attention and a better experience if you spend tokens. The more you buy, the cheaper they are (between 8 and 10 cents)

Design of Chaturbate

The Chaturbate website is very clear and easy to use. Once you are on the homepage of the site, you will see at a glance the menu where you can login and register as a new member. From the menu at the top of the homepage, you have the option to view the chat rooms, look at the different broadcasts, view the tags on the site, you can earn free tokens and you can click on the swag tab. At the bottom of this menu you will see the recommended profiles of models, female models, male models, couples and transgender people. You will also see a number of tags that you can click to view the profiles of your choice. On the homepage of the site you will also immediately see an overview of featured profiles of interesting models. Based on this overview you will get an idea of ​​what you can expect on the site in terms of models and erotic cam shows.

You will notice that at the bottom of the home page you also have the option to get an overview of the free cams, free cams by age, free cams by region and free cams by status. The site can also be accessed in various languages ​​including Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Chaturbate models

Chaturbate features thousands of male and female models from all parts of the world. On the site you can choose for North American cams, other region cams, Euro Russian Cams, Asian cams and South American cams. The models are divided into different categories on the site. You could choose to see only female models, only male models, or couples. Lovers of transgender people will also get their money's worth on this site. The models know better than anyone how to entertain you on the best and most erotic masturbation shows and more.

Chaturbate Chat

On Chaturbate you can enjoy the most exciting and erotic cam shows both paid and unpaid. Paying members also have the option to send messages to models, give tips to their favorite models, send private messages to models and they can ask a model for a private show. You will of course wonder how to send a private message to your favorite model. To send a PM, you must first click on the model's username in the chat or in the user list. Then you can click on the tab "Send private message". By using this option you can share all your sexual desires and fantasies with your favorite model and who knows, you might also be spoiled during the model's cam show.

When chatting you will notice that the usernames are shown in different colors. You will also wonder what the different colors mean. Orange names indicate the names of the models and red names are moderators. The light blue color is awarded to members who have or have purchased tokens and users with dark blue names have tipped at least 50 tokens in the last two weeks. Furthermore, users with a light purple color by their name have tipped at least 250 tokens in the last two weeks and members with dark purple names have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the last two weeks. It's also good to know that members with green names are fan club members and individuals with gray-colored username do not own tokens.

Chaturbate Tokens

On Chaturbate you can view profiles of models completely free, but you can also choose to make more optimal use of the various services by purchasing tokens. You pay with tokens on Chaturbate. The tokens are sold in token bundles and the more tokens you purchase, the cheaper. You can use the tokens to spoil your favorite model with tips, you can use them for sending private chat messages or for private sessions.

The costs for private sessions are as follows:

  • 6 Tokens per Minute
  • 12 Tokens per Minute
  • 18 Tokens per Minute
  • 30 Tokens per Minute
  • 60 Tokens per Minute
  • 90 Tokens per Minute

By clicking on one of these options you will get an overview of all models, which for example offer private sessions from 6 tokens per minute, 12 tokens per minute and more. You will immediately see which models are open for a private session and what the costs will be per minute.

Pricing Chaturbate

2025 Tokens

price per token

$ 0.08

total costs $ 159.99

Get tokens!
100 tokens

price per token

$ 0.11

total costs $ 10.99

Get tokens!
Free sex cams

no tokens

$ 0,00

absolutely free

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The tokens on Chaturbate are sold in token bundles. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper. You also get a lot more bonus tokens as a gift with the purchase of a large number of tokens at a time. The prices of the token bundles and the associated bonus are as follows:

  • 100 tokens for $ 10.99
  • 200 tokens for $ 20.99 (5% bonus)
  • 500 tokens for $ 44.99 (22% bonus)
  • 750 tokens for $ 62.99 (31% bonus)
  • 1000 tokens for $ 79.99 (37% bonus)
  • 1255 tokens for $ 99.99 (38% bonus)
  • 2025 tokens for $ 159.99 (39% bonus)

In addition to purchasing token bundles, users can also opt for the supporter membership. This membership is a must. It allows you to send other users private messages, gives you a clean interface without ads, and you can use special text functions in chat rooms. As a bonus, when you purchase a supporter account, you get 200 free tokens worth $ 20.99. The Supporters membership itself costs US $ 19.95 per month.

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Chaturbate Reviews

    Mind games

    They play on mind games with models to make them think that they’re no longer it girl by controlling who sees them, who can tip them, deletes followers as you receive them as well. They claim to care about their models but only the ones who they like such as foreign, ones who taught their least favorite and white.

    The guys are nice

    Staff are very shallow, Dont care about models well being. They pretend to though. The person who runs it is a control freak, I really do think she’s very sweet but I think she needs some professional help


    They hacked my computer last year because I stood up for myself. Harassed me had me fearing for my life. Deleted my followers and banned my acct before Xmas. I return after 6 months. They demote me for standing up to bullies then after all these years after profiting off my style they demote me everytime I speak up for myself. They don’t care about African American models. They have their favs. I’m tired of this site they suck and karma will be served. They attacked me and my daughter and said she’ll be just like me when she grows up although she’s graduated Highschool this year with 3 SCHOLARSHIPS!!! They suck ass. Very unprofessional. Deletes followers favors models on traffic although they take half of what we make!!!! You all will be served… delete that!!!

    The fans who support me

    Their racism. Lack of humanity. The copycats, and the favoritism. Ghetto support that don’t support shi. I’m sure you all can figure out who I am 🤌


    I have been a member of Chaturbate for at least 9 years both as a performer and a customer, I was recently banned permanently for \\\"breaching terms and conditions\\\" or some such bull shite! \\r\\nI was in the room of a young couple talking to them discussing when my partner & I used to be performers and how someone had illegally recorded one of our Chaturbate shows and by the time I found it online, there had been over 18 million views! I also uploaded a screenshot of the video from Xhamster that showed the number of views the video had received, it wasn't pornographic in any way it was just a simp[le photo frame grabbed from the video of my partner on my lap, and I sitting in a chair we are both facing camera, so just after I had sent this photo to the couple I was suddenly kicked out of the room with a message on the screen saying I was banned for breaching Chaturbate rules, \\r\\nI sent a few messages to Chatutrbate asking what was going on with no answer for a week or two, then an answer with nothing of interest in it, no reason for the ban (details, etc)_ once again I replied back and eventually got an answer back saying I had been banned for posting a photo of an underage minor in that couples room (the one of my partner and me)\\r\\nI wrote back saying that they were wrong and the photo is of my partner and me (she does look very young even though she is 21 at the time) I told them to look at my profile page as it still has multiple photos of the two of us from our performer days plus our age verification etc, I eventually got an answer back telling me that the girl in the photo is not my partner who performed with me but some other girl and my lifetime ban remains in place (the stupid lying conniving assholes)_ \\r\\nThey also informed me they were blocking me from contacting them again, even though I offered to send them the actual video the picture was grabbed from that would prove without a shadow of a doubt it is my partner in the photo,\\r\\nTo my way of thinking the management of Chaturbate is so morally corrupt (amongst other things) that they can not even admit they are wrong in the decisions they make, I hate idiots like this with a passion and would dearly like to get past these morons to higher management to make them aware of whats going on in the trenches






    The support team hired by chaturbate is unprofessional and totally stupid for identifying my documents fake after being verified and work in the site for 2 years.Out of the blue banned my account for the reason that my id did not comply to the term of service.I tried to contact them to prove they are wrong and mistakenly identifying authentic document as fake is a big ignorance and just proved that the support team is very ignorant and not doing their job properly.Chaturbate must hire customer support with atleast a common sense.

    best site

    dont trust customer support,lazy and unprofessional,not responsive,ignorant cs,

    permanent ban??

    been on cb for years, usually support helps out for most things only a few times i have i just given up but this one has me furious. logged in 3-12-22 to my find out my account has been banned with the message 'We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service.' contacted support saying that i haven't been online to be banned and please advise to which i got the response that it is a permanent ban and may not get an answer back due to permanent ban. 'termination without warning'? this isn't right and i don't even broadcast. or how about that i wasn't even online in weeks? how am i not able to get an explanation to this? how about the fact that they might be actually wrong? never mind the tokens i still had in my account, this just isn't right. after writing this i wish i could give them 0 stars.

    nothing right now

    bans and unable to contact or dispute issues. some issues can get solved but the bigger issues just get swept under the carpet it seems.

    Chaturbate is garbage

    Website has crappy security. Account gets hacked into on a regular basis. Support team are slugs and take an eternity to get back to their customers. Not recommended.

    Support staff is incompetent

    Support SUCKS

    The site had verification information for myself and my partner for 2 months and all of a sudden, during a show, they cut me off and revoked my age verification. The reason was that even-though our accounts were linked together per instructions when signing up, they needed IDs for both of us under the same account. Fine. Submitted it and haven't had a clear answer about what else they need. I've submitted photos 3 different time of his ID and face and they keep going back and forth over the smallest of things. If you plan to have a partner on your show, I recommend finding a different site, because this one will give you problems.


    Chaturbate is run by a pack of thieves. I have had several accounts on the website and spent literally thousands of dollars there. The website has just recently banned every account that I have had there and told me that it is permanent. All of this happened based on the assumption that I was breaking their rules. I have told them on repeated occasions that I acknowledge the "error" and that it will not happen again. I have tried over and over here recently to start new accounts..........they have banned all of them. They are in possession of videos that I paid a lot of money for and I want them back. Them denying me the right to get them back is nothing short than thievery. I have made hundreds of friends there and I would like the opportunity to see them again. I have always paid my way when I was there. I'll say it again, I have spent thousands of dollars in that website and demand the respect that a good customer should receive, not the utter disrespect that they are showing me. There is no rating right now that is too low for this website and thieves that run it.

    The beautiful women there that are being taken to the cleaners by the thieves that run the site.

    Non-existant customer service. The customer service is so bad there they do not even have a telephone number to call to interact with the rejects that call themselves customer service agents. They are a joke. A pathetic joke.


    Since Chaturbate is bullying consumer review sites to take down the reviews about the problem with the studio rooms a even sites like Trust pilot took down and doesn't review Chaturbate and the BBB (BETTER BUSINESS BURUE) doesn't recognize Multi Media LLC Legit because of the the Bull $hit that's coming out of Chaturscam. BUT I BET PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT A MALWARE CALLED ( MALWARE) All you have to do is Google it the same way I just wrote it and there's a article on it and it is from the summer of 2021. This is a surprise ro me, and it is or should have already brought to everyone attention until now, and it shows what these sites and yes Im saying all do it but Chaturbate thinks there shit don't stink and they are getting ready to carry a serious ASS whooping. This also backs my theory and claims of the criminal activity that I know for a fact that chaturbate is backing and knows about. They do not give a crap about the customer just the money. But it's going on from every site from sex cams, to hook up sites, and the online porn sites. And dare any SOB to call me a liar I have hundreds of screen shots and even some models told me that not only chaturbate but all cam sites know about it and again it's the Drug ran studio rooms not independently models.
    And I'm going to keep saying this but if you still Dumb enough to go into those sies without a Safe Browser and I recommend Brave which shows you the sites that track and what they are putting on you, and use a paid VPN no free junk but sites like CAM4 will not let you in because they are crooked as HELL and stream ate after a few minutes will block you totally and I Blame the Biggest and what they say are the safest Browser for people and that's Google with a little program called FloC that allows criminals like these porn sites track you and put malicious shit on your device to steal your information. I'm not a computer genius and I wasn't looking for what I'm exposing I stumbled across this by accident and I care about my customers when I was online but when I reported multiple times to chaturbate about girls from studios room trying to put Spyware on me and basically blamed me for it and letting them site stream but Banned me for standing up for you guys, FUCK YOU Chaturbate I will make sure you will get what you deserve and nobody is going to Stop me. In other words Kiss my Ass you Dam THEVES!

    Absolutely nothing

    They are

    Useless lowlife theives ( inc. majority of hosts)

    Drunken, rude manipulative liars and con artists. Premeditated crime(theft). I ran an experiment Mon/Tues. They took the bait and collaboratively practiced abuse. The hosts are uneducated, blatantly practicing evil while playing dumb. I view them as non-productive perverts engaged in many forms of evil. They think they're clever but EVERYONE knows what really goes on behind the scenes. Money isn't the only thing they're stealing. I've gathered a great deal of evidence in my lab that reveals other kinds of theft(electrical in nature) of a most sinister and diabolical nature. It's very easy to spot and I know Exactly what they are stealing and how they do it. The webcam hosts are in on it. Grow up and quit stealing! You don't have to steal to get what you want. If you can spend all that time and energy devising "hidden" electrochemical theft, you could find honest, legitimate business techniques that are brimming with profitability. You're setting a terrible example on how to approach life. Perhaps one day you will see the error of your ways.

    Nothing. Not a single thing redeeming about the site. Lots of bad karma headed that way.

    A complete waste of time and money. Most if not all the hosts are common, manipulative thieves. Low-life extremely deranged perverts.

    Well after trying to warn everyone they banned me

    I turned in a female performer for trying to put a Spyware on me when I was her room and after showing chaturtheves what she and almost all of the Columbian studio rooms do to people when you go into those rooms, chaturscam defend them and like I always have said, if they were to ban me it's because they are trying to cover up there money making scam, and proves that they have there dirty little hands in it. First thing is they think banning me will hide whatever is going on, WRONG, I have contacted the Feds and giving them everything and every screen shot of what is coming from chaturbitch. People if you continue going into the south American rooms, and not using a safe browser or VPN all I can say is good luck because they will get any and everything known about you.

    Absolutely nothing


    Not a good site anymore

    You cannot connect to many of the South America cams. Many of the models set their goals too high and do nothing after getting half or a third of their goal but sign off.

    Chaturbate has some nice-looking models but so does Stripchat and there are no technical problems on Stripchat.

    No regulation of models or rules for models in pleasing paying customers.

    Chaturbate is in melt-down

    I spent like 10-20 thousand on there.... It seems like they are in melt-down lately. I give them two years at most.

    Used to be good

    They seem to be disintegrating

    Chaturbate Better Than Other Webcam sites

    I give Chaturbate a 5 star rating, as some of the best performers that I have ever seen are on here. In fact, the very best performer out of the best happens to be on this site. Never have I seen a woman perform like this one, and others who have been on other sites agree with me on this.

    With that said, I would love to touch basis on some of the complaints on here, one in particular, a rather stupid one....*All the models care about is tokens* Well yes, of course they do, this IS their job, and they care as much about making money at their job as you do at yours. If you can not understand that they are here for money, then you should not be dealing with camgirls at all. But those that understand this can really enjoy the entertainment for what it is. This is not play time, they are not in love with you, nor will they fall for you, they are merely doing their job and that is it! Anyone that expects them to actually have romantic feelings for their visitors/regulars is in need of a psychiatrist, rather than a camgirl.

    *Camgirls not following through on goal, or promise performance for tip* Yes, I can see how this could be a problem. The intelligent thing to do is to shop around BEFORE giving anyone tips. Do not just jump at the first girl you see and start tipping. Good thing about Chaturbate is you have the benefit of watching live performances, and see how the girl is, how she interacts with her audience, during her performance, and how she follows through on tip promises. This is a benefit you do not get when you are on a site like LiveJasmine where they are fully clothed and are not allowed to do a darn thing in public. Therefore, that type of a site, you have a higher risk of wasting funds on a crappy private performance, than you would on a site chaturbate; where you have gotten enough time to research how girl does, and therefore, have an excellent idea of how she is going to be in private or otherwise. I would also avoid models that keep their clothes on the whole time, or hardly do anything for you to see what you might be getting. Hope this helps improves some peoples visits here.

    *Models do not get in trouble for not following through, or for scamming* Viewing some of the webcam girl forums, I can say that they actually do get in trouble, not just for things like this, but other kinds of rule infractions. In fact, many complain that they feel Chaturbate might be a little ban hammer happy on them. Also, this problem is not exclusive to chaturbate, I have seen customers complain about the exact same thing and feeling ripped off by a model in places like LiveJasmine and Streammate as well. Best thing again is to avoid this in the first place by being an observer first, then tipper later, after you have spotted some models that you are familiar with how they act and perform, and if they always come through as promised.

    Some excellent performers, Being able to see what kind of show you would be getting BEFORE investing in a private rather than taking a gamble on it like what happens at livejasmine, or Streammate.

    Technical concerns as expressed here. Hopefully, support views these reviews and is able to correct much of this.

    Banned for standing up

    Well I figured it happened sooner or later but after Chaturbate didn't take down or ban a performer for tracking and I even showed them proof of it but instead banned me because they are trying to cover it up. My screen name was ieathairytacos and there was a lot of people that really appreciated what I was doing which was alerting them and advising them not to go into the studio rooms which is mostly Latin America or runned by Columbian drugs. The bad thing is I have screenshots of everything they were doing I told them around a dozen but I actually have around a hundred screenshots with the sex sites names and the spyware/malware they are trying to put on me. People if you are going to be stupid and continue going to those sites and I'm not talking about Chaturbate alone, some sites has nothing but studio rooms in them and that means nothing but criminal activity in those sites but Chaturbate did have independent models like myself that didn't have a clue about it until some of the girls told me about it. Also the model I was trying to turn in and let them know that was tracking me is called rouse_pink she goes by rousepink1, shantall_miller on Flirt4free but she and mostly Latin studio rooms are trying to steal your information guys and another word for it is called identity theft. And I'm not going to lay down or back away from this either I will be on there door step come this Monday morning and someone that works there is going to carry a ass kicking. Love everyone and if anyone wants proof try to find my social media and I will send all the proof you need. Oh yeah I'm sending everything to FBI so good luck Chaturbate

    Why would you say something good about a site allowing and backing identity theft

    The correct words is cons they think they did good by banning me well they just really screwed up


    Super Express verey Nice

    Sex girls

    Site is Great some Models are Thieves

    Site itself is great. Some of the models are literal thieves though. Right now I have two situations going on, chaterbate says they are going to investigate and possible refund the account. Biggest problem with the site is that there is NOTHING regulating the models. They can take your money and then immediately ban you from the room .


    > Hotfuckinggarci69 - Took 1250 in tokens. Banned me from the room


    > mlstresslno - Took 650 tokens (~$58). Banned me from the room immediately.

    No services received, no explanation or warning. Be warned!

    Zero repercussions so far and zero failsafes to prevent models from taking your tokens and then banning you, signing off, or creating a password for the room.


    So hot


    Is so much better


    I figured out that they are listening to everything you say and there watching everything you do!!! and there recording it! Everyone of them is scared of me right now and are threatening me to release the footage publicly.? Wtf




    been with this girls you forget about your problems is like therapy ,i think is healthy


    I like it all

    Non responsive models

    I recently tried this site of no class models. They suggest various tip levels for special requests. I give 85 in tips for a “change in outfits” and she does NOThING!! I tell support, they do nothing. You want the only site with real dedicated models ... Live Jasmin

    Lollipop_oh and others

    They let one of the worse performers back on the site and her name is lollipop_oh. THIS use to be anastasia_h until she took some time off or got banned for taking another performers money and banning him from her room. She thinks she is Hott sh#$ but her attitude stinks and if she gains ANYMORE weight she will out grow her cam and have to put a wide load Warning plus a bitch Warning before you go into her room. People stay out of her room and most of them columbia girls rooms if you go in these sites they take your tokens and use you.
    One more thing is why are alot of the Spanish girls changing to asian or a white girl? I've even seen European girls calling themselves Spanish and can't speak Espanol. Just because they have dark complex doesn't make you Spanish. If they lie about that what else they lying about?

    White and black American performers

    Lollipop_oh Is a scammer and most Latin rooms also and if you go in those room use a vpn

    Multi Media LLC


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