Flirt4Free consists of thousands of sexy models and a large number of users, who can't get enough of the hot cam shows that are put up.

The nice thing about the site is that you can register on the site completely free of charge, search profiles and you can also contact your favorite models. Not only the men can enjoy hot women, but also the women can enjoy hot muscular male models. The trans community is also getting their money's worth on this site.

Design of Flirt4Free

The Flirt4Free website is modern and has a black background. The first thing you see on the homepage of the site is an overview with featured profiles of interesting models. You will also see the menu where you can first choose to see female, male or trans models. You can also choose the room type, filter models based on their language and look for models that are currently broadcasting.

On the homepage of the site you have the option to view the profiles of the different models and click on the profile of your favorite model. After clicking on the profile picture of your favorite model, a new webpage will appear where you can see the model live in action, you can send messages for the model as well as tips. You can also ask the model for a cam 2 cam session, private session and much more.

The site is in any case organized in terms of design, clear and convenient to use. Even people who are not skilled with a computer can use the services of the site without any worries.

Flirt4Free models

On Flirt4Free you not only have female models, but you can also go there for male models and transgender models. On the homepage of the site you can filter the models by gender in the menu. By default you get to see the female models. You can also choose to see live guys cams and live trans cams. After making your choice, you can view the profiles of the different models and contact your favorite model via chat. You can chat, send direct messages, enjoy exciting erotic cam shows and much more.

The Flirt4Free models come from different parts of the world and know better than anyone how to give you the best time on this site. They know how to make all your erotic dreams come true in the sexiest and erotic ways. The cam shows of the models on this site are definitely worth checking out.

Chatting on Flirt4Free

On Flirt4Free there are different ways in which you can exchange messages with your favorite model. The first option is to send messages to the model as a guest. If you don't have an account yet, you can send an instant message to your favorite model from the site's home page by clicking on the model's profile picture. You will then enter her chat room where you can send a message as a guest.

Do you want to share a lot more with your favorite model or do you have special requests? Then it is advisable to create a Flirt4Free account. You can do this by registering on the homepage of the site. You can register, among other things, by clicking on the tab "120 free credits". An online registration form will then appear in which you can enter a working e-mail address, username and password. After accepting the terms and conditions you can register on the site. You can also get 120 free credits upon your first registration.

Flirt4Free Credits

The so-called Flirt4Free Credit is the currency used on the site for all transactions and services provided. These credits can be purchased and used to video chat, cam2cam and to use all other popular features on the site.

You can purchase credits by logging in to the site and clicking the "buy credits" tab in the menu. You can buy credits to send tips to your favorite model, send private messages and use the cam2cam function.

Pricing Flirt4Free

The Flirt4Free credits are sold in credit bundles and the prices are as follows:

  • 120 credits, $ 0.00 (including 120 free credits)
  • 180 credits, US $ 5.00 (including 135 free credits)
  • 360 credits, US $ 20.00 (Includes 180 free credits)
  • 1240 credits, US $ 100.00 (including 340 free credits).

Flirt4Free members also have the option to opt for the VIP membership. The VIP membership is basically a 30-day subscription and costs US $ 39.95.

Flirt4Free Flirt Rewards

On Flirt4Free you also have the possibility to receive Flirt Rewards. The Flirt Rewards program is designed to recognize and reward highly active users with special benefits and bonuses. While you're constantly flirting with models, you can also earn points. Doing so also increases your lifetime status and current level, unlocking new rewards as you progress. Your lifetime status is displayed as an emblem / badge at each rank. Your current level is the number shown in the Lifetime Status emblem / badge.

After earning a number of points, you can visit the Rewards Marketplace to redeem special promotional codes, video passes and many other prizes to get the most out of your experience on the site. Rank as high as you can and see where you stand among all users. Reaching the site's top rankings will also attract the attention of your favorite models.

Once you spend more than $ 500, your account will go up in status and tiers. Customers who spend below this threshold cannot progress beyond the Expert Status and Level 25. The combination of your status logo and number displayed in the navigation bar is determined by your lifetime status and current level. The number displayed ranges from 1 - 1,000, depending on how much activity you have had on the site. The higher the number, the more attention you will get from your favorite models. Enough reason to reach the top of the rankings through these Flirt Rewards and to fully enjoy the models on this site.

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Flirt4Free Reviews

    Models very pushy

    I often view the male cams and while they are very easy on the eyes they are most of the time very pushy. As soon as I join their room they demand that I take them to private. They'll also bug me about adding them to favorites and send them tips all while just sitting on their devices. The absolute last thing I want to do is take that person to a private show. I like to have a friendly chat then make my decision.I've never asked any model to do anything for me unless I intend to tip so I expect them to do the same. If I want a private show I will click the damn button to start it & if I want to add a model to my favorites I will do it because I want to. I've been on the site many times but can count on one hand the polite models that I took private. I know I am not alone on this because I've seen other users announce their departure because of a demanding model.

    I do not support a company that promotes hate.

    They’re featuring a model with Nazi symbolic tattoos on their platform. His name is Dominic Sullivan. He’s got a White Pride tattoo on his belly. An Nazi Odal rune symbol on his back. Subtle swastika pattern on his right arm along with a Sonnenrad. Another model named Dimitri Sullivan is covered in similar tattoos. Last thing most people want to see is a pop-ad with a dude with tons of Nazi related tattoos. Its pretty disgusting that their company would allow models to display such racist symbols. Not only did they allow these symbol on their platform but they promoted both of them several times on Twitter. I was exposed to this through an ad, but I will stay away from this company.


    Overall a great experience. The site has improved a lot over the past year, they ask for suggestions and take them on board which is a bonus in my book, not to mention keeping us updated and they have very good customer service. Probably explains why they've been around for so long!

    Good format, ease of use. Large selection of hosts to choose from.

    Contests are biased. Hosts may only receive around 40% (so I'm told) but top girls get regular bonuses in contests which makes that up while others struggle for credits. Maybe introduce a special bonus if a hosts reaches a target in a month? All hosts must have the option to mute basic and guest members from chat. Repeated begging is annoying.

    It’s alright, but could be better

    I worked on camster/ before it merged with flirt4free (which I liked better) cause I could work anytime I wanted and I still got paid biweekly what I made even if I didn’t make my $50 payout on camster and I could broadcast on browser instead of having to download software. Flirt4free is an okay site because I get good customers that tip well and take me private and I like the fake private and party chat features on there. My only complaint about this site is that if they have too many models working at a certain time and your cam score isn’t very high, it won’t let you log in (which can make it difficult to make minimum payout)

    The $25 minimum payout, good tippers, the fake chat and party chat features

    Not being able to log in anytime I want

    Take money and block

    A model encouraged me to sign up so I made an account, became a VIP member ($40) and bought $50 in additional credits. About 1 hour into my experience, I was blocked from the website. There was absolutely no explanation, no email, nothing! I thought the site went down. I called customer service and no one was there. It took 2 days to reach someone (blocked Friday evening, contacted someone Sunday afternoon). The agent answered "Hello." almost they had just woken up or couldn't be bothered. There was no "Thank for for calling. How may I help you today?" I told them my situation and she said "Okay. Your account should be active in 5 minutes. Oh, did you give anyone any contact information: email, phone number, etc.?" I said "No." I was a bit taken aback but I thought perhaps it was a required question. Then I tried to log in later that day and still blocked! The website, I found out, did NOT have any technical glitches. This was a behavior others had experienced. I have never seen a website try to actively block real customers after taking their money.


    Excessive ads for non-VIP users Will steal your money Will block you from the website CS is difficult to reach and slow to respond

    Review from a outskirt customer about health bulletins.

    This site is a safely reckless option to go, an alternative route, in our way of life. Great audiences. Would be better if stays simpler. Security is main concern still. For those that need it most.

    Freedom for the account customer. And outstanding awesome girls.

    no free local video surveys.

    Like their new site

    Flirt has been one of my first camsites and I still go back there. The new layout and design of the site is very nice and you can always find a nice girls you can talk to.

    Nice and easy website

    Could be more women I suppose?

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