Attract more viewers to your cam show

Attract more viewers to your cam show

What can you do?

Attract more viewers to your cam show
April 1, 2022

Without your fans and viewers, no one would tip you. And while some cam girls and guys can be very successful with small audiences, others may need quite a few viewers to work as models on Chaturbate. The first question is, of course, “how do you attract viewers to your cam shows in the first place?” Fortunately, this is largely automatic. Especially if you are just a new model. But how can you build a fan base and why do some models get more fans than others?

More information can be found here: Become a Webcam model on Chaturbate

Find something that makes you special

As a model, you may be suggested to engage in social networking, such as using Twitter for your Chaturbate network. But the truth is, that doesn't work for everyone. There are some models with the Twitter logo on their profiles. Despite this, they still get a low viewership. The most important thing to do is tease your viewers. For example, if you believe you have sexy feet and appreciate foot fetishists, tease them with your feet. The more you tease, the more people will follow your camera. Your followers on Chaturbate are a big contributor to your success as they will likely let your viewers know when you turn on your live show. Find something you are good at and make the most of it. Most people on Chaturbate are not looking for the perfect woman, but for someone who could be close. The girl next door.

Help I'm still not getting any visitors!

Unfortunately, some models are less fortunate than others. This is called "less fortunate" among other things because it is caused by something that the broadcaster probably can't fix. Any model on the supposedly bad side of these categories may find it very difficult to make it on Chaturbate, even if the cam show is featured on one of Chaturbate's periodic "Broadcaster Spotlights" (where the Chaturbate administrators regularly write a promotional blog for a selected broadcaster). Some of the possible categories are:


Most women make it to Chaturbate earlier than men.  It’s quite obvious; the main reason of happening is that on Chaturbate there are more heterosexual men hungry for virtual sexual pleasure than women.

Your body decoration

If you have tattoos or piercings, you can fall out of favor unless you happen to attract people who like this sort of thing or have fetishes for it. Claiming that either drinking or smoking can also significantly increase or decrease your chances of success on Chaturbate. (Drinking alcohol during a live broadcast is prohibited by Chaturbate.)

What are your roots?

It's a shame that ethnicity still plays a role in one's success anywhere. That is quite rampant on Chaturbate, although it is only performed by the viewers and is not Chaturbate's fault itself. Many viewers prefer certain ethnicities. So, if you fall outside specific ethnic groups, then unfortunately you are probably out of luck.

Where are you from?

This is almost like the ethnicity problem, except that in most cases  you can hide one’s nationality. Yet many nationalist viewers would never become permanent followers or viewers of models who hide their nationality. Most of the models who try to hide their nationality come from Eastern European countries and Arabia. Especially many Russians, Romanians, and Arabs tend to hide their nationality or claim to be from "Europe" or "Asia". This may be mainly since a huge number of viewers prefer Western Europeans and Americans, although this has not been officially verified. And if you can't speak or write fluent English, viewers aren't exactly eager to see your cam shows.

Age range

Many viewers are interested in certain age groups. If at any point you fall outside the age range that viewers prefer, you're out of luck. There is a good chance that you will get a few (paid) viewers during your cam shows.

Your looks

Certain beauty standards are expected by many viewers on Chaturbate. That means, if you don't meet any of these standards (including the shape of your head, nose, ears, etc.), you're out of luck. The size of your butt, breasts, etc. will matter to many viewers. If you have fake boobs, you can either succeed massively or fail massively, depending on the preferences of your viewers at any given time.

Sometimes it's best to ignore such drawbacks because people's tastes change over time. Knowing that one of the disadvantages can apply to you, does not mean that you will never make it. Keep in mind that you can't change some things and focus on the things you can influence. With greater commitment and effort during your show, you too can succeed and be one of the most successful webcam models!

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