permanent ban??

been on cb for years, usually support helps out for most things only a few times i have i just given up but this one has me furious. logged in 3-12-22 to my find out my account has been banned with the message 'We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service.' contacted support saying that i haven't been online to be banned and please advise to which i got the response that it is a permanent ban and may not get an answer back due to permanent ban. 'termination without warning'? this isn't right and i don't even broadcast. or how about that i wasn't even online in weeks? how am i not able to get an explanation to this? how about the fact that they might be actually wrong? never mind the tokens i still had in my account, this just isn't right. after writing this i wish i could give them 0 stars.

nothing right now

bans and unable to contact or dispute issues. some issues can get solved but the bigger issues just get swept under the carpet it seems.

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Your very right, if these assholes get shown up that they are wrong instead of acting like normal p[eoip[le and saying "oh oops our bad sorry about that" ) they double down and refuse to admit they are wrong and then cut contact, its the most disgusting behavior I've ever come across by an online company!~!

the same was for seems that the administrators have no respect for the models. for no reason they banned me. while doing ID verification. they unban you finaly?they were usually very kind. but they probably have a new, very upset admin now. so were the Adultwork admins. they banned me 3 times for no reason. they did not see clearly what documents they were sending

well, they said that ban was a 'misunderstanding'... any guesses what the current ban reasoning will be? and again, haven't been online in a couple weeks but have done offline tips. the thing that pisses me off about this is that i try to do the right thing and i'm tipping offline for the model - would they prefer me to just send money directly? they are so f-ing stupid.

but how they answer to you? I think they block my email adress to becouse they don;t aswer. did you wrote them from other email? or you complain here?

i did write from another email and i have complained here, on another complain board (which someone answered but said that they didn't get an email about it) the frustrating thing is that they said it was a misunderstanding the first time and now it happened again. how can i find out its not their error again?

I am convinced that they have a problem with the verification system. the admins were always kind. I don't know what's going on now. anyway, I have a blocked account for 2 weeks and I don't know who to talk to, they don't answer. why ban again now? you just receve message you are banned?you've already done the check. it happened to me during the verification process

that is so frustrating and for me, i have tokens in my account on top of that. i've been verified. i hate that there is no way to contact them - almost every other cam site has a way to contact support or at least talk to someone.

write them from another email. something is happening to the admins there. I've been working for a long time. and they were always very kind. until now, when I feel like I'm talking to some robots. I think they're sending us some copy-paste messages.

Surely there is a way to contact these assholes? This type of behaviour is inexcusable! If anyone has an answer on how to contact them please advise Rx

i don't think there is and i agree about the behavior being inexcusable - if i had the answer i would share it. it is so frustrating.

they unban me after many emails. I dodn t know why they ban me

Ro you are what the site needs and probably should run or oversee, and im sorry for what the future of the site is heading because more questions and forums are popping up across the web about its malware and theft. Hell i really liked camming in chaturbate but they pushed me out like a rag doll blaming me for the problems instead of resolving it. But thanks and good luck

why my account kyutie_teffaniexx was bann i really wanted to know whats thr rules i violated ?

I put in a complaint against a cam model, for using different accounts and using them to harass me and find out by chaturbate that my account had been banned with know explanation from chaturbate why

I got banned for underage apparently im 23 was verified some one claimed i was on stream when I wasn't and they banned me and won't email reply

They permanently banned my account with 40,000 followers, for no reason they told me that they banned me for 7 days for reserved reasons, after 7 days I get the message that I am permanently banned, nothing like that works for me on other pages, I don't know what to do, I live in Colombia, can I pay for help or is there a way for me to continue transmitting on chatubrate

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