Useless lowlife theives ( inc. majority of hosts)

Useless lowlife theives ( inc. majority of hosts)

Drunken, rude manipulative liars and con artists. Premeditated crime(theft). I ran an experiment Mon/Tues. They took the bait and collaboratively practiced abuse. The hosts are uneducated, blatantly practicing evil while playing dumb. I view them as non-productive perverts engaged in many forms of evil. They think they're clever but EVERYONE knows what really goes on behind the scenes. Money isn't the only thing they're stealing. I've gathered a great deal of evidence in my lab that reveals other kinds of theft(electrical in nature) of a most sinister and diabolical nature. It's very easy to spot and I know Exactly what they are stealing and how they do it. The webcam hosts are in on it. Grow up and quit stealing! You don't have to steal to get what you want. If you can spend all that time and energy devising "hidden" electrochemical theft, you could find honest, legitimate business techniques that are brimming with profitability. You're setting a terrible example on how to approach life. Perhaps one day you will see the error of your ways.

Nothing. Not a single thing redeeming about the site. Lots of bad karma headed that way.

A complete waste of time and money. Most if not all the hosts are common, manipulative thieves. Low-life extremely deranged perverts.

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