Kings if Corruption

This site has totally dishonest staff working for it who think they are god or judge jury and executioner rolled into one, I have been accused of having a photo of a minor in my profile page (untrue) so they have banned me for life (absolutely furious) I don’t want to spend time on the scum bag shit site it’s the principals involved! I have told them the person is not a minor and can easily prove it ( they won’t receive my emails) so no right of reply, can besmirch my name with no come back, refuse to admit they are wrong , and to prove they are corrupt and won’t admit they are wrong, Ihave told them to send the information and photos they have to authorities and guess what they won’t and they haven’t!! Why is that ?? Because they know they are lying, why does upper management never do anything about this place? Stinks to high heaven

Models are great

Nothing, assholes run the place,all thieves and liars

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