I would give this site 0 stars if i could! The people are rude, EXTREMELY RUDE! To the point i will not be back. I started on camsoda ans decided to go bigger. They expect alot of things for free, and i double stream. I am good at what i do and a make a good income just from soda alone.
The trolls, and amount of rude people, or guys expecting things for free is RIDICULOUS.
Not only that but there interface to set up a show is absolutely crazy..its so complicated, and its absolutely ridiculous. Ill stick to my camsoda, with my happy and chill vibes with super awesome ppl and my sextpanther.... fk.. this site! NOT WORTH THE MENTAL STRESS!

Lots of traffic and users

Interface is complicated and WAY to many options
People are rude as HELL
Extremly stressful environment
Not fun AT ALL due to the people ans makes you legit want want to stop camming.
Payout is 50$ instead of 20 wich is BS..
You only get ur Newgirl status for 7 days

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