Account Banned Permanently!

Account Banned Permanently!

Member for over 10 years permanently banned!
My account was permanently banned after another user tried to get me to go offsite (which I refused on two separate occasions). I was trying to assist Chaturbate Support with concrete information regarding this user violating terms of service and they permanently ban me!!!
After having failed to reply to multiple requests to discuss the matter for over a month now Support have said they 'may not reply to emails in the future, and the ban is permanent'.
This is no way to conduct business and customer support. The ban on my account was entirely arbitrary and the manner in which they have conducted themselves since is deplorable.
I would advise everyone seeking adult entertainment to avoid Chaturbate at all costs unless they do something constructive about their appalling indiscriminate ban process and woeful support team. Not allowing the transgressor who interacted with me an account in the first place would have meant the problem would never have occurred to begin with.
I have been a member in good standing for over 10 years and have a substantial library of media that I have paid for IN GOOD FAITH that I am being denied access to by Chaturbate.

The interactions with the models

Support is woeful. Arbitrary decision making with no opportunity for right of reply.

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I hear you loud and clear, the way they go about banning people with no avenue of recourse is just disgusting to say the least, it’s been 10 months maybe more for me now, but I am not giving up, some how somewhere I am going to get these pricks who are running this poor Excuse of a cam sight

I have only found 1 site that has CS, it goes by You are valued as customer. I took model private when she was threatening to kill herself. After 25 mins, then my time calling around her country to find resources only to find she was good as new the next day and the rest of the week. Site refunded entire session and didn't ban me. All other sites you are just another john or jane doe. If you cost them money for customer/tech support they will get rid of you as they don't want to waste money on servicing customers. Negative however, they give performers the least % of all the other sites

Customer service issues is rampant through all adult webcam sites. A site named Strip and a site that license service called hamster actually have a 5 min rule. If a model runs the meter, refuses to do what you agreed upon outside of show first or doesn't do anything you agreed upon, even if you were nice trying to tell them going to end session since not agreed, once they get past 5 min, you are out of luck and customer service doesn't care. They like other sites tell you if you become an expense they will ban you, like your situation at chaturbate. The 5 min rule the models know about so they know they can take and CS won't refund a single penny their response, you had 5 min to cancel the show and you didn't. I had one model who pretended she was having tech issues with mic (when she never uses one) but kept me going for over 8 min. CS said you should have stopped at 5 mins. Sure tell model hey you have 5 mins to fix prob or I cancel show.

They don't watch what models put on profiles from wrong age, to wrong country they are in or from to the old search engine scam of listing all the topics you could fit at the bottom of your website so it would appear even if had nothing on the topic. Many sites allow models to list big and small tits when their tits are no where near small or med or when they were big starting out. Ethnicity like ebony or white, will be listed at same time. Models say they speak 3, 5, or even 7 different languages yet they only speak their native language and can barely manage a few words in English. Heck a young lady who admitted to being just 21 listed age as 55 and said she did that on purpose to have fun. Hey misleading country might be a safety or privacy issuej but it makes searches useless.

So what happened to you is that you created a workload on cust. support and no matter how much you have spent, no matter how long you have been with them, nor trying to alert to illegal activity to protect the site. When you become a burden they just ban and move on as they know they will have new customers fill your place.

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