Performers can scam

I checked the site out, from curiosity as to its business model. The proprietors appear to take a substantial cut of performers' income; that's to be expected from exploiters. What I hadn't expected is that performers would also exploit users. They set goals and entice users to use token to watch them, promising visual rewards. I checked in and out of certain first page performers, monitoring their progress towards their goals. Those who set the goals at attainable levels, perhaps the less popular performers, achieved their goals and did what they promised. But the top performers set goals too high, punters tipped them, but then got nothing for their tipping because the performer logged out due to the goal not being reached, even when within a hundred or so on an eight thousand points goal. People paid good money and got nothing for it. That is a scam. Another I noted was ambiguous goals. So 'remove knickers' turned out to be going off cam and putting knickers over an outfit. Hey presto, knickers removed when the goal was reached but no real show. That is pure dishonesty.

Difficult to comment positively when performers can cheat their customers.

No moderation of performers' goal setting and stealing of punters' money. Moderation is all against the punters who cross the line, or somehow offend the performers.

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