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    By Power on 22 maart 2019 Reply

  • I paid 90 tokens to Sylvia_Todd for a 'dance'. There was no music playing, it wasn't a sexy dance and no clothes came off. She just stood up, did a little wiggle and sat back down. I've never been ripped off like this in my history of using the site. I would like to lay a complaint against her.

    By rainbowstaff666 on 18 maart 2019 Reply

  • I've had a very frustrating time with this website. Numerous attempts to get the company to help resolve the issue that can't handle post codes with a space in the middle, which is all uk post codes. Inning issue now so e when I tried over three weeks ago now.

    Done good content, although inaccessible due to payment problems from the uk

    Customer service is very unresponsive or sony don't reply at all.

    By Graeme on 23 februari 2019 Reply

  • I must agree this Brad is a bitch. I try to get help from him as a model and he was very rude with me made me feel sorry that I disturbed him and waste minutes of my life. That's why you have 5-10 models online and low traffic because you don't treat people with respect.

    I remember webcamclub great long time agon with Brandon dealing with models. (1 extra start for him)

    is Brad really indispensable ?

    By John on 9 februari 2019 Reply

  • I really dont want to get into detail and write paragraphs about what happened to me but mfc is disrespectful. They have the worst customer support for models. You cannot get any real answers or help and they are unconcerned to your legitimate issues or questions. Their responses to any intelligent question is incompetence or a lie. Rude and disrespectful. They need new employees and customer service or they will continue to build a bad name for themselves and loose customers and models.

    Pay is good and fair!!!!!! 50/50
    Work any hours
    Lots of cool features
    You can just be a cam performer you dont have to prostitute to make good money on mfc.

    No customer( model )services
    Security issues
    No privacy (with pms or your account)
    Employees are incompetent and unprofessional
    Bias site. Rigged numbers.
    They cant come up with their own originality.Instead they rip off ideas and immitate other models for their own girls. Site is very superficial

    By mfccammodel on 7 februari 2019 Reply

  • I've been visiting streamate for over ten years... The pay rates are comparable to pre-Industrial Revolution. Minimum should be 50% plus 75% of tips. 35% is ridiculous... And almost "trapping" desperate models into ruthless studios where the return is even less...
    Lift your game Streamate, people aren't blind and they'll vote with their feet

    By P on 4 februari 2019 Reply

  • I bought my first tokens this week and have had two privates, c2c actually. The price ranges from 8 tokens to 90 or more, with most in between there somewhere. Like MFC and Chaurbate, the lower range is mostly girls from Colombia or Romania. I normally stay away from those countries (nothing against the girls) as well as Russia and a few others. But horny as I was and being there were few others (most 8 tk models saying US or England aren't), I went with a Colombian. At first I thought she couldn't hear my audio, but then she messaged "I don't speak English." She didn't read or write it either (somebody else must have sent that), so she did nothing of what I wanted. Only saving grace was you could quit anytime, so it only cost 24 tokens.

    I then studied the models more carefully and found a cute Latvian girl who was saying "Thank you" and other phrases in pretty good English. I tipped her a few times, told her I had a disappointing private (yeah, I know; playing the sympathy card) and asked if she would c2c. At first she said no, but then yes, and she was delightful. I tipped her a few more times and complimented her before leaving - because all women like that sort of thing, and I like it when they're happy.
    Lesson here: Study the models carefully. I use databases, and though I didn't construct one, mentally I was weighing price, country, language skills (whatever language they speak, you want them to, and to talk dirty in it) number of others in room (grays are unpaying lurkers, greens are token purchasers - and you can hide the number of tokens you have - and gold are subscribers. Golds have extra privileges, but you'll have enough studying to do as a green before you get into all that.

    First, the plus side: I would rank MFC the highest cam site with Chaturbate very closely behind. But both of those have a huge problem for me, which is payment. I have the money, but I also have a wife who's an accountant and balances our books to the penny, so there's no way I can slip any of this by her. My solution, therefore, has been to buy VISA gift cards with cash (she doesn't care if I have walking-around cash, especially when I travel). But Chaturbate won't take them anymore and MFC sometimes rejects them too, plus the card fees are ridiculous.
    Stripchat, though, takes a huge variety of gift cards, including Target, which I can easily buy. Since I'm hardly the only husband doing this, I can't believe CB and MFC don't do likewise or figure out some other way to buy tokens anonymously. That, then, is a very, very big pro for Stripchat in my case, and I finally had my first offical c2c (had some in the early days before they were called that). Above I explain the 50 percent average of my two sessions, but I learned from the bad 50 percent and should be quite happy in the future. The 8 token cost is very, very reasonable. I will probably go higher than that (I'm not completely cheap), but it's best to experiment with the lower range first. Also, I'd advise against any at 90 tks and up, or really anything over 60. She'd better reach out of the screen and grab your dick at that price!

    Unlike MFC and CB, there's no option to save a recording of the show, at least not at the green level (maybe gold?) Also negative is all the warnings I discuss above.

    By Thatsdeep on 28 december 2018 Reply

  • The new site with very good chat is beautiful. Fast response and perfect support, admin are kind and FAST in solving problems. They are very serious and precise payments.

    By Ladycam on 3 december 2018 Reply

  • The customer service is horrendous. They set limits on my spending (as if its their money). I was told I could make 2 purchases of tokens a day but I wasn't even able to make 1 purchase of tokens daily. When I requested an increase in spending, they said they would look into it and it would be a 24 hour wait. I got an email back the next day saying I could make more purchases but I could still only make 1 purchase a day and sometimes I would have to wait 2 days for making a purchase. The cams are of poor quality because their browser goes down occasionally and I had to keep spending more tokens to see and talk to the models. I ran into some models who don't socialize or take all their clothes off but they want tips. Clients pay for service and not for models who don't socialize and are too pretty to take their clothes off but they want lots of tips. Models have to be trained on how to do their job.

    There are a lot of sexy models who will perform to the fullest. You can be a member for free and watch and socialize with the models (they still want tips). The registration is simple.

    Very poor customer service. They got concerned about how fast I was spending my money...well, does the casino care about how fast you spend your money? No, because it's your money not their money. There are countless times when I have went for broke at the casino...no big deal, I enjoyed myself and never missed the money. No one wants to be treated like a kid who needs a parent figure to watch over them and guide their decision making on spending. If you want good customer service...then find another camsite. If you want good quality cams...find another camsite.

    By Fred on 25 november 2018 Reply

  • In general, mfc is a nice site with some handy features. But that customer service is the worst... THE worst I've ever experienced.
    I've been banned without any obvious reason, without a warning. I've sent dozens of emails, but the customer service does not reply at all. And worst of all, I only got my tokens partially refunded. The remaining tokens they just stole from me, and apparantly, they're cool with it.

    None, at this moment.

    -Their customer service. Obviously they don't know how email works. Might as well put a few dogs at the office. The result is the same.

    -They're a bunch of thieves. Stealing tokens from customers.

    By Lee25Noa62 on 10 oktober 2018 Reply

  • The one person running this site is an infant. He has a very nasty wet diaper and needs it changed but his mom is busy giving hand jobs in the basement so she is unable and unwilling to help his whiny ass.

    I am not on the site!

    His ass will be sore when I am done with him.

    By Rebecca Yous on 30 mei 2018 Reply




    By shane on 17 mei 2018 Reply

  • what kind of website is this never sending the pending payment is this an scam? or what the support never reply on the messages of there model stress website....i hope they send that pending payment as soon as possible.



    By shane on 16 mei 2018 Reply

  • this website so annoying never send the payment even your account is correct i think is there excuses for them to not sent the payment the support name bram always brave when i message here they never pay for me 3 months.



    By shane on 10 mei 2018 Reply

  • they never pay me successive for 3 months they say that my name got mistake and account number but its all there in my account for them to copy the right details and i have an invoice there also the support also slow reply for the complain of the model for the month of APRIL they never send the payment even i have a invoice supposed to be the payment will be on my account.big stress about this site never concern about there model about the problem. i hope they send the payment to me.



    By shane on 8 mei 2018 Reply

  • There are some pretty girls, and a few pornstars that are exclusive to the site.

    The stream is unreliable. It is jerky and prone to freeze. Support is non-existant and useless. Most of the girls can be found on other cam sites. The cost is rather expensive. The site is very buggy.

    There are far better sites to spend your money at

    By Stephen Fost on 3 mei 2018 Reply

  • I worked on AW for 5 years to get up one morning to log on finding i couldn't they had deactivated my account then to find i was terminated for life .
    Not knowing what i had done wrong i asked and all they said was something in my profile was breaking the rules my profile was very tame and i watched how i worded things i got in touch with the business advisers, webmaster any one i could to try and get them to reactivate me but the emails i got back was really hurtful and so rude ,
    Im now looking around for another site but they dont ruining peoples lifes at the click of a button and they dont care ,
    Im lucky i have a little money put by but my heart goes out to the other girls that this happens to who have kids rent and food to find then in the blink of an eye its took away , STAY WELL CLEAR

    good traffic east to get around.

    no response to problems ,
    treat girls awful ,
    attitude stinks ,
    i could go on for ever .

    By mandy on 8 maart 2018 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • The good: .

    The bad: .

    The worst:

    pm function works well, mailing system is good, many nice models.

    Stream resolution is the lowest of all camsites I visit.
    mfc has a set of rules for models and especially private shows but they don't enforce them at all. Apparently girls can promise anything prior to a private show, simply not do it then and keep my money (which was a lot). I've been on camsites for three years and the only private shows I ever had to complain about were all on mfc. Seems to be the paradise for scamming girls. Support answered, refunded a very small portion of my money, went silent after it.

    By Dadude on 16 februari 2018 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • until now my earnings not send on my account payoneer did pay on time.

    By Trannyshane on 10 februari 2018 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • Is good streamate stay tuned with Megan_Popsy, Kristi_Molli, BombasticASSXXX, SaraSweeet and LeiaXO, these abusives and outdated models work as efficient repellent of membros and only demoralize this site

    good image hd

    many abysives models, take care with golds in free

    By xxambu on 8 februari 2018 Reply (1 reply)

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • OK so this site can be good i have chatted to women and couples and met some cool and funny people
    and i still visit the site but not as much.
    Its a good idea for a site but it it is open to abuse so you should be aware that some performers
    will try and scam you by setting a goal and then when that goal gets near to being met the reset the goal and start a new one then they do the same again. A performer from Europe was on last night
    and guys were tipping this lady on the promise she would put 4 fingers inside herself,as the goal was close she reset the goal and started a new one for anal play so the guys were dropping tokens 1 guy tipped her 100 tokens which costs $10.99 she was turning around pointing to her butt then as the goal got a bit closer she reset the goal again and put a new goal for 169 tokens for her to dance naked.
    After that nobody tipped her again and she sat smiling into the camera for about 20mins I had her window open with other cams to see what was happening and people were just leaving and 1 guy said you have reset the goal 3 times ? she just smiled so he said you are a scammer! and she laughed in to the camera and then went offline.
    Its important to know that most of these scams are done by new users under #new but some other performers who do normally fulfil their goals
    will go for so long and then say i have to go guys even though they have just been given tips and also guys tip them to try and get them to stay and some do some leave. In my View there are real people on the site who do not scam and I have had nice women chat to me who didn't care about tokens but most do want tokens and a some of those ladies can be
    con artists who leave early but most do not and the bad ladies are giving the good ones a bad name

    I have not paid for tokens I do not like the Idea of giving card details just to tip they should offer paypal donations and take a cut.

    I have seen people say that the site has underage performers but in all the time i have used the site i have only seen a pair of clothed teenagers who looked to young and i reported them straight away when i seen the thumbnail and their cam was taken offline within seconds so i would suggest to anybody
    who cares to do the same because this should never happen but the site can not stop people joining only block them if the break the rules but in all the time i have used the site i have only seen these 2 people who were swiftly removed so i think a lot of the paranoia is from feminists or overprotective people.Just because somebody wears certain clothes does not make them younger but you should be able to tell in the majority of cases if performers are legit if not report them right away.

    Good free action if you save enough decent performers in your followed list and some friendly genuine people,nice women and friendly and funny couples like the chick who gets naked while her boyfriend plays the guitar they are really nice people, friendly hippies with funny stories to tell.
    I spoke to some great ladies who are happy to chat with no tokens they were polite and fun.

    I do not like the Idea of giving card details just to tip they should offer paypal donations and take a cut from that. Some performers take tokens then reset the goal and keep doing it then run off with out delivering the goals report them under the 'other' option if lots of people report them the site might act if it does not then avoid that person and anyone like them.
    There are apps and software that lets you view the open cams on your phone or open source set top box.
    So if you are worried about over spending stay with the free stuff.

    Sadly some people are crazy and verbally abuse or play mind games and Troll the performers or other chatroom users and new performers are sometimes slow to act/kick the trouble makers out. Be smart use cation. We can never say 100% on some things due to poor quality cameras and make sure your screen is clean so you can see properly. But it is a free and open platform and that means some bad will slip through so be aware and do your best to avoid the bad and report any rule breakers.

    By HughJarsoner on 15 november 2017 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • my salary was delay until now from march 29,2017 until now not send so long to wait to send i hope they send it ,,,,

    By trannyshane on 18 augustus 2017 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • I have to give up on Licepimpin. I loved this site for so long but it has turned to trash. You spend time in private chat only for the model to start ignoring you completely because of her traffic in another site. They have a "Top 5" contest daily for models to compete over who earns the most in tips. All this means is she will begin requesting tips in addition to the cost of the private AFTER the private has already started. Every private leads to a descend.

    You get what you pay for. I'd rather spend $5 a minute to chat with a model who actually performs. The performance of these models turns to shit after they are on for a couple weeks. This is a "background" site for most of them. They will perform in other sites and use this as a way to milk customers, giving nothing in return.

    I've been on cam sites since 2008. Livepimpin use to be a great site. Now it's hard to find anyone who performs or treats customers fairly.

    Some pretty girls, but you are better off finding the exact same model on a different more expensive site.

    The low cost causes these models to give up on treating customers fairly.

    The tipping feature is just a way to con customers. It's amazing the amount of models who try to get you to use Skype after tipping them. Good luck.

    By Iggy909 on 24 juli 2017 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.

  • Hello. I'm model of Camdols, so i would like to tell this. I'm working here about 3 year. That is good site about payment, not ever delay exactlly. The support so polite and helpful they get ready answer you any your questions.They change the systems of the site what ever do the site is fine!

    All payments are paid on time.
    Every week

    The level members of private.
    Not everyone can have the private show.(

    By Vanessa on 16 juli 2017 Reply

    This review is more than 1 year old and may not be relevant anymore.


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