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    I was a chat host on the camco

    Review about CamContacts

    This is my first site where I have worked in my entire life, I will tell you a lot of details, if someone helps me get back to this site, I really need a job right now, and I have small children, and if anyone can help me get off the blacklist on the camcontacts site, I will be very blogadarna.


    Review about Xcams

    My best site, since ever! I always made great money on it, members are 90% very nice.
    Payments are always on time.
    Site platform very easy to use.
    Support can be better, sometimes they amswear, sometimes they don't, it depends who is on shift.
    The only 2 issues i have is that the money doesn't appear straight up after tipping or after pvt, but after 5-10 minutes. And the main problem is that i keep getting warnings under no valid reasons (they provided screenshots and i can prove with their screenshots it's not true) and there is no way for me to contest the warnings. I would like this fixed.
    Other than this i recommend the site 100%

    Dangerous user

    Review about Stripchat

    There is an ultimate user called misterpringles who scared a model into becoming a knight in her room. From there he proceeded to mentally abuse her by first being a nice guy and the next moment become a nasty, rude person. He did this repeatedly. He also chased away many of this model's big spenders because she was spending time with them and not with him, and abused her greys up to a point where after almost 3 years on the platform, she would get maybe 10 viewers in her room. After explaining to him that him as a knight is not working out, she unknighted him. The first show after that, he came in and publicly berated her up to a point where she was forced to ban him. He then proceeded to open another account (Misterlushlover) to gain access to the room to keep the abuse going. She proceeded to ban that username as well and broke down crying in front of the cameras for everyone to see before she could end her broadcast. That was exceptionally humiating fro her. As he stated to her while being her knight, he was banned from at least one other model's room and Stripchat themselves banned him for 72 hours not even 3 weeks ago, so it would seem that he does this in multiple model's rooms. Please be aware of this user and his many accounts. He WILL become a dictator in model's rooms and even dictate to the models how they should behave and whom they are aloud to speak with.

    Great and easy to use platform for both viewers and models

    banned account

    Review about Chaturbate

    i have never been so frustated in my life due to chaturbate, my account rostall was banned and need to pay my bills :( . I loved working there tho. CS usually helps but they dont want to comprehend certain things


    bad model understanding

    DROP Stripchat

    Review about xHamsterLive

    xHamster works with strip chat. Strip is one of the most poorly rated negative illegal websites in the world. You can't really blame xHamster when it comes to the live streaming because it's not them. It's a separate company AKA strip chat. It's not fair to xHamster which is actually a really good company to be blamed for the stuff that's happening on the platform where they have their live models. If xHamster would pull advertising from them they would do better going with another company. There's a model out there with that little secret YouTube channel and goes over every single advertiser for strip chat and gives out email addresses for models who have been wronged as long as you give her a ton of evidence. She even knows who runs xHamster+Hammy. She helps every single model from every platform that has complaints about anything and she doesn't hold back at all. And it's not like she's lying because she shows the evidence and voice notes and recordings and meetings she's had over the past few years. She does these presentations where she pulls boxes up in PowerPoints. The woman is nuts but I think she just doesn't care. I do not remember her name but her YouTube channel is Miss nobody. What strip chat did at the Miami event last year was awful and there's like ten guys out there filing tons of complaints in lawsuits against them. They even have an article that was posted in the Miami herald. I don't know why a company like xHamster that is so big would ever work with a company like Strip. They are the worst. No support. None. They are so toxic and probably considered the worst adult cam sites. Drop strip chat and watch what happens to your company.

    It's a great platform with beautiful people and they give tons of variety. They seem to be pretty fair and they have a great program for creators. You can make a lot of money on there if you research stuff

    They work with strip chat. If they didn't work with script should I be giving them four stars and a lot of people agree there is an entire Reddit thread about strip chat for models that have been kicked off the platform or harass or whatever. Find the Reddit channel thread. You'll see all of the illegal activity. If enough people will come forward and tell xHamster what's going on maybe they would drop the company.

    SCAMMER ALERT-andresandcristal

    Review about Stripchat

    SCAMMER ALERT- Avoid andresandcristal Don't believe these two, they will agree to do a show, take your money and give you nothing! typical Ban and Scam!

    did not receive payouts

    Review about Chaturbate

    chatterbate is by far a legit website i give it 0 stars , chatterbate has banned both of my accounts with both accounts having tokens racked up and some already converted in to cash and chatterbate has failed to send my payments i earned on both accounts, they banned my accounts than did not pay me for my earnings. and there is no number to call for customer service in regards to cam model payment . this web site also shares personal information and all broadcast are recorded and posted on another/multiple websites that leave vary bad remarks agenst cam models. i do not suggest this site to anyone wanting to be a cam model.

    nothing good about chatterbate

    Not sure what is going on

    Review about Streamate

    I have been on SM for over 4 years. For the most part, the site has worked well for me, both as a part time model and when I was more full time. Recently, things have been AWFUL, and that is an understatement. I know the economy has taken a downturn, and I am sure that is part of the equation, though personally it seems that my once decent placement on the site has been taken away. If there is something I did or can do differently, I would love for someone from SM to let me know.

    They lie

    Review about Stripchat

    While viewing a model she went into a private. The link shows spy on private - first 15 seconds free.
    I viewed for 11 seconds and left. They deducted 12x11 tokens from my account. Do not trust them and I will never buy tokens again.

    no customer services at all

    Review about Chaturbate

    imy account stop comeing up to log in i loss 900 tokens try ed to contact somebody at customer service nothing no person not just same e mail want credit imfo nothing no help at all

    i dont know want to think never had problems from a company in usa

    its sad theres no help from company in usa


    Review about AdultWork

    I have been on AW for year as a model and they have stolen money from me! Stay well clear, £500 gone just poof and no explanation and made to feel its my fault.


    Steal money from its members

    its agents not good

    Review about Stripchat

    Many fake people come to my broadcasting they are blackmailing every model asking for payment and i deny so they blackmailing and create fake screenshot and complaining in my model account and stripchat team suspended every model accounts because of the fake reason please stripchat team help us they are fake people complaining on model account it's a biggest scam they asking money and blackmailing us and please stop this type blocking scams mails and this type fake people don't want new model work with stripchat please stop answering this type fake mails otherwise your platform go down and help every model they are innocent but stripchat suspend every model without any right reason stop this don't answer this type fake mails ...Account mine all documents my but account suspended reason unregistered model broadcasting please stripchat team help us and ur support team asking screenshots proof but here are so many fake people how can I take many screenshots please help us

    Banned me for lies

    Review about Cam4

    Hi, I am a camgirl. I made had more than 200 dollars in my account and midstream got banned. while in contact with customer service they said i was temporaly banned for having dogs porn (ewwww) and requestion alternative payment. Now i do have a dog, and she was in frame for a minute while I was doing dishes in my maid outfit. This sparked one person to the non-stop talk about horrible things with my dog, there first message or two I verbally told them no and to fuck off. They continued and offered to pay on paypal(i ofcourse said no again) and i banned them. You always have lots of people asking for alternative payement and i ofcourse always nicely say no and remind everyone i only do tokens. I dont fucking break the rules, and I dont fuck animals. Gross. i hate that i even have to emphisise that. Anyways. I am under review atleast rn and the customer service said i was unbanned but i am still voided from the entire website and cannot access any of my earnings. I litrally follow all the rules and activally ensure others are too. I dont understand why I am being punished.

    Make "money", cant keep it tho

    Wont give you your earning, complacent with scammers, allows models to be bullied and slandered, especially when upholding the rules.

    Miami exotic Expo scandal

    Review about Stripchat

    Exotica Expo in Miami scandal
    I'm surprised no one has complained about what happened at last years Expo in Miami yet. My buddy told me about this website for complaints so I thought I would write it here to see if anybody else was at the Miami Expo and had the same thing happen to them? There was videos everywhere for a long time on Reddit and 4chan but now they keep getting taken down real fast because the website is trying to hide what happened but we have copies. Obviously others have copies too and are pissed off about the same thing because they keep on popping up. There was even one on YouTube with a girl wearing a pink outfit with a Louis Vuitton logo on it but I don't remember which one that is. My first name last name and email address is all over the place and it's because of strip chat and they knew what they were doing and they allowed it to happen and when I asked support like why did this happen They told me it was A special event and that those models were allowed to record us. Then strip chat tried to blame the models and said that they were going to be fired but they were not fired They're still up there because we keep checking to see if anything's getting done. We even contacted the Herald and they were like we don't want to touch this with a 10-ft pole it's too big go to the authorities. So we did and they're investigating it and everything but they say it's going to take years to do anything. Then strip chat said it was my fault for not reading my ticket and the event was responsible so they basically told me to go fuck myself and said that the exotica Expo should have told us that we were going to be recorded. By the way it took support like a month to reply at first and then it's been months between responses. I don't know what's going on with support staff but it barely exists. Nobody is doing anything about this in the company just keeps on trucking.
    We're not going to be going back to any exotica Expo event if strip chat is present.  and also because strip chat is blaming the event for what happened. We plan on contacting the event to let them know what happened and show them the videos and hopefully strip chat does not go back to exotica because we've been going there for years. Nothing like this has ever happened at any of these events. And before they blamed the event they blamed the girls and said that the girls who did that was removed from the website so we checked the website and all those girls are still on the website. Like still on the website to this day and none of them have ever gotten in trouble and we keep on filing complaints. I'm not going to be a dick and say the names of all the models that did this but we made certain that we listed all of them in complaints and we told the authorities and we told the papers and we told the feds. Nobody does anything. Does strip chat own the United States and the government and the police? It just doesn't make sense. They're telling us that we need to file legal action against the event but we read our tickets and we know it's not their fault.
    We keep filing complaints and trying to get law to help us. The cops straight up told us like look it's four of you guys filing a complaint against a huge online company that has a lot of power so it's going to take us a while to investigate and in the meantime we're losing our jobs and businesses and nobody cares. Nobody does anything. I've been reading the reviews here about the company and I seen all these reviews on other campsite complaint places. Tons of websites. My complaint is a lot different from what all you been saying. This is heavy duty breach of privacy I was told by the lawyer. Like all my privacy went out the window because of this website and then they blamed the event for it.
    Not only is this one of the worst websites on the planet but it also has broken so many laws and rules I don't know how it's still exists. It is the most unethical website in history.. If anybody else has copies of these videos or knows what happened in Miami we would all really appreciate people letting us know about it cause we need help and nobody is doing anything.

    So here is what happened and anybody that looks up these videos can go see everything I'm saying for themselves.

    Last year when we went to the exotica xpo there was a bunch of girls at the booth for strip chat asking people to come over and say hello in Miami, we were recorded saying our first and last names and our email addresses to a girl Mary then some other chunky girl with brown hair and the blonde with the fake tits. That blonde is all over that website in the truck and she's so rude. She was so rude and nasty when we tried to talk to her and we were nothing but nice. All them models at that Expo we're so rude but one nice girl. We spoke to some Australian woman named Claire and she tried to get more information from us and even asked for our credit card info. They tried to sign us up right there on the spot. I've been going to these events for years and I've never had anybody try so hard to get me to sign up for anything like that lady did. The videos are posted all over Reddit and 4chan. Nobody's done anything about this. Strip chat has a specific rule that says no public and nobody's allowed in the background. So we checked our tickets. Our tickets for that Expo did not say that we could expect to be recorded on any specific adult platform without our knowledge and that our first last names and email addresses could be given out to the world. How is that allowed to happen? How come nobody's doing anything about it? One of my buddies got divorced because of those videos. It's not like it's one video either it's a bunch of videos. So many people hate that platform and they hate those models so everybody just started recording what they did in Miami and now it's everywhere. The one other blonde girl that was there she was really nice and you could tell she was uncomfortable but we didn't know why until the videos started to come out and you can even see her like telling people not to say their names then she looks at the camera real uneasy like. I just don't understand how this keeps getting hidden. One of my other buddies lost his job over it. This is like doxing and I thought it was illegal but apparently strip chat doesn't need to follow laws unless they decided its a law. Last time I checked, the United States has rules and regulations that every business must follow. I lost a lot of business because of this stuff. And we keep trying to fight it. The company does totally nothing when it comes to what happened to us. Instead they just blame everyone else and they say that we should have known better lol like seriously? I did not give permission for My personal information to be recorded in front of thousands of people. I thought that was illegal. It would be one thing if they did this and told us about it but it's another thing when they do this without telling us and then stream from their shows live with thousands of guys in the room that then start to email us. Then they have the balls to blame us for it, then they blame the girls then they blame the event lol. It's like when is someone going to recognize this website did this? So when we complain to the company we were told that because it was a special event that we should have known better like what does that even mean? Lol that's ridiculous man. Every time somebody puts up a link or post one of the videos on a website it gets taken down fast But not like that matters because we all got the videos anyway. It's like they're trying to hide it. Exotica should not allow them to go back to any expos. This is a scandal and it deserves to get recognized. Somebody should be doing something about this because it created so many problems for so many of us that are part of all those recordings. None of us knew we were being recorded. Stay away from this website and if you find the video save it and send it to the feds.


    They don't care about privacy

    A very detailed full review

    Review about Streamate

    I've been a model on this website for almost 2 years. I'm kindly asking that those interested in this platform read my review in full as it is detailed and I took the time to do this. I have read all reviews. I've read reviews from other webcam review sites similar to this one. I have taken into account everything everyone has said. Just because my experience with this platform has been fairly positive, it does not mean others feel the same to which I respect.
    When reading through negative reviews, I look at things in a very analytical way. Some of these issues are not valid and they're absurd. Some are indeed valid but could use a bit more support behind them. Some of the issues are just very simple mistakes and if one had been proactive, could have been avoided. I say this with sincerity and respect.
    All I can do is go from my direct experience.

    Staff Support:
    Excellent support staff.
    User Support:
    When users say they're having difficulty with support staff, seeing as my partner and I also have user accounts, we find this confusing. Our research of this website has been in detail. We've never had issues when it comes to reporting things. We have not had to report much. We've only reported things to see the response time so that it may be used in statistical data. We have always been answered timely and have no complaints in this department.

    Model Support:
    When a model claims they're not getting enough from support staff, I have to ask myself why. I don't understand as to why this would be happening unless there is an underlying issue that's not being discussed. As a model, I have never had this problem. Compared to other websites, this website is absolutely 10 star. Other websites have support staff that is disgustingly horrendous. I am not a featured model. I'm far from beautiful. I am not a well-known model. I am not a glamorous model. I get no special treatment. None. It's not like I have not had my fair share of concerns. I've had many but I have always spoken to support staff in an educated, respectful manner.
    Every concern I've ever had has been answered within 24-48 hours by excellent support staff. If I directly email Liz, I normally get a response almost immediately if she has the time to do so. This individual works with a magnitude of models. The fact that she is able to do as much as she does, it should not be questioned in regard to support staff abilities. It is absolutely absurd, unreasonable and impossible to expect one person to answer model complaints and issues immediately. There are  thousands of us sending in reports and requests daily. The amount that woman takes on is remarkable. And she does a darn good job. Give her a break.
    Does this go the same for all support staff? Absolutely not. Have we had any other issues regarding any other support staff member? No, the answer is no when it comes to my model account, my partner account and the answer is no when it comes to our user accounts. We've never had any issues but we've also never been irrational, aggressive nor rude.

    I've had roughly 2-3 troubles with users in total, since the beginning, that trolled the platform and acted questionable. I've had problems with both users and models on other platforms and I communicated this before starting stream mate. They were understanding and they listened to my concerns. I have never been reported on the platform to my knowledge. I have nothing against my account. If my dog happens to run by I am proactive and I tell the company immediately. If I'm in the middle of a show and the show ends or a technical mistake is made and the entire website can see my bare ass, I let the website know immediately. On top of this, my regulars are incredible. They tell me if something's happening that is wrong or that can get me in trouble. I do not engage with negative users like I used to... I am well known for getting into vicious verbalizing with users but when it comes to this platform, it is not tolerated and it is not acceptable. The models on this platform are held to a high regard. This is not a free website. This is a paid for platform and a premium website. We must act as such, otherwise, don't join the platform. Do not represent this platform as a model nor as a user and represent it in a negative manner. That affects all of us that are trying to simply do our jobs, keep our heads down, make our money and be on our way without difficulty.
    Do not engage with negative users. Immediately take a picture or screenshot, make certain that you know the name of the person, ban them from the room and report them immediately. More than likely, these behaviors are from someone who already knows who I am and simply comes to the website to start trouble. In regard to webcam, if we take the time to be patient and absorb what is being said in our rooms, it should be fairly evident and visible if the person who's causing the troubles knows us. We should be able to tell almost immediately. Most of the time, we're not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed. If you live in fear of someone saying something inappropriate in your room and being penalized for it, the simple answer is to record all of your shows. Many of us do not have the technology to do this however, streammate allows this option. Hit the red button. Just hit that red record button the entire time and your show is saved to the website. On top of this, the platform has access and records all of our shows. If you give them a timestamp with a date and the name of a user, they can pull up exactly what happened and do the research for themselves. If the website tells you they cannot do this it is a blatant lie and it should be addressed accordingly. If you record everything that's happening including chat logs, you can use this as evidentiary proof if you're ever questioned. As models, we have absolutely no control over what people say in our rooms. However, when it comes to inappropriate behavior or the simple mistakes of breaking rules, it is our job as employees of this platform to educate our client base. If we take the time to educate new users what happens? Those users, if they're not complete assholes(or doing it on purpose or very uneducated), do not make the same mistake again, they respect us for educating them, they become long-term clients and very financially positive prospects for the website and us as models. There's nothing negative that can come from educating someone in an appropriate manner. Therefore, when it comes to abuse, harassment and negative behaviors, more than likely it is not trolling. Not on this platform. More than likely, it is happening because of someone you already know or an unhappy customer. There is very little trolling on this platform and most will agree. If you have consistent trolling on your page then you need to look a bit deeper because more than likely, it's either someone who knows you or somebody you pissed off. That's not my opinion, that is fact and it is based on statistical evidence and case study.
    This then leads us into unhappy customers.

    Unhappy Customers:
    There should not be unhappy customers, but there always will be. For the most part, it is the fault of the user if you are an unhappy customer and it's because you simply didn't do your homework, read your agreement nor were you ardent. If you take a model, without communicating with them regarding what you expect, into a private session, the model is not a mind reader and has no idea what you want. Therefore, they must get every tool necessary and prepare. This forces us to scramble and can take our head out of the goal at hand which is to make you happy as a customer. This wastes your time and your money. This is common sense. If you take a model into a session that does not do what you want, leaving them a negative review is absurd. That model has no idea what you want. If you did not communicate what you want and if it is not in their profile or their show topic as to what they do and do not allow, they are not expected to read your mind.
    At the same time, a user should be aware, within 30 seconds of entering a session, you will be billed. That is ample time (as a user) for you to tell a model what it is that you want and to make a decision whether to stay or leave. If you read your agreement appropriately and in full, then you should know, within 30 seconds, as long as you leave the room, you will not be billed. It's also means a model has 30 seconds to prepare before you are billed.
    I have been extraordinarily proactive in these situations. If I am asked for a private or exclusive session with a user I first ask them what they would like. All users have the ability to communicate with me privately and in invisible mode. No one can see what you're writing. Only I can. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned in regard to the communication you're having with the model that you like. Lack of communication is where the problem lies. If you're not communicating with someone then there is no way that we can read your mind. I then tell them to please not take me into any session until I am prepared so as to not waste their time nor money. I am sincere with this statement. I am not here to waste time nor money because that does not build a solid reputation nor does it build a solid following, nor does it build regular clientele. This is business 101.

    Problem Clients/Inappropriate Behavior:
    It is my job as a performer, seeing as I represent a major platform, to not only educate users in my room that sometimes make mistakes, but to also ensure the happiness of my customers. I am not here to take money from someone unless I am doing my job. I have a job to do. And I firmly believe it is my job as a performer to explain to my users like look, before you take me in private or exclusive, let me prepare so that your time and money is not wasted. Yes, I am aware that most models do not do this. That is not my problem. That is your problem. If you are conversing and communicating with models that do not appropriately communicate back to you, no matter how much you enjoy the company of that model, you may want to consider finding a different person to hang out with. Just an opinion and as most opinions, my opinion does not matter. I am not here to judge anyone on there choices but rather create a useful review that can help others. There are good models and there are bad models. There are models that work with studios. There are models that are independent. There are models that are here to milk you for everything you're worth, attempt to lead you outside the website, something that is not allowed, and they can blackmail you. If you allow this to happen that's on you. If a model or the studio surrounding that model is smart enough to get you into that situation, then you need to question your practices and procedures. You need to be careful out there. Never give your first name to anyone. Never give your bank account to anyone. Never give your location to anyone. Models and users alike should be following this. Again, this is common sense.
    If someone blatantly disregards rules as a user and is inappropriate in your room, that is not your fault as a model. Instead of engaging in back and forth argument, simply remove them and report them. Get them out of your room. Anyone who advertises for another platform should be removed. Anyone who disrespects you repeatedly after communication should be removed. Anyone that breaks your rules should be removed. I'm very strict with dirty talk. All dirty talk goes with tip notes or comes from avid users. If I don't know you do not dare come into my room, start talking to me in invisible mode saying rude things and think I'm going to be okay with that because I'll kick your ass right out. These are all very simple answers to simple questions. Regardless of how you handle these situations, it can still affect your show as a model, it can still affect your attitude, your mood and how you perform for the next segment of your show. That's very unfortunate and nothing can be done. The only thing you can do is push forward in the most positive manner possible and try to do your best job or, you always have the option of ending your show. I will never allow a user that is disruptive to end my show. I have not done this in 5 years and nor will I ever allow it to happen. When I say that I have been through the most hellish of situations, that is an understatement and I have still never allowed torment, harassment and stalking to end one of my shows throughout the many years I have done webcam. I have taught myself how to handle abusive users and got my fair share from freemium websites before I started on stream mate. I knew what I was in for, I did the work, I did the research and I was prepared. As models, it is our job to do the same or something along those lines. As models, as decent human beings, it should also be our job to educate brand new models on these things which is one of the reasons I'm writing this review. If you need help, as a model, then say something. Reach out. Talk to fellow models. If they don't want to talk to you, are rude or not helpful then look somewhere else. There are very good people out there that genuinely want to help others and enjoy watching success. At least in my opinion, there's many users that I cannot make happy because I do not do their specific fetishes. I would love nothing more than to give these wonderful guys over to another model and I do so happily on a consistent basis. At the same time, nobody on these platforms is your friend unless you've already known them for years. Even then, I would still be very careful. This is an extraordinarily competitive industry. People can flip on you at the snap of a finger. Being friendly with another model is near impossible. Relationships that you've already established are your best bet but even then, keep your head up and always look for red flags.
    You have many options. This is your show. You are in control. You can do whatever you want as long as you follow terms of service.

    Yes this website is expensive. This website is not only expensive for users, but it is expensive for the models. If you do not like the cost of this website as a user then don't participate in it. If you do not like what is being taken from you as a model in regard to revenue share, then do not participate in the website.

    Studio Models Looking for Independence:
    If you are part of a studio and you barely get any percentage at all, that's on you as a model. Remove yourself from the studio and become independent. You can do this on your own. You are worth it, you can do it and you have massive amounts of support if you simply look for it.

    Model/New Model Support:
    People want to help you. Coaches exist but can often be very expensive. Some of us do absolutely still exist that want to help others for no reason at all other than to just spread kindness and help those in need. In regard to model community, you're not going to find anyone that is better at this than those with children. Models with children, especially those that are single moms or those with special needs kids, they are very likely to help you out. Again this is not an opinion but has been discovered through statistical case study evidence and survey. It is a fact. If anyone dares to tell you any differently, you should leave them in your past and move forward in a positive manner. There's no use in complaining about it. When you signed up, you knew the expenses, both models and users alike therefore, if you don't like it then don't sign up for it. Problem solved.

    Model Revenue Share:
    Models only receive a 35% revenue share. That means for every dollar spent, we get 35 cents. It is one of the lowest ratios in the industry but because of what this platform offers, it is simply accepted. I do not have enough knowledge nor education on this exact subject matter to go into detail. What I have sacrificed in regard to clientele, paying users and minimal harassment I feel is acceptable for what is taken from my revenue share. I'll agree, even a 5% increase would be very beneficial but unless we all work together as models and fight for this, it will never happen. You can continue complaining about it, getting nasty with support, ranting and raving but nothing will be done unless a class action is created.

    Types of Users:
    This is not a freemium website. This is a premium website therefore, models are given paying users. In order to communicate with a model you must be a paying user and you must have a verified account. You will see so many different kinds of users/fans/followers/clients on this platform. Some pop in and out. Normally, those who pop in and out know exactly what they're looking for, you just happen not to be it. Do not take it personally. Some pop in, stay a little bit then leave. Some pop in, chat a bit and then leave. Some might tip the toy. Some may tip off the menu and some might end up being your longest running followers. It is our job, as models, to ensure that we are not only performing at 100%, but also communicate, create an engaging environment, show a bit of our personality as well as perform. We are entertainers. This is a job. You are expected to perform a job and if you do a lack luster performance then you're going to get lackluster reviews and you're not going to build the following. Again, this is common sense.

    Room Traffic:
    As someone who has been in this industry for quite some time I'm going to tell you right now, things are not the same. During the height of the global pandemic, we saw a massive influx in financial gain throughout the webcam community. No one can dispute this. The numbers are there. The factual statistics are there. If you think that you're going to be making what you made two years ago then you're wrong. Some do but those who do are absolutely mind-blowingly amazing at this and they know things that we just don't know. The only other explanation is, they are favored by the company and that's not something we can do anything about. It is what it is. Move on. If you are seeing many potential users in your room with only a few actively in the room, you may want to consider lowering your rates. I know that's hard to deal with and it stings even coming out of my mouth. It's just reality. It's worth a try and even though you may feel appalled at lowering your rates, myself included, sometimes it is unfortunately necessary for survival. As the pandemic era comes to somewhat of a close, the money that you once made is not going to be the same and you must adapt. Sometimes unfortunately, that might mean lowering your rates. Although extraordinarily difficult, again, it's just reality.

    Utilizing Platform Options:
    SM offers a fairly decent fan club tier option. For those not educated in the world of online computers, it's going to be hard to understand. You have many options regarding this. You can ask for outside support. You can use YouTube or Reddit tutorials that explain how to use upload options. If you're still having difficulty you can consult a technical support staff member whether it be from the company right here or an outside resource. Not all of these things are free but the benefits are insane. Streamate has the option to record constantly. As long as there's no music or anything copywritten in the background, you can record everything you do. And all of that can be used to transfer over to your fan club. Your fan club has five tier options. If you do not understand your fan club, it is your responsibility to learn. Again, this is not something that's going to be handed to you. Nothing is handed to us. It is our job as models to figure it out and if we can't figure it out it is our job to ask questions. If you do not say you're having problems, if you do not ask for help then you're never going to get any response. If you are silent, then nothing will happen. You must communicate. And if you're not getting any response by communicating then teach yourself. If this platform means that much to you, you will find the time and effort and diligence to teach yourself how to use something. If you just don't have that in you then you may want to consider changing platforms.

    Room Traffic Extended:
    If you're unhappy with the people in your room or the amount of regulars you have then I kindly ask you to look back at when you started the platform. StreamMate gives an excellent amount of time to build a following. We receive a one-month new tag and a major boost on the platform. If you do not use your new tag, which gives ample time, to build your following, to utilize the hours in each day that you have the new tag and to advertise for yourself on every level, then that's your problem. You can't blame the company for this. happens and This company absolutely should be more adaptable when it comes to performers and emergency situations, especially during a global pandemic. This can be considered a downfall and a con of the company. If something happens to pop up that is smack in the middle of a very successful few weeks (during your new tag) and for the remaining amount of time you have that new tag, you may not be available.. then your best bet is to again, be proactive. Communicate with the company. Explain your situation. If it's a bullshit situation they're not going to take it into account. If your kid is in the hospital and you can't be there, the company has more important things to worry about unfortunately. That sucks. Nobody understands this more than I do. It absolutely sucks. Unfortunately, that may not be a viable option to help you out and to extend your new tag or put it on hold. That's just reality and even though it sucks, there's very little we can do about it. This is the adult industry. This is a very money-driven greedy industry. If you didn't know that when you joined up then the fault lies with you. Even though it sucks, it's just reality guys...If you have COVID and you're in the hospital, they absolutely will take it into account and I have seen this for myself. Many websites allow us to take vacation time. If you have an absolute extreme situation that cannot be avoided, this website takes it seriously. If they have not taken it seriously in the past and something has been done that is, in your opinion wrongful, then you might want to look back at all of your time with the company, all of your communication and see if any of these difficulties were brought on by you. In no way shape or form am I blaming the model. The next sentence explains this. If the company is indeed at fault, unfortunately we have very little locations to file complaints. We do have a union and that union does fight for us. We do have the better Business bureau. There are many options we have as models to come together, to fight for what is right and what is wrong but if we simply dwell on it alone then nothing will ever get done. Words literally mean nothing. Action is what causes reaction. You must act and not complain and incessively argue. You must act. That can be very hard to do with limited resources. I understand. But it is possibly the only option if you feel lost and if you're someone who has lost an account for a reason that you may not be responsible for. Again, this is something that no one understands more than I do. There is no adult website on the planet that is completely agreeable and not questionable. All have questionable practices and all have made decisions against models and users that should be further looked into. There's no disagreement there. Then again, this is the adult industry. What do you expect? I'm not sure what all of you expect, but I knew, going into this industry, we're dealing with shady people, shady practices and sometimes shady companies. It comes with the territory. If you have not done your research and read the terms of service on a company that you are becoming employed with then that is absolutely the fault of the user or the model in question. If the company does something that is wrongful, then that is on the company and it should be not only be discussed but reported and exploited. Incessant complaining will not work. There is strength in numbers and there is a magnitude of discord channels, Reddit forums and Twitter spaces that work with models and users alike to find solutions to problems and help each other through difficult situations. No one's going to hand this to you. It is your job to do this for yourselves. I have had to do it for myself for years. Does it always results in positive response? Nope. But there is still the possibility that you may get some response which is better than nothing.  Make it known that you're not going to give up and if you do not give up, you will be heard. If you are someone that has been fighting with any company for years upon years and still have not received appropriate response, then keep going, keep fighting and reach out to other resources for help. Many are in the same situation and would love nothing more than to stand by your side to fight against a company that has wrongfully terminated, wrongfully accused or unfairly treated a model or a user.

    Model Appearance:
    There are models, both men and women and everybody in the middle that participate on these platforms. For someone to state that a website has models that are not in shape is idiocracy at its finest. What an appalling statement to make. The purpose of these platforms is to provide a vast amount of choices. Whether a model be big, tall, short, small, dark, light, black, white... It does not matter. If you do not like what you see then stay the hell off the platform and stay out of the room. This is a very simple answer to a very silly conundrum. If you don't like what you see then leave. Go somewhere else. If you don't like how a model is treating you, then don't go to that model. If you don't like how a company is treating you, as a model, then don't sign up for the company and don't blame the company if you didn't do your research before starting. Not all of us have ample time to research a company before we sign up but if you're going to make the excuse that you didn't fully read terms of service before signing, then the fault lies with the model or the user. It's that simple.

    Just as every adult platform, this platform has downfalls and cons.

    Technology Issues:
    As of right now, technical support is a major issue and something the platform is attempting to correct. I do not have extensive knowledge on this matter however, I am fully aware of the technical issues. This takes us back to customer support. Customer support can accept your complaints regarding technical issues all day but the people receiving these complaints are not IT specialists. Most of them know how to answer questions through email and that's it. That is the extent of their technological abilities. Yelling at support staff that barely knows how to use a Facebook account as going to get you nowhere. It's quite comical how poorly informed support staff is when it comes to IT. That is valid. These are two different areas of knowledge. All they can do is forward difficulty and complaints to the IT department. Support staff and technical support are not the same thing. These are two different departments. I'm sure there is a direct line to IT support but I don't know what that is. I have had very little technical issues on this platform. My upload versus download speed is quite good and I built my computer specifically for webcam and video gaming. I do not know if this plays a role in the lack of technical difficulties I have. I also made certain that my internet service was the very best it could possibly be. Does everybody have the option to do this? Absolutely not. Is having a fancy computer and super fast internet the answer to all of these problems? Absolutely not. The fault of this lies within the company, hiccups that must be fixed and these concerns are absolutely valid. It is one of the biggest downfalls of the company, something that has been addressed by top models on the platform and is currently being discussed. Top models, on behalf of all of us out there, have come forward together as a group to stress complaints regarding technical support/issues. A solution will be made and if it is not, then we need to fight harder, regardless if we're having issues or not, for each other so that we all receive the best when it comes to technical response, technical ability and the possibility of educational resources to teach us how to use certain things on the platform. I am a firm believer in continuing education. How are we expected to be successful models if we have no resources to teach us how to use things? I've stated prior that I have used YouTube tutorials, Reddit forums and discord forums to answer questions. There is a very specific discord named cam girl problems That is absolutely exceptional when it comes to support. If you are a model reading this, I highly recommend heading over to Reddit, finding the discord and joining. Although I only recently joined, that Discord channel has helped me tremendously. There are some things that simply cannot be answered so it is the responsibility of the company to help us learn, teach us and to educate us. The same goes for us as models in regard to informing our client base that there are current technical issues happening and if they are disconnected to please be patient, understanding and we will do the best we can to help them.

    Stream mate does not allow us to talk about any socials we have on the platform. There are little things that you can say and do to get away with it, but it's not worth risking your account. Don't do it. Is it appropriate and or fair that we can't talk about our socials? No it is not. It makes absolutely no sense. If the platform would allow us to talk about our socials, technically, it would make them more money. This is something that I firmly believe should be allowed and should be brought up by the top models and fought for. I would be the first in line to help fight for this option.

    Revenue Share Extended:
    The main downfall of the website would be the revenue sharing which is only 35% to the models. The reason for this is, models are provided paying users on a regular basis.

    Show Value/Engagement:
    When I started this platform, my look and my vibe didn't cut it and I knew that from day one. I changed a lot about myself to bring in specific types of people. I refuse to sit in a box and silently wait for people to take me into a session. I communicate. I will paint my house, decorate a room, read a book or even go as far as to do arts and crafts to keep myself busy, engage my viewers and do whatever I can to show my personality.
    SM also has the ability to not only do sleep shows but also consensual nap shows. To my knowledge, it is one of the only platforms that allows this and it is not heavily utilized in the least.
    As stated above, this is a job. Although this is a job, if you do not find enjoyment and pleasure in your job it will bleed through your skin. Your followers will know this. If you're unhappy and faking things, they'll feel it. You are not expected to have an orgasm every single time you have an exclusive or private session. That's unreasonable. Any human on the planet that can do a 6-hour show on one platform, see over 15 private users and have an orgasm each time, I would absolutely love to talk to them because I want to know how the hell you're pulling that off. That is miraculous..
    It's also ridiculous. But it's not impossible for models to make every user/follower that comes into your room and takes you into a private session to feel as if they are the most important person on the planet at that time. Please take into account that some models use toys. If your toy hurts you, don't use it. If your toy feels great, communicate this with your room. Encourage the use of the toy. I love my toy. It feels absolutely incredible. If you love your toy then tell people you love that toy. Use verbality and extremely descriptive wording to explain what it feels like to experience the vibration radiate through your body every time that toy goes off. If it's not the truth then you better make it sound like the truth. If it is the truth, then roll with it and just be honest. You are a performer for a company that has given you a platform to make your own hours, your own rules for the most part and your own availability. You're the boss. As long as you follow terms of service, you should have no issues.

    I took a lot of time and consideration when writing this review. I was asked to write this review. Everything in this review is written with sincerity, respect and understanding. I wish everyone the very best of luck that uses this platform, models and users alike. To all the models out there, never give up and keep striving to be the best that you can. To all the users out there that are frustrated, please do not lump every model into one category. We are all very different. Please take time to get to know those you're interested in and please, above all, treats performers with the utmost and respect and kindness.

    Beautiful performers. Amazing support staff. Very little trolling. Consistent timely payments.

    IT difficulty. Impatient users and models alike. Very low revenue share. Difficulty navigating fan club options.

    The worst cam site!

    Review about Stripchat

    If I could give less than one star I would, this site is truly the worst to work for, we have just been suspended for a second time this time for a whole 30 days we received no warning at all. My boyfriends passport had gone out of date he uploaded new documents to which they apparently rejected however we didn’t get any of this info there was no warnings at all which is ridiculous and they won’t even let me open up a solo site now since my documents are fine! How do they expect us to work for their website if they suspend without warning how am I supposed to pay my bills now? Absolutely terrible customer service are incredibly unreasonable when we explained we didn’t know about his documents and sent them new ones and asked politely please unban they refused and told us to wait for a month. you are far better off working for streammate on this site you get paid more instead of the endless grey users wanting a free show on Stripchat and they give you actual warnings about things. Now I know one of your little moderators are gonna come up with some kind of reply to this review to which I will already call lies! There is no excuses for the way you treat your models! And don’t worry this review will also be going on my YouTube, TikTok and instagram.

    Everything I wrote above it’s only cons lucky to make 100 dollars every two weeks which on other sites make in a day. Rude customer service unwilling to work with models, Ban for no reason, no warnings


    Review about Cam4

    Charlotte_250 IS A SCAM! She will agree to do a show for you and then ask you to send tokens. After you send them she delays tells you she can't do the show as agreed and or ask for more money. She keeps the money and lies about the agreement and she never gives you any show! Don't believe her she'll just take your money and run!

    easy to use and other girls have been honest!

    There are some scammers there and you can lose your money

    Loyal customers are insulted

    Review about LiveJasmin

    I've been a member for more than 10 years of LJ, and quite literally spend 1000s euros worth of credits on the site. And now they suddenly come up with some bullshit 'Pro' membership for €19,99 a month. You basically don't get any really useful (maybe hiding 'guest' reactions in chatrooms...) advantages...
    In fact, I see it, as a loyal member as a total insult. The elite thing was already an insult, the fanclub thing as well...this Pro-thing is even worse.
    LiveJasmin, your management clearly lost touch with the fanbase...the cammodels make this site, not the management!

    Gorgeous women, friendly models! And value for your money!

    Insulting loyal members. And constraining their models with stupid rules. Give the models the freedom they deserve! And pay them well, from the beginning! Stop with the stupid low percentages!

    dont buy and get banned

    Review about MyFreeCams

    one dont buy from Natalia_Rae she so high and air headed she will not send pic payed for to handicap people and her friend spice Novi and sme other blonde go a round banning people out the blue in every room you go in there not the only ones in on it all they got are rich porn people in the back ground looking for disabled to harass and steal from and they have people in your community to do same

    they think people are stuped like them i have people in ic3 fbi too

    they dont make modles tell you what country they are in that should be monitored

    adele_rully_ Is a Scam!

    Review about Stripchat

    adele_rully_ is a scam! She will agree to do a show for you and then ask you to send tokens. Immediately after you send them she tells you she can't do the show as agreed , lies about what she and gives you nothing. Don't believe her she'll just take your money and run!

    Adele_Rully is a Scam!

    Review about Chaturbate

    Adele_Rully is a SCAM! i went to her room and we agreed on a show and price. I paid her for the show and then she said couldn't do the private show or pause the page. Then she just walked away from her cam and left her room empty and broadcasting. Don't let her fool you, she's liar and will just take your money and give you nothing!

    Stripchat - lia-anahiz

    Review about Stripchat

    I went to page, pay for a pm and they said "Hi", and nothing else. Very rude, didn't respond to any questions, comments, or anything. Don't go their page, waste of time!

    Banned without reason

    Review about Chaturbate

    I stream 5 days a week for the past 4years... And out of the blue i open my chaturbate page on monday and it says my account is banned and contact support. They are not getting back to me but they are keeping my 14K tokens. How is this acceptable or even legal? I worked for them for soooooo long and never no complaints but out of the blue you just ban me? WHY?

    I get to work from home

    They ban accounts without warning, there is no consequence what so ever if people record your private shows

    Hell for Users

    Review about Stripchat

    i bought an ultimater membership a few years back after some pressure and you can choose to buy tokens and earn points to keep this membership for life or pay a monthly fee, I bought tokens, plenty of them and i got ripped off plenty of times. They say they have a customer support department, i doubt it . Thats where i would send my complaints which were found in my favor maybe 4 out of 400 times. and it's even got worse. An ultimate membership is supposed to provide extra benefits but its a lie. iStripchat says you can send unlimited private messages to any model but you cant. i mean you can send them but models will not talk to you unless you have tokens . Even dtrips current claim in their words, open a free account and pick thr model you want to talk to and you will be in her room to have a conversation is a lie. it will say this mosel only chats with those users with tokens. there is no reason to get anything from stripchat unless you want them begging and stealing from you. Their models they say are not employess they are private contractors and management says they have no control of the girls because they arent employees. Many models if you just stop into their rooms will send you repeated begging for tokens , and if you try to say something about it you are banned and it doesn't matter the reason, the models are always the company's number one priority. and they will lie cheat and everything else to dissuade and separate lies and truth and some very few times your complaint is found in your favor. mostly its in models favor. models have hacked into my account at the rate of 72 times in 4 hours by Candace_white. I mention the name here only to warn you because no one is coming to help in this situation.

    There are a few good people , models and staff

    that there are only a few good people

    A scammer place

    Review about Stripchat

    This site became a scammer place, many models use tip menu as trap to extort members because they never do what have in it, and report abuse do not works, what makes it appear that this abuse festival has the support of the site, CAUTION WITH TIPS IN THIS ROOMS: BombasticASSXXX, AlwaysWow, Hotsexycougar, MargaretheMallorca, gabrielalovex and wally17120, it's certain of lose money, if you say something about bad conduct, these dishonests will ban you

    quality of image

    many models use the tip menu to cheat members