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    I do not support a company that promotes hate. - Review about Flirt4Free

    They’re featuring a model with Nazi symbolic tattoos on their platform. His name is Dominic Sullivan. He’s got a White Pride tattoo on his belly. An Nazi Odal rune symbol on his back. Subtle swastika pattern on his right arm along with a Sonnenrad. Another model named Dimitri Sullivan is covered in similar tattoos. Last thing most people want to see is a pop-ad with a dude with tons of Nazi related tattoos. Its pretty disgusting that their company would allow models to display such racist symbols. Not only did they allow these symbol on their platform but they promoted both of them several times on Twitter. I was exposed to this through an ad, but I will stay away from this company.

    They don't pay you - Review about Streamate

    I worked on Streamate for 3 weeks. I tried to set up a Cosmo account and a Paxum account as my payment info and the error "The name on your card doesn't match the one we have on file for you" showed up BOTH TIMES. The name MATCHED. After that I set up my bank account for wire transfer, it's been two weeks AND THEY STILL DIDN'T PAID ME. The support is practically non-existent. They do not answer your e-mail regarding the problems they have on the site, and when they do answer they say the problem is fixed WHEN IS NOT. This site was amazing because the people (members) on it are nice and generous. But the people that "run" this pos are incompetent or plain greedy. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM IF YOU LIKE MONEY!!!



    Models overcharge and scam (ex: sixpak7) - Review about Chaturbate

    Most of these posts are about girls, but I’m sad to report that many of the same irregularities happen to gay men as well. There’s a model on the site whose username is sixpak7 (real name Russell Burgess- a CrossFit coach from Stellenbosch, South Africa) who over-charges and outright scams his viewers on many of his shows. The first red flag I got from him is the fact that he’s lying about his info. in his bio (he claims to be from the US, claims to be 46 when I found a CrossFit account stating he’s actually 51, pretty certain he’s just straight and not bi), etc. I get wanting to protect your identity, but it feels more like he’s trying to hide his identity to keep running his shows without consequence than protect himself from trolls. He has goals worth $100s and usually, he doesn’t finish when he reaches his goals. When users point out that he’s already made his expensive goal, he bans those users out of his room. He’ll just sit there in bed reposting his tip menu. Sometimes, he’ll run shows titled “#forcemetocum” (he uses a tip controlled vibrator) where he’ll go offline and take breaks and come back online. You can’t take breaks and edge in that style of show. The viewers, then, have no real control and it’s just a ploy lol He also uses passive aggressive techniques to pressure users into giving him more. For instance, he’ll disconnect from his room and then automatically reconnect to signal “you better keep tipping or I’ll walk off with what you’ve already given me.” I don’t understand why ppl continue to tip him when he so often doesn’t honor his side of the deal. The absolute worse was a show he had right after this past New Years. Dude made his 3,000 token goal, (post stated he’d cum at goal), but continued to sit there and collect more tips regardless, then went offline for a few minutes, then came back online without his completed goal posted. He did this to trick new viewers who just logged on into thinking he didn’t make any money yet. And he didn’t even cum, he just went offline after making over like 5,000 tokens. I reported dear ole Russell directly to Chaturbate customer service and they turned a blind eye as always. Even when he does honor his side of the deal, to charge 3000 tokens just to jerk off in bed is beyond asinine and I don’t understand why users pay it (though usually it’s the same repeating users who’ll pay for the majority of the show or new users who aren’t aware of sixpak7’s online behavior). Sorry for the long rant, it’s just beyond frustrating to see models treat their fans like this. It’s why I rarely tip and try to avoid goal-oriented shows. Shame, sixpak is a pretty attractive guy (hung too), but that doesn’t excuse being an abusive broadcaster.

    Not much, there are some attractive guys that are not complete and utter token whores, but they are becoming more rare

    Too many abusive models and little protections for viewers

    Stay away from this site! - Review about Stripchat

    Nightmare!! Top models are coached and used as bait to lure you in! Young girls as soon as they turn 18 are they are recruited from

    payout wrong euro - Review about Stripchat

    They dont tell their true payout rate. If tokens are from other countries than the us it is different, dont let everyone pay in dollar, and they use their own exchangerates e.g. euro dollar about 1:1 instead the real one. That way the payout is different than stated.

    - some of the girls

    - support and payout to girls - users are mostly freeloaders

    Meth - Review about Cam4

    One night a couple months ago I was in this girls room, very nice and beautiful girl great attitude and personality which is hard to find on CAM4 but she was drinking a glass of wine and next thing I know cam shuts off didn't know what happened so I sent her a off line message and she said they banned because of the wine. Well the next room I went into was a trashy girl which that's what most of the site is anyway but she smoking meth on cam no problem at all, and I seen her message where a couple other online guys said that they were doing it also, so I went I incognito to there rooms and they were right there on cam smoking drinking beer with labels but banned a very cute a clean model. I will never go back to CAM4 again I don't care if they would offer lifetime tokens which is another thing. The fans buys the tokens it comes right out of my account but when I give it to the model they have to wait three days before they can touch it. people I don't advise CAM4 at all. The only good thing I saw on CAM4 was in a model room and it was just me and her and she was down and had a rough night and I was going to tip her but before I could there was a male model and I can only remember part of his name something like cockandshow or something like that. But he tipped her and told her good morning beautiful with a heart emoji and she broke down crying and he tipped her a little more and went on his way. She said does it when he makes tips or take it out of his pocket and does it for the models, it almost made me cry that another model would do that with his earnings just to help make someone's day. But y think he move to chaturbate now and it's a shame because CAM4 needs more models like him.

    If it wasn't for that guy model tipping other models I wouldn't give it one star


    Columbia girls - Review about Chaturbate

    I was in a models room the other night (Anastasia_h) and I followed her until that night but I have been noticing lately that most of the columbian girl models are not taking care of there customers but luring other online guys into their room for numbers I guess. But she got another online guy in there and he tipped her, and as soon as he tipped her she banned him and got up laughing about it. I can tell you it's not the guys fault because I am a regular on chaturbate a couple hours a day and almost every one of the columbian girls are using online guys making them think it's all about him when she is in five other guys rooms. I'm going to stop giving to these girls because what they are doing is wrong. If it keeps up I'm moving to the next site. So I would be very cautious about the latin girls .

    It's a good site, but it can be better, I have seen scammers on there as well.

    The latin girls are spending more time trying to get those online guys in there room instead of performing for the paying customer. Scammers are bad and I seen a couple profiles that post scammers names up so it helps us real people to watch out for then

    Fake prostitutes - Review about MyFreeCams

    Take your money in tips and if u don't tip right can banned u why can't you bann them oh poor models making hundreds awwww

    Don't waste your money unless its clear

    Models usually mad lol already in the worse favor

    Fake models - Review about LiveJasmin

    80% of their models are so incredibly fake dont understand why people think the lush is still connected to suprises jasmin say its forbidden to advertise with features jasmin dont support but they do nothing about it


    That they do nothing about these fake models on their site who scam people by advertising with features jasmin dont support like the lush

    Host gender verification - Review about Chaturbate

    Can't fault the site however they do need to verify the hosts gender in the Transgender section. With some you can clearly see they are trans however some like Karen Blake, Michelle Morton, and Kristall Rush69 are not. The first one has bad lighting to hide her 'penis' and her 'ejaculation' has bubbles in it.

    Great variety of girls on site

    Free - Review about LiveJasmin

    Give me


    Pay Cash

    Free token - Review about Chaturbate

    So 🔥

    Ftee - Review about Chaturbate



    scammers galore - evamoon1 - Review about Chaturbate

    scammer evamoon1 and her pimp err moderator yo_bo

    bad customer service - Review about MyFreeCams

    When you need anything from them the customer service is shocking, they either not read the emails or ask you to email another address. Just bad. A scam.

    pretty girls

    bad customer service

    Don't bother - Review about CamPlace

    Signed up to the site 4 years ago (top premium member) and the site was initially good. It was the first site i joined. Problem is when you go private and the host does nothing, the sites reluctant to give you your tokens back. Also the pm's ridiculous as the moment you long in, a host who's linked to you knows and starts to pm you (which makes it difficult to visit and have fun with other girls). Also they show (pre new format) the names of customers in a hosts room so other girls and viewers can see you logged in but blocked pm chat. Site did improve with the tipflood option however the downfall was the new layout in early 2018. The sites so crap now they're lucky to have 10 girls on it. Most are non-nude. One one occasion I threatened them with legal action because they had not paid one of my regulars for that month and my first camgirl fell foul of a fraudster but they decided to not pay her all the legitimate money she had earned.

    The fact that I closed my account years ago

    The current format and customer service

    Freechat - Review about Flirt4Free

    Overall a great experience. The site has improved a lot over the past year, they ask for suggestions and take them on board which is a bonus in my book, not to mention keeping us updated and they have very good customer service. Probably explains why they've been around for so long!

    Good format, ease of use. Large selection of hosts to choose from.

    Contests are biased. Hosts may only receive around 40% (so I'm told) but top girls get regular bonuses in contests which makes that up while others struggle for credits. Maybe introduce a special bonus if a hosts reaches a target in a month? All hosts must have the option to mute basic and guest members from chat. Repeated begging is annoying.

    Camera - Review about Stripchat

    As a paying customer I've never had an issue with any of the girls however the only problem is the actual stream. It tends to go all fuzzy and grey and sometimes it's just the top half of the screen. I've spoken to the site but they can't find an issue. I know it's a site issue and not the girls cam because some work on other sites and the screens fine on those sites.

    Ease of use and they have a history of rooms visited

    The site software the host uses to stream

    Long hours little pay - Review about Streamate

    Sadly i will put it out there for each $1 gold you only get $0.30 streamate take 70% of earnings from gold and shows which leaves performers worse off whilst the rich get richer

    Fair amount of views

    To many chatting and not willing to pay You only earn 30% of your earnings/rates

    Some of the broadcasters are great, the site and support are trash. - Review about Chaturbate

    Beware of the scammers on this site. Chaturbate support are slow, rude, and don't care if you get scammed out of $100. They don't refund, they don't do anything about the scammers. The broadcasters even get featured and promoted by Chaturbate.

    There's great performers.

    Full of scammers supported by the site.

    Tokeny plzzz - Review about Chaturbate


    Woman and free cam

    Don't have reviews

    Tokeny - Review about Chaturbate


    a bad site - Review about Streamate

    All cam sites have beautiful girls and Streamate is no different. However, the site doesn't work that well in any browser. The system fails often and you will be suddenly logged out. Video and audio quality is often poor. The guest chat is free, but the models can't see what you type as a guest, although it does offer private and public chat when you sign up. Like all cam sites, Streamate is designed to drain you of money as fast as possible. The price per minute is very high for most models. Customer support is very poor, and the site doesn't treat models very well. The models are often very demanding and will have no time for you if you don't quickly pony up the dough. Most seem to be Eastern European and Colombian. You can do a Private show where other guys can chat to the model, but the guy who initiates the Private show calls the shots. Exclusive is one-on-one but usually much, much more expensive.

    A lot of beautiful girls, like all cam sites. Easy to sign up.

    The site isn't run very well or maintained very well. They don't have enough servers or something. They don't have enough customer support people, and the ones they have are douchebags. The models are often have very unpleasant personalities even if they are physically very beautiful. They are pushy and demanding. Very high cost to do a Private or Exclusive show. Doesn't treat models very well, demanding long hours of connection and often withholding money. The studios that work on Streamate are often run by douchebags who are basically pimps.

    too expensive, too restrictive, not fun - Review about LiveJasmin

    Much more expensive than any other site I've tried. The models aren't even allowed to be topless in free chat, so no tipping for tits as on Flirt4Free or Streamate. The chat is all public, there isn't a private option. It's not very much fun. It's too restrictive. They're attempting to be like the cam site equivalent of a high-end brothel, but it's like a brothel run by the KGB. Or the Swiss.

    As with every cam site, the girls are beautiful.

    Way too expensive. Too restrictive. No private chat. No fun.

    not a good site - Review about XLoveCam

    I regret signing up with XLoveCam and giving them any money. The size of the "full screen" is not full screen. The first private show I did, after maybe two minutes the video froze. When it unfroze the image quality was extremely poor, and I had no sound. Support response was unhelpful. They tried to blame my browser. The site doesn't suggest avoiding any particular browser anyway. Irritating enough that even when you're paying you don't get true full screen as with every other cam site I've tried (Streamate, Flirt4Free, LiveJasmin, MyFreeCams, Chaturbate). Very, very disappointed in this site. I could have saved time by just flushing money down the toilet. What a ripoff.

    The models are beautiful.

    Everything else. The design, customer support, video and sound quality - it all sucks ass.