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    Worst cam site ever

    Review about Streamate

    After five years today, I was fired on SM because I was the only model that said something about their animation, cartoon character models . Streamate has at least six cartoon animation models that make more money than live models. In the minute, I said, why does streamate has cartoon characters animation models they permanently deleted my account. Did traffic is slow every since they have a new owner and now they are allowing cartoon animation models that will make more money than any live models and that is ridiculous. Do not work on this site.

    Worst site ever they allow animation, cartoon character models that will make money more money than live models

    After five years today, I was fired on SM because I was the only model that said something about their animation, cartoon character models . Streamate has at least six cartoon animation models that make more money than live models. In the minute, I said, why does streamate has cartoon characters animation models they permanently deleted my account. Did traffic is slow every since they have a new owner and now they are allowing cartoon animation models that will make more money than any live models and that is ridiculous. Do not work on this site.


    Review about Chaturbate

    Very bad expirience with cam-model Aussieblondemilf. She steals tokens and doesn't really care. She bans for no real reason and ofcourse don't give you back tokens. She doesn't even respond to the chat and pm's (eventhough people pay for that). She does a very bad job and isn't capable at all to be a streamer. My advice: Ignore her room and save your tokens (money). Chaturbate allows horrible streamers like her (Jo) to continu this kind of 'work'.

    Many nice girls

    Chaturbate allows scam and stealing.

    Must avoid

    Review about Chaturbate

    The highest scam site ever! Models and members get scammed and banned by this site with fake reasons or no reasons !No customer service on both sides ..all they receive are copy and paste messages with no solution!Models get only 30% when other sites pay you from 45% up to 70% ,and if they are lucky to get the money because many are blocked even do they didn't break any rule and they never receive the earnings..same with members who buy tokens and get blocked and never get a refund! Staff have control over accounts and will scam these models of tokens/followers/etc .If you ever spoked with a staff you see they are racist ,bully ,disrespectful towards members or models .Scamming site with the lowest rates for models and the highest prices for members ! You can also see on trustpilot and on multiple site reviews models and members complaining about how they were scammed,bullied and insulted by the staff.You must avoid this site as model and as a paying member!

    worst site online

    Review about Chaturbate

    foreign models that don't speak English, no free chat, must have tokens, models you tip and they don't do anything, I have tipped models and had them go offline, I bought tokens came in a room never said one word to the model and Chaturbate banned my account and would not give me a refund on my tokens I bought, my rating I would give a 0 star if I could

    there is nothing I like about Chaturbate

    worst site online

    Review about Chaturbate

    foreign models, no free chat, you tip and the models don't do what you tipped for, have tipped big to have models go offline, bought tokens and was banned by chaturbate and they kept my tokens, chaturbate is a total ripoff, stay clear, best sex cite is Live Jasmin

    there is nothing good about Chaturbate

    there is nothing what so ever I like about Chaturbate

    Don’t perform on this site!

    Review about Cam4

    I have made thousands of dollars and generated thousands of followers for myself and for Cam4 as a performer. My account was deleted by the operator and my earnings were withheld. Legally it is difficult to proceed because I am in a different country than the company headquarters. I find this scam to be extremely fraudulent.

    What users are less aware of, but should generally know:

    Many of the actors work directly for Cam4. I have many colleagues in Colombia, for example, who have to work for this company every day for starvation wages and under poor conditions. Many of them claim that it is one of the worst jobs they have ever had to do, which is why very few people actually last long.

    Otherwise, as an actor, you are completely on your own. Cam4 doesn't care if you broadcast non-stop for 8, 10 or 12 hours. It doesn't matter to them whether you go without food and drink, exhaust yourself completely or, for example, let unpleasant users publicly insult you.


    Cam4 will not do anything for you as an “actor”. If you want to be successful, you will have to have a lot of personal commitment. But even then, you may end up empty-handed if Cam4 simply deletes you, as has happened to many of us.

    As a “viewer” you should know that very few performers broadcast their show because they want to, but rather because they have to. The actors who have to broadcast themselves under the direction of Cam4 have a particularly difficult time.

    My recommendation: As a performer, look for another platform that is more promising and reputable. And as a viewer, it's better to invest your money elsewhere so that you don't feel completely ripped off.


    Review about Chaturbate

    Chaturbate are very unprofessional. They sent a mentor to me and she told me to talk more in my room. I followed her advice and I started to talk to my customers and potential customers and then the harassment started again I contacted Shirley and I advised her that her staff were deleting chunks of my followers, one day I signed in and they delete it 45 followers and today I signed in and they deleted 25 last night. Not to mention they would sign into fake accounts and verbally abuse me and provoke me to make me look like I�m the bad guy while being frustrated from a long hours of silence and no tips which is very unrealistic if I have close to 300,000 followers. I�m tired of this abuse and I�m tired of contacting Shirley about her racist, unprofessional, and judgmental staff. I will continue to leave reviews until this abuse, or should I say financial abuse and harassment is put to an end for once, and for all!!!! I will copy and paste this review. I will post this review on multiple platforms until she sees these cause I�m tired of the games.\\r\\n\\r\\nI want all of my followers back!!!!

    My tippers

    They are cons


    Review about Chaturbate

    I entered zoe_taylor9 room. She immediately wanted to meet in person and have me pay her money for sex. I have filed a complaint with the proper authorities to have her investigated

    They let models promote prostitution away from the website

    SCAM ALERT - Megan_Wood_1

    Review about Stripchat

    SCAMMER - Megan_Wood_1 : Beware this girl is scammer! Don't believe what she says. She will make an agreement with you to do a show, then you send her payment and then does nothing. Doesn't reply any further and or give you anything at all.

    unbanned account

    Review about Chaturbate

    hi chaturbate i'm writing on behalf of my account melanin_xx it has been banned since may 25th 2023, i have sent so many letters pleading for the site to give me a second chnace, this bann issue has not happen to me befor because i have always obey the rules and regulation of the site. until this one mistake please chaturbate i ask for a second chance. and i wont go against the rules again pleaseee

    i like everything about the site and users

    its sad the management dont want to see to my case and forgive me

    model taken advantage of

    Review about Stripchat

    a pinay lady is being taken advantage of by two manipulative predators a rump2104 and keystone rump makes her make him a knight so he can manipulate her more and keystone made her put up a wheel of fortune when i went on to try and warn her rump blocked me for 24 hours even though i am in the silver league he has got her completly under his control by sending her stupid love messages and saying things like you no i love you right but he sends them because he thinks that if he sends enough he will believe them himself but he never will and as soon as i go on there to warn her he blocks me because i hit a raw nerve and the truth hurts

    it has many models

    too many predators on it who take advantage of vuerable women

    Beware of College_muscle

    Review about Chaturbate

    Chaturbate allows this scammer to stay on the site he claims he wants to cum and lures people into private shows. Once there he will spend ages convincing you he will do it and then finally when he thinks he has rinsed enough tokens just goes offline then comes back when he thinks coast clear to do to someone else.
    Do not fall for this scammer and be warned he is not a nice person

    Some performers are ok but asking sometimes hundreds of pounds for almost nothing

    Site is rife with rogue performers and they will not police it to stop people getting fleeced of money so stick to the performers you KNOW are genuine

    Cam4 is allowing scamming

    Review about Cam4

    A cam4 model by the name of melaniaSugar & other aliases ie; melaniasweet & melaniacupd, is scamming guys for cash, she signs into cam4 but signs out when she has got a victim.
    She always tells her victims in private that it's cheaper for them to transfer cash, & cam4 takes most of her tokens.
    Her real name is Katarzyna Kotowicz, she operates from Poland.
    Cam4 is allowing her to con people, I've reported her to them but they do nothing.

    Chaturbate Abuses Models

    Review about Chaturbate

    Demoralizing models by hiding them from their regulars, their friends, their followers and the general public is commonplace on Chaturbate (which is entirely ran by AI).

    OK, Chaturbate, we get it: you know what people like. If we buy /say /show some things we won't have sit in empty rooms for hours on end.

    Success = not being electronically exterminated by you.

    It doesn't matter that we've accumulated a huge amount of regulars, friends and followers.

    As long as we don't ape the types of videos you plan on selling (featuring us), as long as we don't buy appliances or 'costumes' your ads feature, you will punish us this way.

    Your site has always (but no longer) sent bots to my room giving me specific instructions on what to do, and even issuing threats least I should fail to do what I'm supposed to do.

    'OK, keep doing things [your] way -- we'll [see] what happens'.

    I'm pretty sure you've given me endless runarounds with your canned responses when I tell you to knock it off.

    You electronically throttle us (screw with our picture / sound, redirect customers, shadowban us etc.) because you're a power-hungry company who wants to control the content of it's product in the most extreme way.

    You no longer want people to be themselves.

    You'd rather bully people around and waste their time, than tell them the truth.

    Your company should be put out of business for a number of very real reasons: stealing people's money, repurposing models' performances on a slew of pay-per-view sites, using our shadowbanned rooms to promote other models and allowing facial-recognition AI (which would The Third Reich seem like The Summer of Love) run your site.

    You have no respect for individuality, you have no respect for fairness and you have no respect for anything which encompasses nuance (seduction, sensuality and beauty).

    You herd men onto your site with armies of bots into sex stables peddling the porn equivalent of heroin.

    It's ugly, it's fascistic, it's psychologically abuse and deceptive.

    Reality isn't 'here's ten thousand viewers' for the girl shoving a tree trunk up her bum and zero for you'.

    As far as I know, reality is 'different strokes for different folks' and, having been a model for most of my life, I know that many men find me very attractive.

    Am I everybody's cup of tea?


    But neither are your designated stars (the one's who pay you to play, often in the form of belonging to a studio).

    I'm writing this because, yea, I'm angry.

    Nobody deserves to be treated like this. It's cruel, deceptive and inhumane.

    But I'm also writing this on behalf of the many models you treat like this who haven't the ability to articulate what they feel like when you demoralize them in such a humiliating way.

    My user account is gone

    Review about Stripchat

    I'm a knight for several models, and I've spent a lot of money on this account to tip public performances, and I'm most afraid of PVT
    Today there is a model 'AXXXX' girl, I played her game many times, she invited me to go further and play with her to control Domi to orgasm at PVT, I finally let her be happy continuously, so she immediately named me a knight, I told I have something to leave, although she was not happy, we were still careful goodbye, as a result, I can never go back to this platform, it's weird, some people say it's a system administrator who did it, some people say it's a model who did it, it's a strange platform。
    l lost a lot of money.

    Beautiful Girls
    lots fun

    It's stupid to treat a good customer who is willing to pay like this, and I don't unlock my account, I can't contact the customer service staff, and I don't take the initiative to pay back the rest of my money, which is terrible

    MelaniaSugar, scammer

    Review about Cam4

    I was chatting with a model called melaniaSugar, aliases, melaniasweet & melaniacupd.
    But gradually found out she was signing into cam4, but went of line & not for tokens but conned men for cash through PayPal after she had told them she will call on Skype which 9 times out of 10 didnt.
    I reported her to cam4 but all they kept saying was, "we cant do anything, as she doesnt work for us." Now I've been told that I can never use cam4.
    In my view, cam4 is breaking their own policy ie; a model can only take tokens as payment, this is untrue.
    MelaniaSugars real name is, Katarzyna Kotowicz from Poland she also works as an escort, & Porn filming.
    Cam4 allows scamming & should be banned from all networks.a

    They allow scamming

    They are taking peoples money & should be banned

    Friendly place

    Review about SoulCams

    As model for few years on soulcams where i feel like home, i recomand it for those who have a member base and want to earn more! Site gives 70% to a model and for your referrals-90%!
    It is a very friendly and cool atmosphere, with a nice support always ready to answer your questions and advice you for better earnings. They have many contests with cash prizes, the site is easy to use and u can keep noted about your members, which helps a lot :)
    What i dont like is the traffic, it can be improved and lately is visible they work about that. And i wish they had a french version on site, my french members complain about that. In big lines is a small site but with many benefits for models, give it a try!

    So frustrating....

    Review about Streamate

    I have a lot of problems with this site lately, on the one hand, the traffic is very low, on the other hand, they are asking for ID identification again, but it's very complicated, something to scan with the phone, I have no idea what to do, and I'm getting really tired of the fact that we've already uploaded everything a thousand times, yet in a short time inside it asks again and again, but this time I can't even do it, it's so complicated..... I wrote to the customer service, but they are so slow.... it's not really worth working on this site anymore, with their continuous innovations, it's getting worse and worse and the traffic is also getting worse lower....

    EPlay -BEWARE- They Don’t Pay

    Review about ePlay

    Awful. Gave them a shot for 1 show. They have not paid me. When I complained, they deleted my profile. I am a very experienced broadcaster. This is a scam of a site.


    They don’t pay what they owe. Paid me nothing and deleted me for complaining.

    shit hole

    Review about Chaturbate

    I reported a model for stealing my tokens, the next day my account was ban for no reason, no e-mail, no explanations nothing plus they stole the rest of my tokens that I had on my profile ... like WTF ???
    Been a long time user and never had any problems before no idea what they ban me for .... guess that's how they thank you to users who spend loads of money on their site. Use it for free, don't make an account on it, you will regret it, lots of scammers and they seem to loved them.

    not much

    customer service, too many scammers

    Bitcoin intergration sucks

    Review about Stripchat

    I put $500 on this site using bitcoin. The Crypto Payment Processors page (coingate) hung.\\r\\nThe payment went through to the Payment Processors wallet, where it still sits 2 days later.\\r\\nI have sent emails to the [email protected], I have filled out there stupid webform multipe times . \\r\\nZERO back. \\r\\nI guess it doesn;t matter how they treat there customers (in fact they call there customers \\\"users\\\")\\r\\nIf you are thinking about getting into to sending chicks on the internet money via stripchat, do yourself a favor and don't. Its not going to end well. TBH the site stealing my money like this, probably saved me long term. \\r\\n\\r\\nYou will be making a mistake. \\r\\n

    UI is modern and works.

    Zero customer support. Don\\\'t ever use bitcoin on this site. \\r\\n

    Raven_Quen a Rip-Off Artist

    Review about Stripchat

    Thid model doesn't give what is tipped for and, when called on it, bans the user. Even after she's taken a 12 month subscription to her fan club. She's nothing but a liar and a thief.

    That it is there

    They don't protect the customers, without whom they or the models would not make a cent.

    I was a chat host on the camco

    Review about CamContacts

    This is my first site where I have worked in my entire life, I will tell you a lot of details, if someone helps me get back to this site, I really need a job right now, and I have small children, and if anyone can help me get off the blacklist on the camcontacts site, I will be very blogadarna.


    Review about Xcams

    My best site, since ever! I always made great money on it, members are 90% very nice.
    Payments are always on time.
    Site platform very easy to use.
    Support can be better, sometimes they amswear, sometimes they don't, it depends who is on shift.
    The only 2 issues i have is that the money doesn't appear straight up after tipping or after pvt, but after 5-10 minutes. And the main problem is that i keep getting warnings under no valid reasons (they provided screenshots and i can prove with their screenshots it's not true) and there is no way for me to contest the warnings. I would like this fixed.
    Other than this i recommend the site 100%

    Dangerous user

    Review about Stripchat

    There is an ultimate user called misterpringles who scared a model into becoming a knight in her room. From there he proceeded to mentally abuse her by first being a nice guy and the next moment become a nasty, rude person. He did this repeatedly. He also chased away many of this model's big spenders because she was spending time with them and not with him, and abused her greys up to a point where after almost 3 years on the platform, she would get maybe 10 viewers in her room. After explaining to him that him as a knight is not working out, she unknighted him. The first show after that, he came in and publicly berated her up to a point where she was forced to ban him. He then proceeded to open another account (Misterlushlover) to gain access to the room to keep the abuse going. She proceeded to ban that username as well and broke down crying in front of the cameras for everyone to see before she could end her broadcast. That was exceptionally humiating fro her. As he stated to her while being her knight, he was banned from at least one other model's room and Stripchat themselves banned him for 72 hours not even 3 weeks ago, so it would seem that he does this in multiple model's rooms. Please be aware of this user and his many accounts. He WILL become a dictator in model's rooms and even dictate to the models how they should behave and whom they are aloud to speak with.

    Great and easy to use platform for both viewers and models