Horrible Broadcasters

Chaturbate support is useless they ignore your reports never get back to you and when they do they have some bullshit excuse we reported a broadcaster for threatening us with the Colombian drug cartel we wouldn't send e-transfers to them so they told us that the Colombian drug cartel would come after us we got no response except one saying someone would be in touch in touch shortly that was over 3 weeks ago
and still no response and they are still threatening people with that. We haven't been back but other people we know have been threatened by them we have since deleted our account because of lack of support hopefully one day they will be caught and dealt with but reporting a problem to Chaturbate is like pulling teeth they never do a damn thing

It used to be a fun site but now I wouldn't go there even for a million dollars

Their support staff do nothing if you report a problem they sit on their asses and do nothing

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