Chaturbate is run by a pack of thieves. I have had several accounts on the website and spent literally thousands of dollars there. The website has just recently banned every account that I have had there and told me that it is permanent. All of this happened based on the assumption that I was breaking their rules. I have told them on repeated occasions that I acknowledge the "error" and that it will not happen again. I have tried over and over here recently to start new accounts..........they have banned all of them. They are in possession of videos that I paid a lot of money for and I want them back. Them denying me the right to get them back is nothing short than thievery. I have made hundreds of friends there and I would like the opportunity to see them again. I have always paid my way when I was there. I'll say it again, I have spent thousands of dollars in that website and demand the respect that a good customer should receive, not the utter disrespect that they are showing me. There is no rating right now that is too low for this website and thieves that run it.

The beautiful women there that are being taken to the cleaners by the thieves that run the site.

Non-existant customer service. The customer service is so bad there they do not even have a telephone number to call to interact with the rejects that call themselves customer service agents. They are a joke. A pathetic joke.

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