Since Chaturbate is bullying consumer review sites to take down the reviews about the problem with the studio rooms a even sites like Trust pilot took down and doesn't review Chaturbate and the BBB (BETTER BUSINESS BURUE) doesn't recognize Multi Media LLC Legit because of the the Bull $hit that's coming out of Chaturscam. BUT I BET PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT A MALWARE CALLED ( MALWARE) All you have to do is Google it the same way I just wrote it and there's a article on it and it is from the summer of 2021. This is a surprise ro me, and it is or should have already brought to everyone attention until now, and it shows what these sites and yes Im saying all do it but Chaturbate thinks there shit don't stink and they are getting ready to carry a serious ASS whooping. This also backs my theory and claims of the criminal activity that I know for a fact that chaturbate is backing and knows about. They do not give a crap about the customer just the money. But it's going on from every site from sex cams, to hook up sites, and the online porn sites. And dare any SOB to call me a liar I have hundreds of screen shots and even some models told me that not only chaturbate but all cam sites know about it and again it's the Drug ran studio rooms not independently models.
And I'm going to keep saying this but if you still Dumb enough to go into those sies without a Safe Browser and I recommend Brave which shows you the sites that track and what they are putting on you, and use a paid VPN no free junk but sites like CAM4 will not let you in because they are crooked as HELL and stream ate after a few minutes will block you totally and I Blame the Biggest and what they say are the safest Browser for people and that's Google with a little program called FloC that allows criminals like these porn sites track you and put malicious shit on your device to steal your information. I'm not a computer genius and I wasn't looking for what I'm exposing I stumbled across this by accident and I care about my customers when I was online but when I reported multiple times to chaturbate about girls from studios room trying to put Spyware on me and basically blamed me for it and letting them site stream but Banned me for standing up for you guys, FUCK YOU Chaturbate I will make sure you will get what you deserve and nobody is going to Stop me. In other words Kiss my Ass you Dam THEVES!

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