I’ve been a model for about 7 yrs. At first all was well and I was enjoying myself as a cam model. Then out of know where my viewer count got less and less. I reached out to their support team to no avail for a few months. Finally got a response and they said I had some technical issue with my stream. I thought ok, maybe that was the issue. I purchased a new webcam, a good one and starterd streaming again. Same issue. I reached back out to them have not heard a word since. I used to have a normal audience of 250, but now I’m lucky if I have 10 viewers a cam session. The truth is that they are discrimitory and decide through a alga rhythm what models to broadcast in the different viewing fields. I’m writing this review while currently camming. I have had only 4 viewers in the last 2 hours. They are unfair and yes they do discriminate

The viewers and models are awesome

They control the rooms and are not held accountable

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