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Every cam enthusiast must have heard about Chaturbate. You may also already be an active member of this popular cam site. Chaturbate is a live, interactive streaming platform that offers adult men and women a great online environment to easily fulfill their fantasies. In addition, this site is available for the most exciting and erotic cam shows. This cam site not only consists of thousands of female models, but also men, transgender people, lesbians and couples. There is something for everyone on this very populair cam site.


Chaturbate was founded in 2011, headquarters California (US). Chaturbate stands for Chat and Masturbate. In 2020 the cam site was ranked 65th most popular website in the world and it ranked 5th as most popular adult site.

Chaturbate Tokens

On Chaturbate you buy tokens to spoil your favorite camgirls. You can watch the shows for free, but you will get a lot more attention and a better experience if you spend tokens. The more you buy, the cheaper they are (between 8 and 10 cents)

Design of Chaturbate

The Chaturbate website is very clear and easy to use. Once you are on the homepage of the site, you will see at a glance the menu where you can login and register as a new member. From the menu at the top of the homepage, you have the option to view the chat rooms, look at the different broadcasts, view the tags on the site, you can earn free tokens and you can click on the swag tab. At the bottom of this menu you will see the recommended profiles of models, female models, male models, couples and transgender people. You will also see a number of tags that you can click to view the profiles of your choice. On the homepage of the site you will also immediately see an overview of featured profiles of interesting models. Based on this overview you will get an idea of ​​what you can expect on the site in terms of models and erotic cam shows.

You will notice that at the bottom of the home page you also have the option to get an overview of the free cams, free cams by age, free cams by region and free cams by status. The site can also be accessed in various languages ​​including Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Chaturbate models

Chaturbate features thousands of male and female models from all parts of the world. On the site you can choose for North American cams, other region cams, Euro Russian Cams, Asian cams and South American cams. The models are divided into different categories on the site. You could choose to see only female models, only male models, or couples. Lovers of transgender people will also get their money's worth on this site. The models know better than anyone how to entertain you on the best and most erotic masturbation shows and more.

Chaturbate Chat

On Chaturbate you can enjoy the most exciting and erotic cam shows both paid and unpaid. Paying members also have the option to send messages to models, give tips to their favorite models, send private messages to models and they can ask a model for a private show. You will of course wonder how to send a private message to your favorite model. To send a PM, you must first click on the model's username in the chat or in the user list. Then you can click on the tab "Send private message". By using this option you can share all your sexual desires and fantasies with your favorite model and who knows, you might also be spoiled during the model's cam show.

When chatting you will notice that the usernames are shown in different colors. You will also wonder what the different colors mean. Orange names indicate the names of the models and red names are moderators. The light blue color is awarded to members who have or have purchased tokens and users with dark blue names have tipped at least 50 tokens in the last two weeks. Furthermore, users with a light purple color by their name have tipped at least 250 tokens in the last two weeks and members with dark purple names have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the last two weeks. It's also good to know that members with green names are fan club members and individuals with gray-colored username do not own tokens.

Chaturbate Tokens

On Chaturbate you can view profiles of models completely free, but you can also choose to make more optimal use of the various services by purchasing tokens. You pay with tokens on Chaturbate. The tokens are sold in token bundles and the more tokens you purchase, the cheaper. You can use the tokens to spoil your favorite model with tips, you can use them for sending private chat messages or for private sessions.

The costs for private sessions are as follows:

  • 6 Tokens per Minute
  • 12 Tokens per Minute
  • 18 Tokens per Minute
  • 30 Tokens per Minute
  • 60 Tokens per Minute
  • 90 Tokens per Minute

By clicking on one of these options you will get an overview of all models, which for example offer private sessions from 6 tokens per minute, 12 tokens per minute and more. You will immediately see which models are open for a private session and what the costs will be per minute.

Pricing Chaturbate

2025 Tokens

price per token

$ 0.08

total costs $ 159.99

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100 tokens

price per token

$ 0.11

total costs $ 10.99

Get tokens!
Free sex cams

no tokens

$ 0,00

absolutely free

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The tokens on Chaturbate are sold in token bundles. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper. You also get a lot more bonus tokens as a gift with the purchase of a large number of tokens at a time. The prices of the token bundles and the associated bonus are as follows:

  • 100 tokens for $ 10.99
  • 200 tokens for $ 20.99 (5% bonus)
  • 500 tokens for $ 44.99 (22% bonus)
  • 750 tokens for $ 62.99 (31% bonus)
  • 1000 tokens for $ 79.99 (37% bonus)
  • 1255 tokens for $ 99.99 (38% bonus)
  • 2025 tokens for $ 159.99 (39% bonus)

In addition to purchasing token bundles, users can also opt for the supporter membership. This membership is a must. It allows you to send other users private messages, gives you a clean interface without ads, and you can use special text functions in chat rooms. As a bonus, when you purchase a supporter account, you get 200 free tokens worth $ 20.99. The Supporters membership itself costs US $ 19.95 per month.

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Chaturbate Reviews

    unbanned account

    hi chaturbate i'm writing on behalf of my account melanin_xx it has been banned since may 25th 2023, i have sent so many letters pleading for the site to give me a second chnace, this bann issue has not happen to me befor because i have always obey the rules and regulation of the site. until this one mistake please chaturbate i ask for a second chance. and i wont go against the rules again pleaseee

    i like everything about the site and users

    its sad the management dont want to see to my case and forgive me

    banned account

    i have never been so frustated in my life due to chaturbate, my account rostall was banned and need to pay my bills :( . I loved working there tho. CS usually helps but they dont want to comprehend certain things


    bad model understanding

    Some scamming models.

    I've been using Chaturbate for about five years and I've found the service has improved in that period. I've contacted them in cases where children were in front of the camera, when models have tried to get me to send money through Western Union, and other rule violations. In each case the room was shut down in a few minutes. I can't personally say I've seen anything that suggests that they're crooks.

    I received a refund when models began exploiting a bug a few years ago. Someone figured out that if a model put a password on their room during a private, there was no way for the person to leave that private. If you just continued browsing CB, you may or may not notice that your tokens were disappearing. That's because the site thought you were still in the private. If you didn't log out of CB, the model would continue to drain your account to the last token. If you were lucky, you would receive a long recording of the model eating dinner or playing with their phone. I believe they have fixed this bug.

    But the models themselves vary from wonderful women to little more than scammers. It's incredible how many models are "diabetic" and "need insulin", or have a sister with a "kidney problem" and need 300 tokens NOW to buy "machines" to keep them alive and will show you a blurry photo of "their sister" on their phone that looks suspiciously like the model in a hospital bed. They're oblivious that they wear nice new clothes in front of the cam every day and use expensive iPhones and their bodies are covered in expensive tattoos.

    I've created multiple accounts to study these models and it's interesting what phrase will switch them from a sexy CB model to a scamming woman. Sometimes it would take months or even years before I said something that made them go into scam mode. If you refuse to give them the requested tokens, they'll tell you that they thought you would "help" them and lay on the guilt. But don't worry. The next time you're in their room you'll be their best friend again. By using multiple accounts I found that some models are sending identical phrases from a script and that suggests that there is an organization or at least a known procedure they're following. Often they'll ignore my questions and change the subject which seems like I'm pulling them off their scripts and they're not able to improvise.

    The scamming is just an annoyance for me and doesn't detract from enjoying time with some wonderful women who are unlike any women I will ever meet in my normal life. I've read some stories of how men's lives were wrecked by shady CB models so it's very important to stay cynical, hold onto your tokens, keep them on the Internet and out of your real life.

    Some friendly and talented models, and in my experience it's a professional and well-run web site.

    It's definitely a conduit for scams and there's no way to prevent it.

    Chaturbate is in melt-down

    I spent like 10-20 thousand on there.... It seems like they are in melt-down lately. I give them two years at most.

    Used to be good

    They seem to be disintegrating

    Site is Great some Models are Thieves

    Site itself is great. Some of the models are literal thieves though. Right now I have two situations going on, chaterbate says they are going to investigate and possible refund the account. Biggest problem with the site is that there is NOTHING regulating the models. They can take your money and then immediately ban you from the room .


    > Hotfuckinggarci69 - Took 1250 in tokens. Banned me from the room


    > mlstresslno - Took 650 tokens (~$58). Banned me from the room immediately.

    No services received, no explanation or warning. Be warned!

    Zero repercussions so far and zero failsafes to prevent models from taking your tokens and then banning you, signing off, or creating a password for the room.


    Chaturbate is a nice website; I met a lot of females. Some are nice, some are devils while some are scammers. Chaturbate also has some worthless persons that call themselves 'moderators'. For example; randomweirdo69 (real name Anna Liza) is a moderator that has several accounts such as whysoserious1919, whysoserious1818 and ihavenhero and uses her position to harass anyone after silencing them. She done that several times and I got her reported to the admins and then she got banned each time she done that garbage. She pretends to be nice in one room she moderates and then she becomes an enemy and an hypocrite in another rooms. She hates me period because me let one of her favourite models know her (Anna's) dirty ways as a moderator and because of that, she silences me whenever me go to the rooms. She even went as far as having one of my photos on her bio without my consent and I had to report it immediately. She works along with sl33pyyy_, which also loves to silence others and then harass them via pms. As a result, I got them both banned.

    As mentioned earlier, I met a lot of females. Some are sensible and cool while some are idiots and some are scammers. I normally ask about flexing ass and most of them will determine whether they can do it or not. I try my very best not to make demands if me not going to tip and therefore most times me will talk classy in the rooms. I have a negative experience with a few of them; one is Lia (llxfire): this one loves to kick persons out of her room even when they are not violating any rules and even if they tip and/or they talk classy and unable to tip at all. You ask her a simple question and immediately you get kick out. Another is Nicole (anasuperwet): this one loves to kick persons out of her room especially if you ask a simple question, such as a change in the private show price. And even if you tell her that you going to get more tokens for her and return. And I met one or two other models that took my tokens and did nothing (scamming) and immediately me got kick out; one immediately after private as she did nothing and one immediately after tipping for request.

    Also, there are some idiotic ones that will kick you out without a warning if you ask a simple question such as flexing ass. And some of those idiots I promised them tokens/private shows and on the day(s) me ready to keep me promises, them give headaches. Me tell them one by one that they will NEVER get me tokens.

    Chaturbate has two sets of people; good and bad. Most users go to the rooms and demand shows including pm while promising money and some even fake-tipping, while some models take others' tokens and do nothing and when the other people talk about it, they immediately kick them out. The customers reserve the right to be refunded if things like that happen to them or the show is not done properly

    The website needs to be more strict and ensure that EVERYBODY does the right thing at all times

    They respond to your complaints and do everything they can sometimes to ensure that you satisfy, yet at the same time they give you a warning to prevent future issue.

    The customer service kinda poor; when me account got banned the last time, me email them and they never respond at all. Me had to force them to delete me account. And also I wish everybody be honest and fair; the models must treat the users very well (whether they have tokens or not) and the users must treat the models very well too; do not demand anything at all until you get tokens and able to tip, and to the models: do not promise a show and when you get tipped for it, you change your mind and go as far as kicking the tippers out. You only bring a downfall on yourselves

    about the scammer who lurk on this site

    So,my review isn't exactly about the site.I can give 5 stars to Cb,it is a good site and so on,but with too many scammers.So,i want to complain about the same thing that user John complained about.It is almost the same story,but with different model.Her username is little_sadashi.She will say everything to get those precious tokens,but she really doesn't intend to deliver it.And every time you try to discuss that topic with her,she will either ban you from her room,or just stop talking with you.Every time she will try to find some excuse,same as that other model that user John mentioned,she will try to use her daughter for excuse and so on.She will try to make you believe that she has a real interest in you and ask for a meeting in real life,only just to get more from you,when the time for this meeting comes,she will try to find some excuse not to meet with you.And also promises shows,which she really doesn't intend to deliver.In simple words,avoid this model,don't get fooled by her looks.sorry for my bad english

    many models to chat with,it is almost certain that you will find the model that suits your taste

    scammers,like the girl,that i have mentioned in my review.and also the admins of the site really don't do much about them

    Some Performers are OK But some Scam and Run

    OK so this site can be good i have chatted to women and couples and met some cool and funny people
    and i still visit the site but not as much.
    Its a good idea for a site but it it is open to abuse so you should be aware that some performers
    will try and scam you by setting a goal and then when that goal gets near to being met the reset the goal and start a new one then they do the same again. A performer from Europe was on last night
    and guys were tipping this lady on the promise she would put 4 fingers inside herself,as the goal was close she reset the goal and started a new one for anal play so the guys were dropping tokens 1 guy tipped her 100 tokens which costs $10.99 she was turning around pointing to her butt then as the goal got a bit closer she reset the goal again and put a new goal for 169 tokens for her to dance naked.
    After that nobody tipped her again and she sat smiling into the camera for about 20mins I had her window open with other cams to see what was happening and people were just leaving and 1 guy said you have reset the goal 3 times ? she just smiled so he said you are a scammer! and she laughed in to the camera and then went offline.
    Its important to know that most of these scams are done by new users under #new but some other performers who do normally fulfil their goals
    will go for so long and then say i have to go guys even though they have just been given tips and also guys tip them to try and get them to stay and some do some leave. In my View there are real people on the site who do not scam and I have had nice women chat to me who didn't care about tokens but most do want tokens and a some of those ladies can be
    con artists who leave early but most do not and the bad ladies are giving the good ones a bad name

    I have not paid for tokens I do not like the Idea of giving card details just to tip they should offer paypal donations and take a cut.

    I have seen people say that the site has underage performers but in all the time i have used the site i have only seen a pair of clothed teenagers who looked to young and i reported them straight away when i seen the thumbnail and their cam was taken offline within seconds so i would suggest to anybody
    who cares to do the same because this should never happen but the site can not stop people joining only block them if the break the rules but in all the time i have used the site i have only seen these 2 people who were swiftly removed so i think a lot of the paranoia is from feminists or overprotective people.Just because somebody wears certain clothes does not make them younger but you should be able to tell in the majority of cases if performers are legit if not report them right away.

    Good free action if you save enough decent performers in your followed list and some friendly genuine people,nice women and friendly and funny couples like the chick who gets naked while her boyfriend plays the guitar they are really nice people, friendly hippies with funny stories to tell.
    I spoke to some great ladies who are happy to chat with no tokens they were polite and fun.

    I do not like the Idea of giving card details just to tip they should offer paypal donations and take a cut from that. Some performers take tokens then reset the goal and keep doing it then run off with out delivering the goals report them under the 'other' option if lots of people report them the site might act if it does not then avoid that person and anyone like them.
    There are apps and software that lets you view the open cams on your phone or open source set top box.
    So if you are worried about over spending stay with the free stuff.

    Sadly some people are crazy and verbally abuse or play mind games and Troll the performers or other chatroom users and new performers are sometimes slow to act/kick the trouble makers out. Be smart use cation. We can never say 100% on some things due to poor quality cameras and make sure your screen is clean so you can see properly. But it is a free and open platform and that means some bad will slip through so be aware and do your best to avoid the bad and report any rule breakers.

    found one diamond in the rough here

    The same thing that people say about the girls ripping off stands with many of the guys here also. I found one guy that is actually a straight guy and a Porno actor of SeXCult Video I believe he said who's room name was Sezzbiousrivers who likes to actually talk to his people although not able to when he's performing, but that's just it, he actually does his job of performance and likes to get alittle personal which to me is GREAT plus he doesn't just take off after his performance is over. Is it worth going to this site for just one guy? To me it is, you can decide for yourself.

    Found an awesome performer

    Only found one awesome performer

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