I have been a customer of chaturbate for about 7 months.
Not for the shows but for the chats and have made a lot of friends there.
Recently I was banned for no reason given yet in the middle of a conversation with a friend.
I emailed support and received an automated response. I am still waiting for a reply to my reply.
I then opened a new clean account so I could explain to my friend what happened and that I could continue to support her.
As soon as I paid for account my money was grabbed and that account was banned too.
I emailed support that if my money was not immediately refunded it would be classed as theft.
As per chaturbate I received an automated response.
I am having the legal ramifications looked at and will ask worldwide how many people have had the same experiences from chaturbate.
The above is a copy I am going to send everywhere if my replies are not answered.
Also I have found that a lot of reviews I see on google seem to me to be chaturbate paid ?
I am sure lengthy legal proceedings would establish facts , but I would rather not wait.

I do like the models and friends I have made there , though the only chat I seem to have found is mine :)

I do not like their automated support email , or their greedy 50% take of all girls (for me) or any persons fair earnings.

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Yes they are crooks I'm and sorry it happened but it's just proof of what is going on inside there little crime ring. If you change email address make sure it's not linked to the one you got banned with first. But what probably happen is you must have used same payment method as with your banned account and they will catch it every time, because I did that like a dummy and bought tokens then they banned me and kept my money. And hopefully some will read this but don't use your primary bank cards in Chaturbate, get a prepaid load money to it, but Trust me they will steal it or someone will try hard as hell to steal it. People are finally getting the word out of this and I've seen 2 tech sites with articles about Identity theft in Chaturbate and how they aren't warning anymore about it and reason why is they are in on it.

Hi there, don't bother with Admin Chatur-pricks themselves, you will just get Bots or one of the obvious losers that run that side of the site, go straight to the accounts department

Tell them what Admin has done in regards to banning you and your money in your account (Ie seizing it) I would also mention your circumstances about them banning you and not receiving any reason for the ban, hence that is why you started the new account to connect with your friend again

When you write to them give all your details, user name, email, and date of money deposit amount if you can remember, just say (nicely) you want the money that was in the account immediately please and that if your money is not refunded you will start a complaint process with your financial institution and ask them what steps can be taken to take further action if necessary.

Hope this helps and it works? who knows this organisation is just unbelievable, no right of reply, no appeal process, no independent judicators, I am pretty good at researching things on the net (it's part of my profession and I can't find out how to contact the ass-hats and I've been trying for 6 months and I'm not going to giver up either!
lots of luck Ro

A happy surprise today.
I received a reply from the Chaturbate Team saying my 2 accounts have been fully reinstated and offering refunds.
I still wish to chat with my friend on the site , so will not want a refund.
The reason was that I told someone I was old enough to be their father , or even grandfather , and a bot picked this up as incest and I was auto banned.
Looking back this is funny , but it was not for me at the time.
Thank you for your support and I hope things work out for you as well.

Hey that's great news good for you all the best


i had similar experience, i agree.

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