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Every cam enthusiast must have heard about Chaturbate. You may also already be an active member of this popular cam site. Chaturbate is a live, interactive streaming platform that offers adult men and women a great online environment to easily fulfill their fantasies. In addition, this site is available for the most exciting and erotic cam shows. This cam site not only consists of thousands of female models, but also men, transgender people, lesbians and couples. There is something for everyone on this very populair cam site.


Chaturbate was founded in 2011, headquarters California (US). Chaturbate stands for Chat and Masturbate. In 2020 the cam site was ranked 65th most popular website in the world and it ranked 5th as most popular adult site.

Chaturbate Tokens

On Chaturbate you buy tokens to spoil your favorite camgirls. You can watch the shows for free, but you will get a lot more attention and a better experience if you spend tokens. The more you buy, the cheaper they are (between 8 and 10 cents)

Design of Chaturbate

The Chaturbate website is very clear and easy to use. Once you are on the homepage of the site, you will see at a glance the menu where you can login and register as a new member. From the menu at the top of the homepage, you have the option to view the chat rooms, look at the different broadcasts, view the tags on the site, you can earn free tokens and you can click on the swag tab. At the bottom of this menu you will see the recommended profiles of models, female models, male models, couples and transgender people. You will also see a number of tags that you can click to view the profiles of your choice. On the homepage of the site you will also immediately see an overview of featured profiles of interesting models. Based on this overview you will get an idea of ​​what you can expect on the site in terms of models and erotic cam shows.

You will notice that at the bottom of the home page you also have the option to get an overview of the free cams, free cams by age, free cams by region and free cams by status. The site can also be accessed in various languages ​​including Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Chaturbate models

Chaturbate features thousands of male and female models from all parts of the world. On the site you can choose for North American cams, other region cams, Euro Russian Cams, Asian cams and South American cams. The models are divided into different categories on the site. You could choose to see only female models, only male models, or couples. Lovers of transgender people will also get their money's worth on this site. The models know better than anyone how to entertain you on the best and most erotic masturbation shows and more.

Chaturbate Chat

On Chaturbate you can enjoy the most exciting and erotic cam shows both paid and unpaid. Paying members also have the option to send messages to models, give tips to their favorite models, send private messages to models and they can ask a model for a private show. You will of course wonder how to send a private message to your favorite model. To send a PM, you must first click on the model's username in the chat or in the user list. Then you can click on the tab "Send private message". By using this option you can share all your sexual desires and fantasies with your favorite model and who knows, you might also be spoiled during the model's cam show.

When chatting you will notice that the usernames are shown in different colors. You will also wonder what the different colors mean. Orange names indicate the names of the models and red names are moderators. The light blue color is awarded to members who have or have purchased tokens and users with dark blue names have tipped at least 50 tokens in the last two weeks. Furthermore, users with a light purple color by their name have tipped at least 250 tokens in the last two weeks and members with dark purple names have tipped at least 1000 tokens in the last two weeks. It's also good to know that members with green names are fan club members and individuals with gray-colored username do not own tokens.

Chaturbate Tokens

On Chaturbate you can view profiles of models completely free, but you can also choose to make more optimal use of the various services by purchasing tokens. You pay with tokens on Chaturbate. The tokens are sold in token bundles and the more tokens you purchase, the cheaper. You can use the tokens to spoil your favorite model with tips, you can use them for sending private chat messages or for private sessions.

The costs for private sessions are as follows:

  • 6 Tokens per Minute
  • 12 Tokens per Minute
  • 18 Tokens per Minute
  • 30 Tokens per Minute
  • 60 Tokens per Minute
  • 90 Tokens per Minute

By clicking on one of these options you will get an overview of all models, which for example offer private sessions from 6 tokens per minute, 12 tokens per minute and more. You will immediately see which models are open for a private session and what the costs will be per minute.

Pricing Chaturbate

2025 Tokens

price per token

$ 0.08

total costs $ 159.99

Get tokens!
100 tokens

price per token

$ 0.11

total costs $ 10.99

Get tokens!
Free sex cams

no tokens

$ 0,00

absolutely free

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The tokens on Chaturbate are sold in token bundles. The more tokens you buy, the cheaper. You also get a lot more bonus tokens as a gift with the purchase of a large number of tokens at a time. The prices of the token bundles and the associated bonus are as follows:

  • 100 tokens for $ 10.99
  • 200 tokens for $ 20.99 (5% bonus)
  • 500 tokens for $ 44.99 (22% bonus)
  • 750 tokens for $ 62.99 (31% bonus)
  • 1000 tokens for $ 79.99 (37% bonus)
  • 1255 tokens for $ 99.99 (38% bonus)
  • 2025 tokens for $ 159.99 (39% bonus)

In addition to purchasing token bundles, users can also opt for the supporter membership. This membership is a must. It allows you to send other users private messages, gives you a clean interface without ads, and you can use special text functions in chat rooms. As a bonus, when you purchase a supporter account, you get 200 free tokens worth $ 20.99. The Supporters membership itself costs US $ 19.95 per month.

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Chaturbate Reviews

    banned account

    i have never been so frustated in my life due to chaturbate, my account rostall was banned and need to pay my bills :( . I loved working there tho. CS usually helps but they dont want to comprehend certain things


    bad model understanding

    did not receive payouts

    chatterbate is by far a legit website i give it 0 stars , chatterbate has banned both of my accounts with both accounts having tokens racked up and some already converted in to cash and chatterbate has failed to send my payments i earned on both accounts, they banned my accounts than did not pay me for my earnings. and there is no number to call for customer service in regards to cam model payment . this web site also shares personal information and all broadcast are recorded and posted on another/multiple websites that leave vary bad remarks agenst cam models. i do not suggest this site to anyone wanting to be a cam model.

    nothing good about chatterbate

    no customer services at all

    imy account stop comeing up to log in i loss 900 tokens try ed to contact somebody at customer service nothing no person not just same e mail want credit imfo nothing no help at all

    i dont know want to think never had problems from a company in usa

    its sad theres no help from company in usa

    Adele_Rully is a Scam!

    Adele_Rully is a SCAM! i went to her room and we agreed on a show and price. I paid her for the show and then she said couldn't do the private show or pause the page. Then she just walked away from her cam and left her room empty and broadcasting. Don't let her fool you, she's liar and will just take your money and give you nothing!

    Banned without reason

    I stream 5 days a week for the past 4years... And out of the blue i open my chaturbate page on monday and it says my account is banned and contact support. They are not getting back to me but they are keeping my 14K tokens. How is this acceptable or even legal? I worked for them for soooooo long and never no complaints but out of the blue you just ban me? WHY?

    I get to work from home

    They ban accounts without warning, there is no consequence what so ever if people record your private shows

    They leak your content

    They re-distribute your content to other websites which is illegal.for them to use your images and videos without your permission.

    They are making money off of your content. Just Google your username to see what I mean.

    Some scamming models.

    I've been using Chaturbate for about five years and I've found the service has improved in that period. I've contacted them in cases where children were in front of the camera, when models have tried to get me to send money through Western Union, and other rule violations. In each case the room was shut down in a few minutes. I can't personally say I've seen anything that suggests that they're crooks.

    I received a refund when models began exploiting a bug a few years ago. Someone figured out that if a model put a password on their room during a private, there was no way for the person to leave that private. If you just continued browsing CB, you may or may not notice that your tokens were disappearing. That's because the site thought you were still in the private. If you didn't log out of CB, the model would continue to drain your account to the last token. If you were lucky, you would receive a long recording of the model eating dinner or playing with their phone. I believe they have fixed this bug.

    But the models themselves vary from wonderful women to little more than scammers. It's incredible how many models are "diabetic" and "need insulin", or have a sister with a "kidney problem" and need 300 tokens NOW to buy "machines" to keep them alive and will show you a blurry photo of "their sister" on their phone that looks suspiciously like the model in a hospital bed. They're oblivious that they wear nice new clothes in front of the cam every day and use expensive iPhones and their bodies are covered in expensive tattoos.

    I've created multiple accounts to study these models and it's interesting what phrase will switch them from a sexy CB model to a scamming woman. Sometimes it would take months or even years before I said something that made them go into scam mode. If you refuse to give them the requested tokens, they'll tell you that they thought you would "help" them and lay on the guilt. But don't worry. The next time you're in their room you'll be their best friend again. By using multiple accounts I found that some models are sending identical phrases from a script and that suggests that there is an organization or at least a known procedure they're following. Often they'll ignore my questions and change the subject which seems like I'm pulling them off their scripts and they're not able to improvise.

    The scamming is just an annoyance for me and doesn't detract from enjoying time with some wonderful women who are unlike any women I will ever meet in my normal life. I've read some stories of how men's lives were wrecked by shady CB models so it's very important to stay cynical, hold onto your tokens, keep them on the Internet and out of your real life.

    Some friendly and talented models, and in my experience it's a professional and well-run web site.

    It's definitely a conduit for scams and there's no way to prevent it.

    Just a matter of time!

    I have written A review previously about this disgusting web site (actually disgusting management / staff and their total dishonesty) Never in my 30 plus years on the internet have I been treated with such absolute disrespect, this is after being a good paying customer for 10 years plus and a performer for a time, I would say well over 30k spent easily, I was accused of posting underage images on the site which is total rubbish as I told them, ironically the image was a still from a cam show of myself and my girlfriend at the time, now one guess what cam surge we were doing the show on?? Yep CHATURBATE OR CHATURUBBISH AS I NOW CALL THEM! They of course deny it is the same girl in the still saying it is a different one (bullshit) while refusing to look at the recorded footage I have, ignorant pigs the lot of them, my question is if they think the girl in the photo is underage why was I not reported to authorities? No answer of course! AnywY I digress, I looked up.the top 5 sites for Web cam ratings today and am very pleased to see CHAURUBBISH is nowhere to be seen!! I will continue to denigrate this site and it�s management for ever more they deserve nothing less, I�m retired so every time I�m on li e I go look for another complaint site to flag them to unwary punters, they are total scum and should not have a license to operate in my opinion BEWARE!!



    Just a matter of time!

    I have written A review previously about this disgusting web site (actually disgusting management / staff and their total dishonesty) Never in my 30 plus years on the internet have I been treated with such absolute disrespect, this is after being a good paying customer for 10 years plus and a performer for a time, I would say well over 30k spent easily, I was accused of posting underage images on the site which is total rubbish as I told them, ironically the image was a still from a cam show of myself and my girlfriend at the time, now one guess what cam surge we were doing the show on?? Yep CHATURBATE OR CHATURUBBISH AS I NOW CALL THEM! They of course deny it is the same girl in the still saying it is a different one (bullshit) while refusing to look at the recorded footage I have, ignorant pigs the lot of them, my question is if they think the girl in the photo is underage why was I not reported to authorities? No answer of course! AnywY I digress, I looked up.the top 5 sites for Web cam ratings today and am very pleased to see CHAURUBBISH is nowhere to be seen!! I will continue to denigrate this site and it’s management for ever more they deserve nothing less, I’m retired so every time I’m on li e I go look for another complaint site to flag them to unwary punters, they are total scum and should not have a license to operate in my opinion BEWARE!!



    Scammy models on CB of late

    I'm more or less a quarterly token purchaser on CB and because of that notice changes that may elude more frequent users. I've recently noticed an increase of very attractive Asian models who have remarkably cheap private rates, which is odd because some of them are quite similar in appearance, language skills and viewership as some very high priced ones.
    I attempted to private the cheaper rate ones with fewer viewers and was told by more than one model that "Oh, my private rate is actually higher." Bait and switch much?
    Then I had the worst experience ever in CB with a Northern European model, who again had bargain basement rates but said we could go a half hour for 300 tokens on top of that. Sure, I said - and found that she could neither hear my mic nor read my text for instructions what I wanted her to do (and her English turned out to be poorer than it appeared when negotiating). Bottom line; Blown 300 tokens, and indications that models (or their studio masters) are doing some serious bait and switch. Think I'll go back to MFC, which may be higher with its 60-token rate for all that cuts down on these surprises.
    Also, btw, CB doesn't have an option for aborting before minimum time, so your tokens are gone even if you determine immediately that the show is not working out.

    Very lovely models

    Not much English language, especially for lower-cost privates, meaning they're not likely to do what you ask

    Friend Chat

    Chaturbate removed my friend after 3 years of daily chats they now want to verify his age@ Come on!

    I have enjoy the chat and making friends!

    Tokens mess up the site and now I can not see my friend of 50 years who lives on the other half of the world because they all of a sudden want to verify his age!

    Horrible Broadcasters

    Chaturbate support is useless they ignore your reports never get back to you and when they do they have some bullshit excuse we reported a broadcaster for threatening us with the Colombian drug cartel we wouldn't send e-transfers to them so they told us that the Colombian drug cartel would come after us we got no response except one saying someone would be in touch in touch shortly that was over 3 weeks ago
    and still no response and they are still threatening people with that. We haven't been back but other people we know have been threatened by them we have since deleted our account because of lack of support hopefully one day they will be caught and dealt with but reporting a problem to Chaturbate is like pulling teeth they never do a damn thing

    It used to be a fun site but now I wouldn't go there even for a million dollars

    Their support staff do nothing if you report a problem they sit on their asses and do nothing


    I would give this site 0 stars if i could! The people are rude, EXTREMELY RUDE! To the point i will not be back. I started on camsoda ans decided to go bigger. They expect alot of things for free, and i double stream. I am good at what i do and a make a good income just from soda alone.
    The trolls, and amount of rude people, or guys expecting things for free is RIDICULOUS.
    Not only that but there interface to set up a show is absolutely crazy..its so complicated, and its absolutely ridiculous. Ill stick to my camsoda, with my happy and chill vibes with super awesome ppl and my sextpanther.... fk.. this site! NOT WORTH THE MENTAL STRESS!

    Lots of traffic and users

    Interface is complicated and WAY to many options
    People are rude as HELL
    Extremly stressful environment
    Not fun AT ALL due to the people ans makes you legit want want to stop camming.
    Payout is 50$ instead of 20 wich is BS..
    You only get ur Newgirl status for 7 days

    Performers can scam

    I checked the site out, from curiosity as to its business model. The proprietors appear to take a substantial cut of performers' income; that's to be expected from exploiters. What I hadn't expected is that performers would also exploit users. They set goals and entice users to use token to watch them, promising visual rewards. I checked in and out of certain first page performers, monitoring their progress towards their goals. Those who set the goals at attainable levels, perhaps the less popular performers, achieved their goals and did what they promised. But the top performers set goals too high, punters tipped them, but then got nothing for their tipping because the performer logged out due to the goal not being reached, even when within a hundred or so on an eight thousand points goal. People paid good money and got nothing for it. That is a scam. Another I noted was ambiguous goals. So 'remove knickers' turned out to be going off cam and putting knickers over an outfit. Hey presto, knickers removed when the goal was reached but no real show. That is pure dishonesty.

    Difficult to comment positively when performers can cheat their customers.

    No moderation of performers' goal setting and stealing of punters' money. Moderation is all against the punters who cross the line, or somehow offend the performers.

    Bad site among all

    Chaterbate is the worse site among all. They wait for you to charged and block you out after charging for silly reasons. They dont return your money after blocking. Beware of it. I got bit twice already with them and never will go to them again

    Screens are good

    Worst and worst ethics. if you are not spending money often, they look for reasons to block you right after you charged your account and don't even return your money.

    A law unto themselves?? WTF??

    accused of having photos of underage girl on there, proved without a doubt it was incorrect (girl was 22 at the time) banned for life after 10 years cut off contact with me saying “they had ruled on the matter) the level of arrogance in that one statement is unbelievable, so I am going to troll the net and give a bad review where ever when ever I. Can, take no prisoners just like they do the idiots, saddle up little doggies Im a cumming for Ya !


    I don’t have a year to list them all


    I’ve been a model for about 7 yrs. At first all was well and I was enjoying myself as a cam model. Then out of know where my viewer count got less and less. I reached out to their support team to no avail for a few months. Finally got a response and they said I had some technical issue with my stream. I thought ok, maybe that was the issue. I purchased a new webcam, a good one and starterd streaming again. Same issue. I reached back out to them have not heard a word since. I used to have a normal audience of 250, but now I’m lucky if I have 10 viewers a cam session. The truth is that they are discrimitory and decide through a alga rhythm what models to broadcast in the different viewing fields. I’m writing this review while currently camming. I have had only 4 viewers in the last 2 hours. They are unfair and yes they do discriminate

    The viewers and models are awesome

    They control the rooms and are not held accountable

    Account Banned Permanently!

    Member for over 10 years permanently banned!
    My account was permanently banned after another user tried to get me to go offsite (which I refused on two separate occasions). I was trying to assist Chaturbate Support with concrete information regarding this user violating terms of service and they permanently ban me!!!
    After having failed to reply to multiple requests to discuss the matter for over a month now Support have said they 'may not reply to emails in the future, and the ban is permanent'.
    This is no way to conduct business and customer support. The ban on my account was entirely arbitrary and the manner in which they have conducted themselves since is deplorable.
    I would advise everyone seeking adult entertainment to avoid Chaturbate at all costs unless they do something constructive about their appalling indiscriminate ban process and woeful support team. Not allowing the transgressor who interacted with me an account in the first place would have meant the problem would never have occurred to begin with.
    I have been a member in good standing for over 10 years and have a substantial library of media that I have paid for IN GOOD FAITH that I am being denied access to by Chaturbate.

    The interactions with the models

    Support is woeful. Arbitrary decision making with no opportunity for right of reply.

    Very Unprofessional

    My customers who do not have any other way of seeing me outside of Snapchat or social media will never know that I cam anymore. A number of them have complained about not being able to find my stream. A few who will actually come in with my link will complain that they aren’t even able to see my cam when entering. Shirley and her team are fully aware that I suffer from mental health conditions triggered by trauma and stress. When I send out a notification that I’m online someone comes in and blocks my cam from different users and states. Not caring that this triggers me into fear that I’ve dealt with with their staff last year when fearing for my life. With being stalked and harassed. My devices were hacked as well. They are fully aware that working with them to support my family is the only option as of now.. instead of them being professional and practicing the mental health awareness they seem so supportive about on social media they’d rather take the slum route and make my healing journey difficult. These people are heartless and take joy in making races that they feel are at the bottom of the barrel suffer.

    Luckily I have support outside of CB. Otherwise I’d be outback. 1st chance I get to leave without looking back. I will…

    When they allow my fans to see me I have great days

    The racism, unprofessional, bullying, hacking, invasion of privacy & discrimination


    I have been a customer of chaturbate for about 7 months.
    Not for the shows but for the chats and have made a lot of friends there.
    Recently I was banned for no reason given yet in the middle of a conversation with a friend.
    I emailed support and received an automated response. I am still waiting for a reply to my reply.
    I then opened a new clean account so I could explain to my friend what happened and that I could continue to support her.
    As soon as I paid for account my money was grabbed and that account was banned too.
    I emailed support that if my money was not immediately refunded it would be classed as theft.
    As per chaturbate I received an automated response.
    I am having the legal ramifications looked at and will ask worldwide how many people have had the same experiences from chaturbate.
    The above is a copy I am going to send everywhere if my replies are not answered.
    Also I have found that a lot of reviews I see on google seem to me to be chaturbate paid ?
    I am sure lengthy legal proceedings would establish facts , but I would rather not wait.

    I do like the models and friends I have made there , though the only chat I seem to have found is mine :)

    I do not like their automated support email , or their greedy 50% take of all girls (for me) or any persons fair earnings.

    Invades privacy

    The person who built the site listen in on our privacy when our mic is muted. She is also racist against African American models. She tries and add foreign ebony models to make her site to appear diverse. She’ll even try and allow them on the 1st page but not too high up, because she doesn’t want them to make her site look bad.

    My customers when she allows them to see me

    She allows black models the bare minimum. They like what we do but don’t like us like anyone else in the world

    Same old

    They still keep messing with my feed. My feed was okay until I sent out a notification that I was online that none of my customers got. Then during my pvt they made sure I was pixelated. They literally get mad when you’re not suffering the way they want you too. Like seriously. I will keep leaving reviews until you all will be professional. Every single time you step out of line I will leave a review. Stop sending people in my room to ask about my personal life. Like it’s insane which is why I’m in school right now to leave this shi behind me. It’s not the same & they’re falling off.

    My lovely supporters who would rather give me all the $ but I try n do right by the site. For what though?

    The cons

    Kings if Corruption

    This site has totally dishonest staff working for it who think they are god or judge jury and executioner rolled into one, I have been accused of having a photo of a minor in my profile page (untrue) so they have banned me for life (absolutely furious) I don’t want to spend time on the scum bag shit site it’s the principals involved! I have told them the person is not a minor and can easily prove it ( they won’t receive my emails) so no right of reply, can besmirch my name with no come back, refuse to admit they are wrong , and to prove they are corrupt and won’t admit they are wrong, Ihave told them to send the information and photos they have to authorities and guess what they won’t and they haven’t!! Why is that ?? Because they know they are lying, why does upper management never do anything about this place? Stinks to high heaven

    Models are great

    Nothing, assholes run the place,all thieves and liars

    Mind games

    They play on mind games with models to make them think that they’re no longer it girl by controlling who sees them, who can tip them, deletes followers as you receive them as well. They claim to care about their models but only the ones who they like such as foreign, ones who taught their least favorite and white.

    The guys are nice

    Staff are very shallow, Dont care about models well being. They pretend to though. The person who runs it is a control freak, I really do think she’s very sweet but I think she needs some professional help


    They hacked my computer last year because I stood up for myself. Harassed me had me fearing for my life. Deleted my followers and banned my acct before Xmas. I return after 6 months. They demote me for standing up to bullies then after all these years after profiting off my style they demote me everytime I speak up for myself. They don’t care about African American models. They have their favs. I’m tired of this site they suck and karma will be served. They attacked me and my daughter and said she’ll be just like me when she grows up although she’s graduated Highschool this year with 3 SCHOLARSHIPS!!! They suck ass. Very unprofessional. Deletes followers favors models on traffic although they take half of what we make!!!! You all will be served… delete that!!!

    The fans who support me

    Their racism. Lack of humanity. The copycats, and the favoritism. Ghetto support that don’t support shi. I’m sure you all can figure out who I am 🤌

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