Very Unprofessional

My customers who do not have any other way of seeing me outside of Snapchat or social media will never know that I cam anymore. A number of them have complained about not being able to find my stream. A few who will actually come in with my link will complain that they aren’t even able to see my cam when entering. Shirley and her team are fully aware that I suffer from mental health conditions triggered by trauma and stress. When I send out a notification that I’m online someone comes in and blocks my cam from different users and states. Not caring that this triggers me into fear that I’ve dealt with with their staff last year when fearing for my life. With being stalked and harassed. My devices were hacked as well. They are fully aware that working with them to support my family is the only option as of now.. instead of them being professional and practicing the mental health awareness they seem so supportive about on social media they’d rather take the slum route and make my healing journey difficult. These people are heartless and take joy in making races that they feel are at the bottom of the barrel suffer.

Luckily I have support outside of CB. Otherwise I’d be outback. 1st chance I get to leave without looking back. I will…

When they allow my fans to see me I have great days

The racism, unprofessional, bullying, hacking, invasion of privacy & discrimination

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Hi there,
First off sorry to hear about your problems with this disgusting site. You use the name Shirley ? Do you have a contact for her? Thanks David

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