They hacked my computer last year because I stood up for myself. Harassed me had me fearing for my life. Deleted my followers and banned my acct before Xmas. I return after 6 months. They demote me for standing up to bullies then after all these years after profiting off my style they demote me everytime I speak up for myself. They don’t care about African American models. They have their favs. I’m tired of this site they suck and karma will be served. They attacked me and my daughter and said she’ll be just like me when she grows up although she’s graduated Highschool this year with 3 SCHOLARSHIPS!!! They suck ass. Very unprofessional. Deletes followers favors models on traffic although they take half of what we make!!!! You all will be served… delete that!!!

The fans who support me

Their racism. Lack of humanity. The copycats, and the favoritism. Ghetto support that don’t support shi. I’m sure you all can figure out who I am 🤌

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