Cam4 is a live sex chat site for adult men and women from all over the world. On the site you will not only find models in the female category, but also men, transgender people and couples. So there is something for everyone on this unique cam site.

On Cam4 users can find anal cam shows, BDSM, FemDom, squirting cam shows and much more. On this site all your erotic dreams and fantasies come true. The site consists of thousands of models and because of its great success you have millions of users and new users are added daily.

Not just like that, Cam4 is one of the largest and most exciting online webcam communities. Since 2007, Cam4 has been the go-to place for sexy online cam fun, with millions of viewers and thousands of hot amateur broadcasts streaming live from around the world every day.

Design of Cam4

Cam 4 is very inviting in terms of design, but is still very similar to the design of other similar and existing cam sites. As soon as you are on the homepage of the site you will immediately see an overview of featured profiles. In this overview you see not only a profile photo of the model, but also explicit photos. You immediately have an idea of ​​what to expect on the site.

At the top of the homepage you will find the main menu of the site where you can log in as a member and where you can also register as a new member. You can also filter the models by gender, sexual preference, you can watch private shows and you can discover new functionalities on the site. You also have the option to broadcast yourself on this site. Furthermore, You also have the possibility to find models based on tags.

On the homepage of the site, you have the option to browse the featured profiles and click on the image of your favorite model. After clicking on this, a new web page will appear. You are then in the chat room of this model. You will not only see the model enlarged, but you will also have different possibilities to come into contact with this model.

Cam4 models

By default, on this cam site, you will first see profiles of hot female models. Fortunately, you also have the opportunity to enjoy male models, couples and transgender people. On the site you will find cams from the USA, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, England and many more other countries. You can also filter the models by language. For example, you could choose an overview of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French cams and many more languages. So there is something for everyone on this unique cam site.

Chatting on Cam4

On Cam4, users have several ways to send chat messages to their favorite models. However, you need a Cam4 account to use the site's chat function. You can create this account completely free of charge by clicking on the "create a free account" tab on the home page of the site. A new web page will appear with an online registration form in which you can enter a working e-mail address, username and password of your choice. After processing all the data, you can create your account.

If you already have an account, you can log in and search the different profiles of users. Do you come across an interesting profile? Then you can click on the model's profile picture to enter that model's chat room. A new webpage will appear where you will see the model in full size and where you will see a chat window where you can type in your message to send it to the model. Gold users can send private messages to the model and you can also ask the model to personally treat you during a private session. So it is absolutely not difficult to send chat messages to your favorite model.

Cam4 Credits

Just like on other cam sites, Cam 4 works with tokens as a means of payment. You can purchase tokens if you want to make your favorite model happy by giving her tokens as a present or you can purchase them to send private messages to the model or to ask the model for a private session.

Pricing Cam4

Users who want to make the most of their Cam4 account have the option to purchase tokens. The tokens are sold in token bundles. The costs of the token bundles are as follows:

  • 1050 Tokens for US $ 159.99 (including 50 bonus tokens)
  • 550 tokens for US $ 84.95 (including 50 bonus tokens)
  • 300 tokens for US $ 44.95 (including 50 bonus tokens)
  • 150 tokens for US $ 18.99 (including 50 bonus tokens)
  • 50 tokens for US $ 9.95

Members also have the option to upgrade their account to the Gold Cam 4 membership. Anyone who upgrades his or her account is eligible for 100 free tokens. The Gold Cam 4 membership costs only US $ 19.95 per month and gives you access to exclusive bonus offers on tokens, plus more features such as an 'Ad-free' experience, automatic chat translations and a free monthly Gold Gift. Enough reason to upgrade your account to Gold Cam 4 membership today.

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Cam4 Reviews

    Don’t perform on this site!

    I have made thousands of dollars and generated thousands of followers for myself and for Cam4 as a performer. My account was deleted by the operator and my earnings were withheld. Legally it is difficult to proceed because I am in a different country than the company headquarters. I find this scam to be extremely fraudulent.

    What users are less aware of, but should generally know:

    Many of the actors work directly for Cam4. I have many colleagues in Colombia, for example, who have to work for this company every day for starvation wages and under poor conditions. Many of them claim that it is one of the worst jobs they have ever had to do, which is why very few people actually last long.

    Otherwise, as an actor, you are completely on your own. Cam4 doesn't care if you broadcast non-stop for 8, 10 or 12 hours. It doesn't matter to them whether you go without food and drink, exhaust yourself completely or, for example, let unpleasant users publicly insult you.


    Cam4 will not do anything for you as an “actor”. If you want to be successful, you will have to have a lot of personal commitment. But even then, you may end up empty-handed if Cam4 simply deletes you, as has happened to many of us.

    As a “viewer” you should know that very few performers broadcast their show because they want to, but rather because they have to. The actors who have to broadcast themselves under the direction of Cam4 have a particularly difficult time.

    My recommendation: As a performer, look for another platform that is more promising and reputable. And as a viewer, it's better to invest your money elsewhere so that you don't feel completely ripped off.

    Cam4 is allowing scamming

    A cam4 model by the name of melaniaSugar & other aliases ie; melaniasweet & melaniacupd, is scamming guys for cash, she signs into cam4 but signs out when she has got a victim.
    She always tells her victims in private that it's cheaper for them to transfer cash, & cam4 takes most of her tokens.
    Her real name is Katarzyna Kotowicz, she operates from Poland.
    Cam4 is allowing her to con people, I've reported her to them but they do nothing.

    MelaniaSugar, scammer

    I was chatting with a model called melaniaSugar, aliases, melaniasweet & melaniacupd.
    But gradually found out she was signing into cam4, but went of line & not for tokens but conned men for cash through PayPal after she had told them she will call on Skype which 9 times out of 10 didnt.
    I reported her to cam4 but all they kept saying was, "we cant do anything, as she doesnt work for us." Now I've been told that I can never use cam4.
    In my view, cam4 is breaking their own policy ie; a model can only take tokens as payment, this is untrue.
    MelaniaSugars real name is, Katarzyna Kotowicz from Poland she also works as an escort, & Porn filming.
    Cam4 allows scamming & should be banned from all networks.a

    They allow scamming

    They are taking peoples money & should be banned

    Banned me for lies

    Hi, I am a camgirl. I made had more than 200 dollars in my account and midstream got banned. while in contact with customer service they said i was temporaly banned for having dogs porn (ewwww) and requestion alternative payment. Now i do have a dog, and she was in frame for a minute while I was doing dishes in my maid outfit. This sparked one person to the non-stop talk about horrible things with my dog, there first message or two I verbally told them no and to fuck off. They continued and offered to pay on paypal(i ofcourse said no again) and i banned them. You always have lots of people asking for alternative payement and i ofcourse always nicely say no and remind everyone i only do tokens. I dont fucking break the rules, and I dont fuck animals. Gross. i hate that i even have to emphisise that. Anyways. I am under review atleast rn and the customer service said i was unbanned but i am still voided from the entire website and cannot access any of my earnings. I litrally follow all the rules and activally ensure others are too. I dont understand why I am being punished.

    Make "money", cant keep it tho

    Wont give you your earning, complacent with scammers, allows models to be bullied and slandered, especially when upholding the rules.


    Charlotte_250 IS A SCAM! She will agree to do a show for you and then ask you to send tokens. After you send them she delays tells you she can't do the show as agreed and or ask for more money. She keeps the money and lies about the agreement and she never gives you any show! Don't believe her she'll just take your money and run!

    easy to use and other girls have been honest!

    There are some scammers there and you can lose your money

    Great Site!

    Been using it for years, while it's not free of models scamming you (no free cam site is) I've always found cam4 to be one of the better ones out there.

    - great design
    - easy to use
    - many streaming options.

    - Tokens are a bit expensive


    it is such a bitch to try and broadcast!!!
    They asked fora birthdate with a stupid calendar type thing .... WOULD NOT LE ME ENTER A DATE OR CHOOSE ONE OR ANYTHING!!!



    Cam4 facilitate scammers

    Cam4 facitate scammers. I’m be scammed by vany_taylor for over 10.000 euro.
    When i spoke with her. I got banned instead of her. She is allready banned on others sites, paypal, westen union. But cam4 doesn’t listen.
    I allready report her to the colombian police and als will take a laywer to start a lawsuit against cam4.

    I am banned. But even there safety is lackable. It costed me 30 min to get a new account. So that model is not rid of me.

    Cam4 is a corrupt company and i will make work of it.


    Facilitate scammers and take them in protection. Cam4 should be dorbidden in my country, because the betray the rules.


    Cam4 refuses to transfer my money and forces me to work for free!
    Scammers! Do not work with them!


    Thank you for contacting CAM4 support!
    The approval team was unable to approve your account as you have no (or not enough) live broadcasts. Until several live broadcasts have been completed your account will be placed on hold. Please go on cam, broadcast, and request tips. Tips you receive during your broadcasts will remain in your broadcaster dashboard until you are approved.
    Please note: It is up to the approval team to decide if they are able to approve your account with the broadcasts that are done. Simply sitting on cam for a few minutes will not get the account approved.

    Kind Regards,

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: VAP-350-54478
    Department: Payments"



    They dont take down scammers

    I've reported a scammer called jodi_91 but to date they have failed to remove her from cam4.
    Now I'm getting threats from a cam4 user called "toomuchtooyoung" they even have my home address, Ive reported this to the Police, guys please be very careful.

    Scam by jodi_91

    I have been scammed by a cam girl called jodi_91.
    The Surrey & Spainish Police plus Action Fraud are investigating this cam girl she is using skype to entice guys for money & uses PayPal account in Spain to get guys to transfer cash.


    Some girls are scamming

    Another cover up for scam

    I'm a model on CAM4 and other sites and have been doing this for 15 years off and on, and have been streaming on C4 for over a year now, but not much longer. This site used to be a great site until 2020 when they leaked tens of thousands of people information and it has fallen to the bottom of the list of cam sites. But what I'm going to expose them for today is and we all know about the studio rooms with it's illegal activity, but last week I was in a models room because she came into mine and bugging the crap out of me to come in hers, so about 5 minutes in her room they we're stupid and tried to put a spyware on me called static.hotjar, and before someone says that is a harmless virus, well let's put it on your device and track everything you do and go and look at through out the internet! So I reported it to customer service, which I can say is they do get back with you pretty fast and most of the time it's resolved but what they told me that there site doesn't allow it, and if I didn't go to an off social media like Skype or hangouts this wouldn't have happened. Huh, lol that's the problem with these sites which some of the biggest sites have controlled the tracking and other stuff in those studio rooms and even wanted me to send who is doing it. Well CAM4 I told you in my first email that there's a program that is linked to the US Fraud agency and every time someone tries to get in my information it's sends me a message and them a message, AND EVERY TIME I ENTER YOUR SITE YOU TRACK ME, which I know everyone on the internet does but every studio room does it. I even had a couple of girls tell me they do after I threatened to report it, but to blame me and say it's my fault after I lost a Google account from a scammer sending me a pic in my inbox on C4 and only thing I did was open it and I was done, and after checking on the scammer and told you they we're wanted through out the United States and after couple emails asking why they are still floating around in your site and still nothing done. It's bs because I don't use Skype if you read my profile it's says don't even ask and I have just the social media that you allow so you just don't give a rats ass and basically cover up all the bad and don't give a crap about the performers. Also you said you verify everyone? Well how do you explain the couple of profiles I reported that we're using pornstar pics on it's profile? What about the profiles that we're made the same day with no information, no pic, but you verify them right? You are a DAM lie. How about that C4 broadcaster you Bragg about but the people who use it can't control there room, anything and anyone especially scammers come in my room every freaking day. And every time I cam I am in the top 4 male performers, but since you don't listen to us and want to blame us when you Fucked up, I will be deleting my profile and remember about the friend I told you about that works for the US Fraud agency and every single sexcam site is being investigated, but you here from him personally with all the evidence that you want to say that it's not happening. So good luck with your next adventure and remember don't lie about stuff like this it's a very serious offense.

    Not a dam thing

    Cover up, studio rooms looking for your information


    One night a couple months ago I was in this girls room, very nice and beautiful girl great attitude and personality which is hard to find on CAM4 but she was drinking a glass of wine and next thing I know cam shuts off didn't know what happened so I sent her a off line message and she said they banned because of the wine. Well the next room I went into was a trashy girl which that's what most of the site is anyway but she smoking meth on cam no problem at all, and I seen her message where a couple other online guys said that they were doing it also, so I went I incognito to there rooms and they were right there on cam smoking drinking beer with labels but banned a very cute a clean model. I will never go back to CAM4 again I don't care if they would offer lifetime tokens which is another thing. The fans buys the tokens it comes right out of my account but when I give it to the model they have to wait three days before they can touch it. people I don't advise CAM4 at all. The only good thing I saw on CAM4 was in a model room and it was just me and her and she was down and had a rough night and I was going to tip her but before I could there was a male model and I can only remember part of his name something like cockandshow or something like that. But he tipped her and told her good morning beautiful with a heart emoji and she broke down crying and he tipped her a little more and went on his way. She said does it when he makes tips or take it out of his pocket and does it for the models, it almost made me cry that another model would do that with his earnings just to help make someone's day. But y think he move to chaturbate now and it's a shame because CAM4 needs more models like him.

    If it wasn't for that guy model tipping other models I wouldn't give it one star


    This site is a SCAM

    They steal from the customers as well as the performers. They stole my girlfriends tokens $160 worth after telling her she needed $100 or more to cash out she got $110 more bringing her total up to $160(1600 tokens) then they said because she got 1000 tokens at once she had to wait 24 hours. Now it's been 4 days and they cleared here account of all but .70 cents. We are in contact with the customer who sent the 1000 tokens. We have screenshots and all the evidence we need we just have to figure out what legal channels to follow from here as there will obviously need to be future litigation against this fraudulent company.

    There are no pros it's a total scam. Proceeds probably find ISIS

    They scam customers and performers alike

    Solo Cam of the day winners

    Might not be the correct forum but my male friend is furious at cam4 Everyday there is a competition Solo Male Cam Of The Day and as the title suggests the rules state that it should be a solo male on cam and no one else. narcisogabi for at least 10 days had a guy on cam with him, shown the guys face, sucked his dick and even showed a guys face who didnt even know about the cam. Even with all this narcisogabi is granted Winner of solo cam of the day. Everytime the rule is broken my friend sends screen shot with date and time showing when the rule violation happend. He currently has 10 report tickets still open, no action has been taken and narcisogabi gets awarded cam of the day and other people get cheated out of the chance to win. He knows he is not the only one angry about it, LPSG is full of people complaining about him and suggesting either use other sites or watch and dont buy tips. I have looked at the screen shots, and he does have a point.

    Good up and coming broadcasters who will be the stars of the future

    People like narcisogabi who break cam4 own rules and are rewarded with $2000 at the end of the month while other hard working pepps get the middle finger

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