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    This site is a SCAM

    They steal from the customers as well as the performers. They stole my girlfriends tokens $160 worth after telling her she needed $100 or more to cash out she got $110 more bringing her total up to $160(1600 tokens) then they said because she got 1000 tokens at once she had to wait 24 hours. Now it's been 4 days and they cleared here account of all but .70 cents. We are in contact with the customer who sent the 1000 tokens. We have screenshots and all the evidence we need we just have to figure out what legal channels to follow from here as there will obviously need to be future litigation against this fraudulent company.

    There are no pros it's a total scam. Proceeds probably find ISIS

    They scam customers and performers alike

    Solo Cam of the day winners

    Might not be the correct forum but my male friend is furious at cam4 Everyday there is a competition Solo Male Cam Of The Day and as the title suggests the rules state that it should be a solo male on cam and no one else. narcisogabi for at least 10 days had a guy on cam with him, shown the guys face, sucked his dick and even showed a guys face who didnt even know about the cam. Even with all this narcisogabi is granted Winner of solo cam of the day. Everytime the rule is broken my friend sends screen shot with date and time showing when the rule violation happend. He currently has 10 report tickets still open, no action has been taken and narcisogabi gets awarded cam of the day and other people get cheated out of the chance to win. He knows he is not the only one angry about it, LPSG is full of people complaining about him and suggesting either use other sites or watch and dont buy tips. I have looked at the screen shots, and he does have a point.

    Good up and coming broadcasters who will be the stars of the future

    People like narcisogabi who break cam4 own rules and are rewarded with $2000 at the end of the month while other hard working pepps get the middle finger

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