StripChat is a unique website specially developed for all cam enthusiasts. This cam site features a free online community where you can watch amazing amateur models and porn stars live during interactive cam shows. The site is not only free, but also accessible via any mobile device and / or desktop. All you have to do is click on the button and afterwards enjoy the different sexy cam shows on this unique cam site.

Design of StripChat

When you are on the homepage of this cam site you will notice that StripChat has a very unique and attractive look. The site is designed in black and burgundy and is very clear and easy to use. On the homepage of the site you can see at a glance the menu, the featured profiles of the models and where you can log in and / or register as a new user.

In the menu you can choose to see the site's home page, timeline, recommended profiles, your favorite profiles and your history. You can also choose to view specials. Just think of new models, porn stars, VR cams, fetishes and recordable cam shows.

The featured profiles of the different users are also quite explicit and give you a good indication of what to expect on the site from cam shows. You can search the profiles and click on the profile of a model that interests you the most. You will then see an example video of the model, how to chat with the model, how to have a private session and much more. After viewing your favorite models, you can of course make the decision to create a profile on the site and get the most out of it.

StripChat models

StripChat's administrators are committed to providing you with the best live cam site experience every time. This is the reason why you will find the hottest and sexiest models from all over the world on this site. You will notice that StripChat only has female cam models. You can choose the categories teen 18+, big tits, MILF and Asian. You can also choose to see women in action live with interactive toys.

Chatting on StripChat

To be able to chat with a model on StripChat, you first need a StripChat account. Fortunately, creating a StripChat account is free and only takes a few minutes of your precious time. To create an account you must first go to the homepage of the site where you can click on the tab "create free account" in the menu. After clicking on this, a new web page will appear in which you can enter a username and password of your choice. After processing all information and confirming that you are not a robot, you can then click on the "Get free account" tab.

Once your account has been created, you can search the profiles of the different models and contact the models that interest you most. If you click on the profile picture of your favorite model, you will enter her chat room. You will then immediately have the option to send chat messages to the model. In the chat window you get the option to send messages to the model, which can be seen by everyone and you can send private messages. You will also see the option to send tips to the model on the same webpage and you can also ask her to treat you to a private cam show. You should then click on the "start private" tab. So there are plenty of opportunities on this cam site to get in touch with your favorite model and enjoy her exciting erotic shows.

StripChat Credits

StripChat only works with tokens. These are a form of online currency. You can use this form of currency to get the attention of your favorite models by, for example, gifting them tokens or if you have special requests for her. You can also use the tokens to participate in private, exclusive private, spy and group shows or simply purchase the model's photo / video albums.

Another way to use your tokens is to send offline tips to your favorite models as gifts and include a special message with the tip to surprise them. In addition, you can use tips to contribute to the goals of models in their rooms and thus become the king of the room. The highest tippers are allowed to wear the crown.

While tips are not required, users can appreciate a model's show by sending them tips. In most cases, models are more likely to respond to user requests after they have been tipped and feel appreciated.

You can buy tokens by clicking the plus icon next to your username and your balance will be displayed on the left as soon as you make your first purchase.

Pricing StripChat

In principle, you can use the services of StripChat completely free of charge. However, the use of tokens is highly recommended to enjoy the most erotic moments on this site. You can also distinguish yourself from the other users by upgrading your account to the ultimate membership by payment of a minimum amount.

It is very important to take care of your favorite models as well as your friends. If there is someone on the site that you want to surprise, you have the option to give these tokens as a gift. There are two ways to purchase tokens as gifts. You can opt for gift vouchers or you can opt for an exclusive private gift.

You can also purchase tokens as a member to spoil your favorite model with tips, ask her for a private session and much more. The tokens are sold in token bundles and the prices are as follows: 

  • 45 tokens for $ 4.99
  • 200 tokens for $ 15.99 (Buy this pack and get a 25% discount)
  • 540 tokens for $ 49.99 (Buy this pack and get 20% bonus tokens)

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Stripchat Reviews

    Why banned by Rashika_Malhotra ,Indian stripper model

    I am surprised to see my I\\\'d banned by Rashika Malhotra without any offence committed or warning to me.Is it at the whims of the model to ban any user id.\\r\\nPl can anyone get my I\\\'d restarted.\\r\\nMy I\\\'d is Freelance123456

    Model streaming private to other site

    I went for a private with andrea reyes1. Only to find she was streaming it to camsoda for free

    I loved until I new this was happening

    My private being streamed free to another site


    Avoid....they RIP off your tokens

    be careful of knights and names

    I stumbled onto stripchat researching an article on FB. After a little while I was enjoying the site. So I created an account, bought tokens an tipped the ladys. The first problem was a knight who was on a power trip and was booting people off right and left including me for 24 hrs. The second problem didnt happen for a month. Someone decided they didnt like my user name and my account was blocked. When I inquired they told me to open a new account with a different name. BUT,, They kept my tokens, refused to credit the new account. I dont care that is stealing.

    most models are very friendly and will chat with you.

    The Knight have to much power without any supervision. and the administration needs reviewed and adjusted.

    About a model who criminal

    I have observed that a friend of mine have been tourtured by his wife. She always run ways to her hometown to hide and she goes nude on camera on website. From past few years.

    My friend is very innocent and love his wife but his wife don't treat him as her husband. On call she warn him. Poor guyy is just an average middle class family guy.

    I request you to terminate her account from your website.

    Note: can we have her identity that she had submitted on your website to become a cam model.

    Please Sir have mercy on us.

    Wifives bitray her husbands.


    customer service is very poor, since they don't accept gift card trade ins anymore, its hard to remain anonymous, need more variety of payment options then just a credit card, just because u have a credit card it does not mean its secure, there have been people who have been hacked and scammed on this site, buying tkns needs to be simpler, yes! i know they have these security features to protect there users, butt u still take a risk either way, in simpler terms sometimes there are payment errors ! that occur

    few decent models

    there soft ware sucks! when your in c2c exclusive pvt, its supposed to be u and the model, butt most of the time YOUR NOT ALONE WITH THE MODEL! she is also watching other people to, so in a way u take a gamble of it being a truly legit c2c experience

    Needs models who know what they are doing!

    The site didn't allow models to smoke weed, now they do. The site has a lot of pot-head models who have no idea how to run their cam room. The site is overrun by trolls, scammers, and beggars and the site and the models do little to get rid of these people in the cam chat. Users beg for social media and Only Fans pages instead of tipping the models for a show. Plus there are a bunch of users who bicker with each other and create drama in all the chats.

    There are a few really good models, but they don't last long in this brutal environment.

    Models are allowed to smoke weed, high models suck at doing shows. Plus there is little to no control of wild users who disrupt the cam shows.





    Miss behaviour

    To poor quality some model are use abuse and rude words and behaviour mostly I see model sonniagold do high demand of money with user when I ask this amount is not in your menu she tail me do your own business but that's totally wrong model are demanding high money more than menu and model do fight with another user omg sucha bad service of model and show host stripchat 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Poor costumer service

    Cannot take any responsibility of rude abuse model

    Beware of model Sweetkalinda 2 Colored South African

    These models are on strip chat and they use this private to rob us. They put a low price 8tokens for min then once your in they change to 44 tokens a min. They act slow the other will be changing and I got them on record

    I want my refund immediately. I was clearly robbed if you check before I went private it was 8tokens after less then 2mins I ended show they where doing nothing just eating time so all my tokens finish. I had 87 token only to be left with 6 in less than 2mins

    Nothing models are robbers...

    This site is worse as they allow cheating

    Ladies are busy in with multiple cam. They don't even look at you in exclusive. They are busy with other sites even while you are in exclusive. Many times they don't open up anything at all. And customer care doesn't support customer they just tell us to point her out. That's not what we pay for . Don't visit this site . They are worse . You won't get refund. Plus they will keep cheating


    Everything. Scammers. They don't even pay attention to whom they are in exclusive plus the site supports this

    Deleted models

    I am curious as to why stripchat suddenly deleted a whole bunch of accounts all Asian girls? Due to this I will rate very low

    Usually pretty good

    Impossible to contact and get a reply

    Abysmal customer service!!

    I've been trying for the past couple of days to get them to permanently delete my account and they have not responded to my messages to their support team.

    The models trick you into buying more tokens with underhanded tactics and only showing or doing anything in private with many of the models having high token costs per minute on these private shows.

    Some of the models are nice and seemingly genuine.

    Customer service is terrible and the delete account option doesn't actually delete your account permanently.

    Model Cheated blatantly

    I paid 300 tokens to a model named HugeCockBigBoobsTs for being naked which is according to the tip menu but she had not done anything and just turned her camera off and went offline. This is purely cheating and i want stripchat to take care of it...


    Horrible site for models. They dont care about models being stalked by [email protected] camping in rooms for days 24/7. You read that right for days 24/7 (when messaged to leave the room some [email protected] ignore that request and return the next time model signs on with full force and out of spite knowing model cant block them unless they type a message back to model. That continues for days!) They sit for hours! without spending money just waiting to take advantage leeching off of other tippers that pay to see everything for free. Model has no way to block this garbage and when this issue is pointed out to customer service they refuse to remove trash from room. They encourage complaints from members penalizing models with temporary account removal for behavior toward members when at the same time members are free to insult harass pester torment denigrate and humiliate models with the only remedy to situation being blocked by model for 30days and not permanently without members accounts being removed for harassment! Lets move on to chargebacks. Even though the site explicitly indicates that models are not penalized for chargebacks and she should report any suspicious accounts the moment she reports or even without reporting the money will be GONE from her account and her WORK uncompensated which only adds to denigration and humiliation to a worker as requests and acts required by some are revolting and repugnant as much as a requester. With the exception that when she does report suspicious account and it turns out illegitimate she will be rewarded with "thank you" for reporting! People working for them have lesser value then leeches and sociopaths they are proud to call their members! That creates toxic uncomfortable working environment for models and customer service could care less about models comfort and her working conditions. NO OTHER CAMSITES ALLOW THAT KIND OF ENVIRONMENT!! Everywhere else people have full independence to block whoever makes them uneasy or uncomfortable anytime all the time and permanently!


    Bought 200 tokens at 20.99 and they tried to charge me 3 times for one purchase !! It's obvious these girls/women are not alone when in chat and some even seem to be being coached or maybe even forced to do these shows. Although it's entertaining I don't believe it's worth the money.

    Beautiful girls/women and entertaining

    Too pricey for what you actually get!! They cut things short and you really don't get the time they claim you'll receive for your tokens.


    Again I'm writing this VERY SERIOUS CRIME that at going on not only in stripchat but most of the top cam sites that have LATIN STUDIOS ROOMS and some european studio rooms. People please read this and spread the word, and again it's only about the studio rooms which is probably most of the Latin rooms and some of the european studio rooms. But if you go into those rooms without a IP address block they are trying or stealing any information they can about you through bridging through your IP address. If you don't believe me and you have to do this in ghost view (not logged in) and you will see for yourself. I use duck duck go , but if you have lifelock which is probably the best and by say that it's a serious thing going on. Most sites wants you to go in with google chrome because its really easy to break in and steal your information. I tested it with and without the block browser and the normal way the girls were fine but I came in with duck duck go and the girls got nervous, and you could see most trying so hard to find out who you are and everyone got off cam and most turned off the cam. So the site is going to say it's a security reason why they do it but a security reason for what? Because everyone that has been on cam has been recorded not only by by one off brand site like mega cams but multiple sites. Proof is google anyone's name plus the site and you will find anything and everything about them, pics, videos ect... Reason I'm posting this on stripchat is I know more than a handful of models that broadcast on here and two or three other sites at one time. But I will be getting in touch with the US government and hopefully they will investigate probably one of the biggest identity THEFT schemes I've ever seen. So please if you read this spread the word. Thank you and for the jack a as that wants to argue and say it's not happening, I hope the feds bust your foot down and throw you under the jail for backing these sites and the crime. I have video proof and if anyone will do what I did you will see for yourself.

    Independent models

    Identity THEFT studio rooms mostly LATIN

    Stay away from this site!

    Nightmare!! Top models are coached and used as bait to lure you in! Young girls as soon as they turn 18 are they are recruited from

    payout wrong euro

    They dont tell their true payout rate. If tokens are from other countries than the us it is different, dont let everyone pay in dollar, and they use their own exchangerates e.g. euro dollar about 1:1 instead the real one. That way the payout is different than stated.

    - some of the girls

    - support and payout to girls

    - users are mostly freeloaders


    As a paying customer I've never had an issue with any of the girls however the only problem is the actual stream. It tends to go all fuzzy and grey and sometimes it's just the top half of the screen. I've spoken to the site but they can't find an issue. I know it's a site issue and not the girls cam because some work on other sites and the screens fine on those sites.

    Ease of use and they have a history of rooms visited

    The site software the host uses to stream



    The audience

    They let people harrass you and don't do anything about it, but ban your account for 1 mistake!!! Your customer service is the shittiest ever

    Worst Experience Ever

    I was a grey registered user of the service and one morning I opened multiple windows on the ebony profiles looking at the new models. One of them PM me and we started to chat. I then left my pc and when I returned and tried to log back in I got a message saying Account Suspended or Disabled I don't remember which one. I am just glad that It happened before I brought any tokens. I am never using that crap again and I advise everyone to stay away from that site.

    The best site I’ve worked on

    This site, alongside with chaturbate and myfreecams is the best. Minimum payout for models is $100 if you pick direct deposit as a payout method, but often times In recent months, I’ve made minimum payout either every week or every other week. The traffic is consistent and you get a lot of big tipping customers

    The traffic, the consistency, lots of big tipping customers, and being able to use the spy mode feature

    They don’t have a feature where only customers who tip can chat with you and they don’t have games yet that you can play with the customers

    A Strip Club in the bad part of town operated by gangsters

    StripChat is a very bad site.

    Have you ever heard of a strip club that operates to perform illegal activities and therefor does not actually care about it's customers, performers or profitability from them? Sure it's a very common practice and that is exactly how is operated.

    Models are treated very badly by this company, akin to super shady strip club with an abusive owner. Support, specifically by "ChristoCS" is of particular disgust. He uses "Hi" and pleasant words at the end of his messages but the content of the messages is cloaked in obscurity with obtuse replies disguising the inaccurate or false claims. StripChat has zero tolerance for anything including resolving problems or being treated fairly. They will give warning and follow up with immediate suspension of accounts even if their reason/claim is false.

    A popular tactic by StripChat is to allow performers to collect earnings and than suspend their account and take all their tokens. They do this with false claims and never give any detail as to why. If your lucky you might be told "you violated the rules" and they walk away with all your hard earnings.

    As an agency beware.. We made the mistake of listing several of our performers as "pornstars" and using the "tags" system in their profiles to improve position. StripChat than decided to give extra attention to our performers. After 3 years of being on that site, they begin a systematic attack of our girls. If you are not an agency that has special conditions to StripChat they will eventually close you down and block your performers for life, taking all your money. We were very careful to follow the rules, especially after receiving unexpected ban of the first performer. Contacted support many times and attempted to get answers and resolve any issues. What they do first is block your emails so you can't contact support. All warnings they do this. If you use new email (as we had too each time) they quickly ad that to the block list. On performers pages they say contact support but they block any ability for you to do that. Even for very simple infractions. They simply do not care. Our girls are beautiful, talented and English speaking high earners for their site but were given cold shoulder by support.

    "ChristoCS" in particular takes pleasure in taunting his victims with nice English but you can feel the grin on his face knowing he's destroying a beautiful young ladies performing chances. Makes us wonder what his motives are.

    StripChat has deceptive practices, they also like to cheat performers out of money. They have fake client accounts that spy on girls and try to trick them into responding to things that will also get them banned. OK, some policing of the site is expected, but they go much more beyond that. There fake accounts harass the girls to do something they should not just so support can take the money.

    Beware that if you make typo in your profile, StripChat does not give you a chance to correct the text they will ban you for life and than tell you, that there is a problem. If you fall prey to publishing videos on their network they rip them and republish them. They have strict rules about the videos you put on your profile so they are able to pull this off.

    Very bad company, phony support and shady operations. Performers beware of this place they will cheat you. Viewers, read the other reviews, very common to have problems with them. They will cheat anyone possible.

    - First two weeks a performer they promote you

    - They get lots of traffic from Russian and European men unaware of how they will be treated also as clients

    - Low traffic, no popularity, they keep you.

    - Earn too much they block you for false reasons.

    - Support has no interest in helping anyone. Favorite tactic is to close any tickets you open immediately without reply.

    - ChristoCS takes pleasure in his job to destroy girls, agencies and anyone he sees fit without any adherence to protocols like you see on Chaturbate and other good sites.

    - They cheat on accounting of tokens and frequently allow customers to abuse girls

    - Deceptive practices by the company including use of mole accounts that aggressively try to push girls into breaking rules.

    - Interface is lack luster

    - They sometimes sell credit card information or release your details to marketers

    - Don't become "pornstar" because they will aggressively attack you unless you agree to work exclusive to them. Any refusal and they suspend you for 18 years.

    - They take your content and resell and distribute it with no regard to copyright or legal ownership issues. Their agreements/terms of use attempt to legalize and justify this process.

    - Very low traffic from paying customers compared to real cam sites. Most Russian clients don't pay. Western men typically go to Chaturbate, Jasmin, CamSoda or BongaCams.

    A lot of scam

    I tried to order a custom video there - bad idea. I got scammed and support did rather make fun of me than help me

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