Stripchat scammer update

Stripchat scammer update

Colombian Stripchat scammer update - 1st March 2022
Works from a Webcam studio in Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Calls herself Paula, (along with many other different names). Uses many different names to create new accounts on different cam sites. Some are listed below and there are many others being used as she is on so many different sites!.
Stripchat user: GREATBOOBS_Bunny

Cam2Cam user: Bunnysexxy

Chaturbate user: Bunnyboobx

SexCams user: Bunny_Hotboobs (Account Disabled)

Streamchat user: Bunnysexxy

Stripchat user:Bunny_boobsX (Account Disabled)

Stripchat user: Bunny_HOTboobs - Total reached 32,886 (Account Disabled)

Also known for the Motorbike or Scooter scam on Stripchat. Says she wants 150,000 or 100,000 tokens to help buy these items. Collects many thousands towards them and then suddenly disappears and comes back with another new Stripchat account. Resets the counter to zero and says please can you help me buy a Motorbike or Scooter. The scammer repeats this over and over again to make more money.
This woman has been seen in shops in Villavicencio showing off and spending large amounts of money. For those giving her tokens on Stripchat that think they are helping her to buy a Motorbike or Scooter don't be fooled. It is all a load of rubbish as she just wants more money to fund her lavish lifestyle!
Scammer is now using her latest recent Stripchat account: GREATBOOBS_Bunny and posing as a so called 'New Latino' to create more attention. This is a complete load of rubbish as she has been setting up regular accounts on Stripchat for a long time! This account has been reset and yet again she says 'help me to buy a scooter.'

Stripchat is a good site for genuine models to use to earn money.

Far too many scammers and models setting up many different profiles pretending to be different people

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