4/7/22 - disappointing

I have been a model on here for almost 3 years, words cannot describe how I felt when they decided to permanently remove me from their platform. As a Jamaican/ American black woman on a cam site I will say it was not easy to get to where I was, me and other models waiting for the moment where one day us black American girls would finally get a chance in the spot light and I had that. Then I had it taken away. Everything I worked for was gone, everything that I was building was gone. Stripchat doesn’t care if this is your only job. They don’t care if you have a child what will happen to them and you now, they don’t. I spent days trying to fight this trying to get my account back because I was wrongfully accused of accepting outside payments because a user they decided to blackmail me which they believed over me..a valuable model. Not to mention they went into another model account deleting my documents & HER’S, she went back and forth with stripchat different people giving her different answers, giving scripted robotic response and most times wouldn’t even answer the question. This model was unable to work and lost out on money that could of been made & apparently she has a few violations and can get close to being blocked forever if she’s not careful (this is what they won’t tell you, there is no warning for this). I felt like this could of been handled better, not to mention when i made a new account they approved me, let me work and bust my ass for 10 hours gaining back 1,000 followers to start back up my fanclub, let me made money just for me to wake up in the morning and the second account was deleted again. They never apologized for approving the account and taking away my account again and my money..AGAIN. Stripchat fucked me but all i get is “they wish me the best in the future”. THAT is what your signing up for.

Amazing users that will grow with you.
Mobile friendly.
One week payout.

Horrible customer service
A lot of freeloaders
If payout is late they do not notify the models
Don’t give warnings for violations or even a second chance.
They do not listen to their models
If you’re uncomfortable by someone in the room they will not remove the user unless they have violated a rule.
Navigation to start up your profile and interaction games/extensions can be confusing at first.
Not treated like a human

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I am sorry to hear that but as a customer there I understand your frustration with them. I have had multiple accounts closed for things I never did. Have you tried chaturbate.com or camsoda.com? I have never ever had problems with them except someone hijacked my chaturbate.com account but support was very helpful. I also know girls that say there support is top notch. Also at chaturbate.com you can ban users for any reason you chose but it isn't permanent, but you can do it again if need to. I have personally turned in those that try and send fake tokens and spammers. Hope you don't give up. I am a white American male that loves black women. Again good luck hope you try one of these sites.

Hi, I am a long-time user of this site, and I agree with most of what you said. However, the model can ban any user for any reason, for 30 days or forever. Your mods and you can mute users. Unfortunately the site has NEVER had a good admin staff.

Zed, I have been signed up with chaturbate and Camsoda so far Camsoda is my top notch favorite and i feel like i will be successful there. I was just treated unfairly and wanted it to be put out there.

Cam meister, Yes you’re right but sometimes you can’t ban a user if they haven’t interacted with the model. I have seen it before in a model friend of mine’s room. He would pop up right before she hits the online button and will leave a little after she got off.

I am happy that you still on, I would like yo come visit you either camsoda or chaturbate, i do prefer Chaturbate,. if you want to give your screen name, if not I understand. My camsoda name is the same as here, my screen name for chatur is richardralh i can try and fine you. lol.

Cam Meister thanks for the info. i assume you are talking about stripchat. I did not know they could ban people there but it isnt my favorite site not because of the girls but the people that run it. anyways look foward to hearing from you young lady. again thanks for the info Cam Meister.

Taylorsosweets on chaturbate, itstaylorofficial on camsoda, i hope to see you there one day zed, i appreciate your response.

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