racist model Anamills

I had a bad experience with model AnaMills she hardly get tokens that much. Sure others can I agree with me. When you enter private. She begins to write the same message 10times acting like she can't see your requests in private of what you want.
Yet it's written what demands you will get before entering in private.

She continues to ignore. And your tokens are going without anything been done in private. Now this is a totally rip of and robbing users from tokens.

Anamills is a thief and hardly gets tipped. So now she hardly does anything even if she ain't in private. When you enter private. She ignored your request and pretend she not seeing your texts for what you want her to do.

I think stripchat you should start banning models robbing use. Yet we the ones surport but losing our money for nothing.

The fact that they take their time on stripchat model compliants and never do anything to surport users but only the stripchat name.

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This is why models encourage users to tell them in private written messages beforehand what you want during the session.
Why are you wasting time and money telling them what you want when in the private? You can send a message directly to the model for free before the private session starts. You made a poor decision and you're pissed off about it. You also are probably unaware that every single model on that website has been having difficulty seeing chats. If you took the time to read user news and TOS, you would see that there have been major updates and changes.

And who in the hell do you think you are that you get to make demands? You don't get to demand anything. You don't get to make demands. The fact that you used the word demand, the website's not the problem, you're the problem. And you're rude. You personally attack that model in your so-called complaint.
You are given a list of what that model does in a private session. Talking about her in this manner, saying that she doesn't get tipped a lot and that she doesn't do anything, that's not nice and that sounds like a personal grievance. You're not technically complaining about the company but rather this particular model and I know the model you're talking about. She's not a thief. She's not racist at all. Nothing about your comment had anything to do with racism so your title is misleading.
You are pissed off because you spent money and you didn't get exactly what you wanted. You don't get to just demand these women do things and immediately receive whatever you want. That's not how this works. Then you go further and you personally attack the model and call her out by name? Gross..
Read the terms of service, use common sense before starting a private session and then maybe this won't happen again.

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