Bad customer service

I’ve been working at stripchat for a month now im a model and their customer support has failed me over and over again I’ve been waiting to get paid for more than two weeks and they keep telling me that my money is coming but they keep having issues sending me the money so now I am very annoyed because they keep telling me they’re going to send me the money but the money never comes I communicated with them over and over again and they just keep giving me the runaround beware to work for Strip Chat because their customer support is not the best

Flexible hours

Customer support not good
Payments take forever

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They sent me a check that bounced, anc theyre teling me they dont reimburse fees imposed by third parties. They bounced the damn check!

I have been blocked 1 day (probably after a user felt she was treated unfairly, but her chat and tips showed 30+ min later while it claimed it was no longer in chat. Got into an argument as she was insulting the people operating the account. I guess i could have deserved a 1 day ban. and yet 3 days later after not having said a word on any chat I from out of nowhere get a week ban with after 10 emails requesting some more info, the reason Hate Speech against Russian, while some of my best friends are Russian and I always defend anyone attacking them. Nor have I been in anyone's room to chat yet the support wont show me any receipts or proof as it feels its not obligated to. Well I guess anyone can accuse anyone from anything these days without having any evidence to back it up, or have a way to correct mistakes made. Seriously customersupport is awful. Believe most is bots or outsourced people, all reading from a script. as you cant get any straight answers , or they refuse to give you any solid ones. They for me made the decision to stop all my support to the site, and find alternate ways to help the ones I became friends with.

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