Love Stripchat 🙌🏻

I’m not sure what’s going on with the other reviews, yes sure stripchat had its kinks and sometimes may be a bit wonky but so does every cam site. You CAN ban people as well as mute them. You can also report users to support and they do something about it. I’ve worked directly with Charlie and I have 0 complaints and I know several cam girls that can attest to this.

I have never felt scared for my safety on this site and when I’ve come close to feeling uncomfortable stripchat has always been there to back me up.

It’s the only site you can mobile stream. The only site you can PUBLIC stream. And it’s super user friendly. I will always and forever recommend Charlie and Stripchat.

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Glad you're having a goods experience. However, I've been with this site since it was xHamaster Live Cams, and the Admins rarely do something about the worst chronic trolls. Also, before there were "knights," it was up to the model to ban. Now you have a bunch of "pimps and simps" who think being a knight is about getting in the other users' faces instead of just quickly and quietly muting bad users. Someone can be on the site one day and, as long as they've purchased an Ultimate membership, they can be a "knight", without even understanding the rules or knowing anything about the site. These are the core problems.

I have to agree. Support works extremely hard to deal with a massive amount of not only scared and confused models, but also abusive users. It's not just the models and it's not just the users. The website is, in all aspects very very easy to navigate. Options are available that are not available on any other platform. I've had my fair share of problems with support. They stuck by me. They do the best that they can. Sometimes there is a language barrier when it comes to models and users. Sometimes, the users don't realize that the things these models are doing, it does indeed follow the rules. Sometimes others don't realize the things that these users are doing, such as moderators, are doing their jobs. Absolutely, moderators can seem like bullies and they are in certain rooms. Please don't think that this website is a negative place simply based on these reviews. I have also had the pleasure to work with Charlie. I have never had someone so positive, encouraging and uplifting help me in any job I've ever been at. She's absolutely wonderful. Anyone would be lucky to have her to communicate with. Again, this company does the best they can, dealing with tens of thousands of women and hundreds of thousands of users on a daily basis with a small amount of employees. Give them a break. They do the best that they can. Before reporting or complaining, please thoroughly think through the situation. Sometimes it's just a small misunderstanding which happens often. It's always best to communicate. Have a blessed day. Thank you kindly to the original poster whom ever you may be.

I like this review my problem is with the reply by sizzle. Stripchat support sucks ass water. They banned my first account there and couldn't even give me a reason why and didn't care one bit at all. Communication they don't communicate they do and without actually saying it pretty much go fuck yourself. There support is scum 0lain and simple. To this day I do not know why I was banned, and as of today they still don't care if I know what I did or didn't do. Know this I have never disrespected any cam girl there not even those that did not deliver what they said they would. I just never went back to there rooms. Do there best my ass. They do give two shits about its customers or content providers and never will as I see. Chaturbate now they have a great support and a IT security is top notch. I had someone hack my account and was buying toke like mad as I was logging in and before I could reach them they had stopped then in there tracks gave me every penny back within an hour. They ban bad customer's and bad content providers while stripchat doesn't care about what the content providers are doing to there customers. I think you were probably paid to make your reply I find it so far off the mark.

Yeah dude something is not right about Sizzle's response. As i said I've been there since Day 1 and pleeeeasssse, don't insult my intelligence. Sure, there are good admins, good models, and good users. There are also some good mods but the whole system is getting worse because some models are convinced that their "knights" are pimps for the room instead of chat moderators, which in fact is all they are.

Yeah, my jaw dropped jaw to the ground reading that BS. I have never heard anyone that like there support. If it wasn't for the girls I wouldn't be there.

That's a lie Charlie has and is the worst I'm surprised he has a good review he must know him personally!! I was taken for 7K on my credit card and to top it off they still kept 1500 tokens on my acct these idiots are thieves and just a matter of time before they get caught! I would be surprised if third world countries are financed by this site alot of russian and north korean models!

Yeah Support does try hard...if you're worth it and even then they still fuck up often. They works hard for the models that amke money. If you make them a lot of money then yeah, they listen.
If you spend a lot of money, yeah they listen. 7 k isn't a lot of money to them unfortunately. This is a multi billion dollars company. Almost ZERO users like their support. The only models that like support are the ones that actually get replies quickly and that's not many..
That's like 2% of the website.
Charlie is a chick and she habdles a ton of miserable models that complain all day. It must suck.
Small amount of employees handling wayyyyyy too many upset people turns into shit support. If they don't expand further, they're headed to mess but too big to fail.
The company has this clause in the contract that says they can cancel/remove any user/any model without reason. It's in the writing. No this ain't fair but we all should have known about it if read the TOservice. Support will suck in any company if they don't have enough people to handle the situations.

Perfectly said.

My model straight out stole my tokens. Complained about sanctions against him. Ordered people to follow him on IG. Turned out he took effort to make me think he was a nice person. Only to publically humilate me and call me names. Then blocked me.
Why would someone do such a thing to a customer who was polite, treated him nicely and paid in tokens snd never demanded or asked for anything off the tip list and never asked for anything without tokens.
I didn’t deserve such cruelty.
I am not saying there are not professional models who are nice. But some like to play mind games and are predatory, I don’t understand why they would do things to people who have no I’ll intent and are good customers

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