Stripchat Scooter scam

Works from a Webcam studio in Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia

Calls herself Paula, (along with many other different names). Uses many different names to create new accounts on different cam sites. Some are listed below and there are many others.

Stripchat user: GREATBOOBS_Bunny

Cam2Cam user: Bunnysexxy

Chaturbate user: Bunnyboobx

SexCams user: Bunny_Hotboobs (Account Disabled)

Streamchat user: Bunnysexxy

Stripchat user:Bunny_boobsX (Account Disabled)

Stripchat user: Bunny_HOTboobs - Total reached 32,886 (Account Disabled)

XHamsterlive user: GREATBOOBS_Bunny

Whitehousecams user: Bunyboobx

I see the Motorbike/Scooter scam on Stripchat is still going on and the guys are still giving her thousands of tokens towards it. Such a shame that those buying large amounts of tokens and giving them to her don't realize that all they are doing is funding her lavish lifestyle!

Stripchat is a good site for genuine models to use to earn money.

Far too many scammers and models setting up many different profiles pretending to be different people.

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That is terrible behaviour. Just remember about us good girls. We are not there to scam you, but to make friends and have fun while doing it.

Dude. How many times are you gonna post this. Models can change their goals and accounts at any time if they wish. They could ask for any epic goals and repeat the same epic goals if they want to. Sometimes prices for items change and serious situations can occur. It's not cool what you're doing to this model.

I agree with the guy that said leave this girl alone. You have no idea why she changes accounts. I follow 4 girls that change there accounts for various reasons non of which is for nefarious reasons. I also agree with who cares if she keeps having same goals. I know one girl who had to get love sense every year. In the end all that matters is that she is entertaining her guest. I generally don't care what there goals are unless it involves with illness within there family or some charity. These I care about and if I have it will help without want to see her do something. As for tools of the trade every token you spend on her for entertaining you is a contribution. Get a life. Hell she might keep changing because of a cyber stalker like yourself.

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