low quality can site

The absolute worst part about this website is the fact that it has no true fullscreen view, you still see your task bar at the bottom of the window when you fullscreen. Then it wants to consume so much bandwidth from the streamer as to ruin other streams they may be doing. I've done my monitoring of what models multistream to this site, and the ones that do lag on all the others.

It has girls

No true fullscreen. Chat window looks terrible. It's extremely laggy. Girls that like to multicam using this site end up having stripchat consume all their bandwidth or be prioritized making the other site's stream extremely laggy.

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Lol, low quality is not a word I would use. I have captured streams of multiple cams from multiple sites with anywhere from 5 to 20 streams at once and never have had a messed up video unless I was having IP problems. I am sorry to say but a few women have multiple pages isn't going to cause lagging. More than likely it has to do with your IP, system, software or a combination of them all. Anyways good Luke in figuring it out.

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