StripChat is a unique website specially developed for all cam enthusiasts. This cam site features a free online community where you can watch amazing amateur models and porn stars live during interactive cam shows. The site is not only free, but also accessible via any mobile device and / or desktop. All you have to do is click on the button and afterwards enjoy the different sexy cam shows on this unique cam site.

Design of StripChat

When you are on the homepage of this cam site you will notice that StripChat has a very unique and attractive look. The site is designed in black and burgundy and is very clear and easy to use. On the homepage of the site you can see at a glance the menu, the featured profiles of the models and where you can log in and / or register as a new user.

In the menu you can choose to see the site's home page, timeline, recommended profiles, your favorite profiles and your history. You can also choose to view specials. Just think of new models, porn stars, VR cams, fetishes and recordable cam shows.

The featured profiles of the different users are also quite explicit and give you a good indication of what to expect on the site from cam shows. You can search the profiles and click on the profile of a model that interests you the most. You will then see an example video of the model, how to chat with the model, how to have a private session and much more. After viewing your favorite models, you can of course make the decision to create a profile on the site and get the most out of it.

StripChat models

StripChat's administrators are committed to providing you with the best live cam site experience every time. This is the reason why you will find the hottest and sexiest models from all over the world on this site. You will notice that StripChat only has female cam models. You can choose the categories teen 18+, big tits, MILF and Asian. You can also choose to see women in action live with interactive toys.

Chatting on StripChat

To be able to chat with a model on StripChat, you first need a StripChat account. Fortunately, creating a StripChat account is free and only takes a few minutes of your precious time. To create an account you must first go to the homepage of the site where you can click on the tab "create free account" in the menu. After clicking on this, a new web page will appear in which you can enter a username and password of your choice. After processing all information and confirming that you are not a robot, you can then click on the "Get free account" tab.

Once your account has been created, you can search the profiles of the different models and contact the models that interest you most. If you click on the profile picture of your favorite model, you will enter her chat room. You will then immediately have the option to send chat messages to the model. In the chat window you get the option to send messages to the model, which can be seen by everyone and you can send private messages. You will also see the option to send tips to the model on the same webpage and you can also ask her to treat you to a private cam show. You should then click on the "start private" tab. So there are plenty of opportunities on this cam site to get in touch with your favorite model and enjoy her exciting erotic shows.

StripChat Credits

StripChat only works with tokens. These are a form of online currency. You can use this form of currency to get the attention of your favorite models by, for example, gifting them tokens or if you have special requests for her. You can also use the tokens to participate in private, exclusive private, spy and group shows or simply purchase the model's photo / video albums.

Another way to use your tokens is to send offline tips to your favorite models as gifts and include a special message with the tip to surprise them. In addition, you can use tips to contribute to the goals of models in their rooms and thus become the king of the room. The highest tippers are allowed to wear the crown.

While tips are not required, users can appreciate a model's show by sending them tips. In most cases, models are more likely to respond to user requests after they have been tipped and feel appreciated.

You can buy tokens by clicking the plus icon next to your username and your balance will be displayed on the left as soon as you make your first purchase.

Pricing StripChat

In principle, you can use the services of StripChat completely free of charge. However, the use of tokens is highly recommended to enjoy the most erotic moments on this site. You can also distinguish yourself from the other users by upgrading your account to the ultimate membership by payment of a minimum amount.

It is very important to take care of your favorite models as well as your friends. If there is someone on the site that you want to surprise, you have the option to give these tokens as a gift. There are two ways to purchase tokens as gifts. You can opt for gift vouchers or you can opt for an exclusive private gift.

You can also purchase tokens as a member to spoil your favorite model with tips, ask her for a private session and much more. The tokens are sold in token bundles and the prices are as follows: 

  • 45 tokens for $ 4.99
  • 200 tokens for $ 15.99 (Buy this pack and get a 25% discount)
  • 540 tokens for $ 49.99 (Buy this pack and get 20% bonus tokens)

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How can I delete my Stripchat account?

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My stripchat profile

My stripchat profile

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Stripchat Reviews


    Most of models there steal our tokens for fake promises, they reach their goals but they don't fulfill them, some of them promise to satisfy you in private or in ticket shows but they start to ask for more money in order to do what you had previously paid for, finally they ban you when you protest, huh.
    I talked to the customer support multiple times without any real response from there side, or maybe they don't have the proper ways to monitor what's happening on their site.
    They are mocking on us, so I stopped purchasing tokens there.
    Other sites are more honest than Stripchat.

    It doesn't care about it's customers 😕

    SCAM ALERT - Megan_Wood_1

    SCAMMER - Megan_Wood_1 : Beware this girl is scammer! Don't believe what she says. She will make an agreement with you to do a show, then you send her payment and then does nothing. Doesn't reply any further and or give you anything at all.

    model taken advantage of

    a pinay lady is being taken advantage of by two manipulative predators a rump2104 and keystone rump makes her make him a knight so he can manipulate her more and keystone made her put up a wheel of fortune when i went on to try and warn her rump blocked me for 24 hours even though i am in the silver league he has got her completly under his control by sending her stupid love messages and saying things like you no i love you right but he sends them because he thinks that if he sends enough he will believe them himself but he never will and as soon as i go on there to warn her he blocks me because i hit a raw nerve and the truth hurts

    it has many models

    too many predators on it who take advantage of vuerable women

    My user account is gone

    I'm a knight for several models, and I've spent a lot of money on this account to tip public performances, and I'm most afraid of PVT
    Today there is a model 'AXXXX' girl, I played her game many times, she invited me to go further and play with her to control Domi to orgasm at PVT, I finally let her be happy continuously, so she immediately named me a knight, I told I have something to leave, although she was not happy, we were still careful goodbye, as a result, I can never go back to this platform, it's weird, some people say it's a system administrator who did it, some people say it's a model who did it, it's a strange platform。
    l lost a lot of money.

    Beautiful Girls
    lots fun

    It's stupid to treat a good customer who is willing to pay like this, and I don't unlock my account, I can't contact the customer service staff, and I don't take the initiative to pay back the rest of my money, which is terrible

    Bitcoin intergration sucks

    I put $500 on this site using bitcoin. The Crypto Payment Processors page (coingate) hung.\\r\\nThe payment went through to the Payment Processors wallet, where it still sits 2 days later.\\r\\nI have sent emails to the [email protected], I have filled out there stupid webform multipe times . \\r\\nZERO back. \\r\\nI guess it doesn;t matter how they treat there customers (in fact they call there customers \\\"users\\\")\\r\\nIf you are thinking about getting into to sending chicks on the internet money via stripchat, do yourself a favor and don't. Its not going to end well. TBH the site stealing my money like this, probably saved me long term. \\r\\n\\r\\nYou will be making a mistake. \\r\\n

    UI is modern and works.

    Zero customer support. Don't ever use bitcoin on this site. \\r\\n

    Raven_Quen a Rip-Off Artist

    Thid model doesn't give what is tipped for and, when called on it, bans the user. Even after she's taken a 12 month subscription to her fan club. She's nothing but a liar and a thief.

    That it is there

    They don't protect the customers, without whom they or the models would not make a cent.

    Dangerous user

    There is an ultimate user called misterpringles who scared a model into becoming a knight in her room. From there he proceeded to mentally abuse her by first being a nice guy and the next moment become a nasty, rude person. He did this repeatedly. He also chased away many of this model's big spenders because she was spending time with them and not with him, and abused her greys up to a point where after almost 3 years on the platform, she would get maybe 10 viewers in her room. After explaining to him that him as a knight is not working out, she unknighted him. The first show after that, he came in and publicly berated her up to a point where she was forced to ban him. He then proceeded to open another account (Misterlushlover) to gain access to the room to keep the abuse going. She proceeded to ban that username as well and broke down crying in front of the cameras for everyone to see before she could end her broadcast. That was exceptionally humiating fro her. As he stated to her while being her knight, he was banned from at least one other model's room and Stripchat themselves banned him for 72 hours not even 3 weeks ago, so it would seem that he does this in multiple model's rooms. Please be aware of this user and his many accounts. He WILL become a dictator in model's rooms and even dictate to the models how they should behave and whom they are aloud to speak with.

    Great and easy to use platform for both viewers and models

    SCAMMER ALERT-andresandcristal

    SCAMMER ALERT- Avoid andresandcristal Don't believe these two, they will agree to do a show, take your money and give you nothing! typical Ban and Scam!

    They lie

    While viewing a model she went into a private. The link shows spy on private - first 15 seconds free.
    I viewed for 11 seconds and left. They deducted 12x11 tokens from my account. Do not trust them and I will never buy tokens again.

    its agents not good

    Many fake people come to my broadcasting they are blackmailing every model asking for payment and i deny so they blackmailing and create fake screenshot and complaining in my model account and stripchat team suspended every model accounts because of the fake reason please stripchat team help us they are fake people complaining on model account it's a biggest scam they asking money and blackmailing us and please stop this type blocking scams mails and this type fake people don't want new model work with stripchat please stop answering this type fake mails otherwise your platform go down and help every model they are innocent but stripchat suspend every model without any right reason stop this don't answer this type fake mails ...Account mine all documents my but account suspended reason unregistered model broadcasting please stripchat team help us and ur support team asking screenshots proof but here are so many fake people how can I take many screenshots please help us

    Miami exotic Expo scandal

    Exotica Expo in Miami scandal
    I'm surprised no one has complained about what happened at last years Expo in Miami yet. My buddy told me about this website for complaints so I thought I would write it here to see if anybody else was at the Miami Expo and had the same thing happen to them? There was videos everywhere for a long time on Reddit and 4chan but now they keep getting taken down real fast because the website is trying to hide what happened but we have copies. Obviously others have copies too and are pissed off about the same thing because they keep on popping up. There was even one on YouTube with a girl wearing a pink outfit with a Louis Vuitton logo on it but I don't remember which one that is. My first name last name and email address is all over the place and it's because of strip chat and they knew what they were doing and they allowed it to happen and when I asked support like why did this happen They told me it was A special event and that those models were allowed to record us. Then strip chat tried to blame the models and said that they were going to be fired but they were not fired They're still up there because we keep checking to see if anything's getting done. We even contacted the Herald and they were like we don't want to touch this with a 10-ft pole it's too big go to the authorities. So we did and they're investigating it and everything but they say it's going to take years to do anything. Then strip chat said it was my fault for not reading my ticket and the event was responsible so they basically told me to go fuck myself and said that the exotica Expo should have told us that we were going to be recorded. By the way it took support like a month to reply at first and then it's been months between responses. I don't know what's going on with support staff but it barely exists. Nobody is doing anything about this in the company just keeps on trucking.
    We're not going to be going back to any exotica Expo event if strip chat is present.  and also because strip chat is blaming the event for what happened. We plan on contacting the event to let them know what happened and show them the videos and hopefully strip chat does not go back to exotica because we've been going there for years. Nothing like this has ever happened at any of these events. And before they blamed the event they blamed the girls and said that the girls who did that was removed from the website so we checked the website and all those girls are still on the website. Like still on the website to this day and none of them have ever gotten in trouble and we keep on filing complaints. I'm not going to be a dick and say the names of all the models that did this but we made certain that we listed all of them in complaints and we told the authorities and we told the papers and we told the feds. Nobody does anything. Does strip chat own the United States and the government and the police? It just doesn't make sense. They're telling us that we need to file legal action against the event but we read our tickets and we know it's not their fault.
    We keep filing complaints and trying to get law to help us. The cops straight up told us like look it's four of you guys filing a complaint against a huge online company that has a lot of power so it's going to take us a while to investigate and in the meantime we're losing our jobs and businesses and nobody cares. Nobody does anything. I've been reading the reviews here about the company and I seen all these reviews on other campsite complaint places. Tons of websites. My complaint is a lot different from what all you been saying. This is heavy duty breach of privacy I was told by the lawyer. Like all my privacy went out the window because of this website and then they blamed the event for it.
    Not only is this one of the worst websites on the planet but it also has broken so many laws and rules I don't know how it's still exists. It is the most unethical website in history.. If anybody else has copies of these videos or knows what happened in Miami we would all really appreciate people letting us know about it cause we need help and nobody is doing anything.

    So here is what happened and anybody that looks up these videos can go see everything I'm saying for themselves.

    Last year when we went to the exotica xpo there was a bunch of girls at the booth for strip chat asking people to come over and say hello in Miami, we were recorded saying our first and last names and our email addresses to a girl Mary then some other chunky girl with brown hair and the blonde with the fake tits. That blonde is all over that website in the truck and she's so rude. She was so rude and nasty when we tried to talk to her and we were nothing but nice. All them models at that Expo we're so rude but one nice girl. We spoke to some Australian woman named Claire and she tried to get more information from us and even asked for our credit card info. They tried to sign us up right there on the spot. I've been going to these events for years and I've never had anybody try so hard to get me to sign up for anything like that lady did. The videos are posted all over Reddit and 4chan. Nobody's done anything about this. Strip chat has a specific rule that says no public and nobody's allowed in the background. So we checked our tickets. Our tickets for that Expo did not say that we could expect to be recorded on any specific adult platform without our knowledge and that our first last names and email addresses could be given out to the world. How is that allowed to happen? How come nobody's doing anything about it? One of my buddies got divorced because of those videos. It's not like it's one video either it's a bunch of videos. So many people hate that platform and they hate those models so everybody just started recording what they did in Miami and now it's everywhere. The one other blonde girl that was there she was really nice and you could tell she was uncomfortable but we didn't know why until the videos started to come out and you can even see her like telling people not to say their names then she looks at the camera real uneasy like. I just don't understand how this keeps getting hidden. One of my other buddies lost his job over it. This is like doxing and I thought it was illegal but apparently strip chat doesn't need to follow laws unless they decided its a law. Last time I checked, the United States has rules and regulations that every business must follow. I lost a lot of business because of this stuff. And we keep trying to fight it. The company does totally nothing when it comes to what happened to us. Instead they just blame everyone else and they say that we should have known better lol like seriously? I did not give permission for My personal information to be recorded in front of thousands of people. I thought that was illegal. It would be one thing if they did this and told us about it but it's another thing when they do this without telling us and then stream from their shows live with thousands of guys in the room that then start to email us. Then they have the balls to blame us for it, then they blame the girls then they blame the event lol. It's like when is someone going to recognize this website did this? So when we complain to the company we were told that because it was a special event that we should have known better like what does that even mean? Lol that's ridiculous man. Every time somebody puts up a link or post one of the videos on a website it gets taken down fast But not like that matters because we all got the videos anyway. It's like they're trying to hide it. Exotica should not allow them to go back to any expos. This is a scandal and it deserves to get recognized. Somebody should be doing something about this because it created so many problems for so many of us that are part of all those recordings. None of us knew we were being recorded. Stay away from this website and if you find the video save it and send it to the feds.


    They don't care about privacy

    The worst cam site!

    If I could give less than one star I would, this site is truly the worst to work for, we have just been suspended for a second time this time for a whole 30 days we received no warning at all. My boyfriends passport had gone out of date he uploaded new documents to which they apparently rejected however we didn’t get any of this info there was no warnings at all which is ridiculous and they won’t even let me open up a solo site now since my documents are fine! How do they expect us to work for their website if they suspend without warning how am I supposed to pay my bills now? Absolutely terrible customer service are incredibly unreasonable when we explained we didn’t know about his documents and sent them new ones and asked politely please unban they refused and told us to wait for a month. you are far better off working for streammate on this site you get paid more instead of the endless grey users wanting a free show on Stripchat and they give you actual warnings about things. Now I know one of your little moderators are gonna come up with some kind of reply to this review to which I will already call lies! There is no excuses for the way you treat your models! And don’t worry this review will also be going on my YouTube, TikTok and instagram.

    Everything I wrote above it’s only cons lucky to make 100 dollars every two weeks which on other sites make in a day. Rude customer service unwilling to work with models, Ban for no reason, no warnings

    adele_rully_ Is a Scam!

    adele_rully_ is a scam! She will agree to do a show for you and then ask you to send tokens. Immediately after you send them she tells you she can't do the show as agreed , lies about what she and gives you nothing. Don't believe her she'll just take your money and run!

    Stripchat - lia-anahiz

    I went to page, pay for a pm and they said "Hi", and nothing else. Very rude, didn't respond to any questions, comments, or anything. Don't go their page, waste of time!

    Hell for Users

    i bought an ultimater membership a few years back after some pressure and you can choose to buy tokens and earn points to keep this membership for life or pay a monthly fee, I bought tokens, plenty of them and i got ripped off plenty of times. They say they have a customer support department, i doubt it . Thats where i would send my complaints which were found in my favor maybe 4 out of 400 times. and it's even got worse. An ultimate membership is supposed to provide extra benefits but its a lie. iStripchat says you can send unlimited private messages to any model but you cant. i mean you can send them but models will not talk to you unless you have tokens . Even dtrips current claim in their words, open a free account and pick thr model you want to talk to and you will be in her room to have a conversation is a lie. it will say this mosel only chats with those users with tokens. there is no reason to get anything from stripchat unless you want them begging and stealing from you. Their models they say are not employess they are private contractors and management says they have no control of the girls because they arent employees. Many models if you just stop into their rooms will send you repeated begging for tokens , and if you try to say something about it you are banned and it doesn't matter the reason, the models are always the company's number one priority. and they will lie cheat and everything else to dissuade and separate lies and truth and some very few times your complaint is found in your favor. mostly its in models favor. models have hacked into my account at the rate of 72 times in 4 hours by Candace_white. I mention the name here only to warn you because no one is coming to help in this situation.

    There are a few good people , models and staff

    that there are only a few good people

    A scammer place

    This site became a scammer place, many models use tip menu as trap to extort members because they never do what have in it, and report abuse do not works, what makes it appear that this abuse festival has the support of the site, CAUTION WITH TIPS IN THIS ROOMS: BombasticASSXXX, AlwaysWow, Hotsexycougar, MargaretheMallorca, gabrielalovex and wally17120, it's certain of lose money, if you say something about bad conduct, these dishonests will ban you

    quality of image

    many models use the tip menu to cheat members

    Stripchat spams other cam site

    I am a mod at another cam site, and lately, Stripchat has been spamming the chat of the model using a bunch of aliases. Really some weak shit


    Cheating by model _Sopf_i

    Model name _Sopf_i
    She has agreed for the actions she will do in private show in personal message box.
    But she jyst stood for 10 minutes doung nothing and kept on smiling.
    The recording of the pvt show is the proof and the PM.
    I hope that the action committee of this site will review the documents ( PM and recording of Pvt show) and ban this model fir cheating the customers.

    All the actions are recorded and documented for future complaints.

    Few models cheat the customers but the site dies not take action against those models to keep the reputation of the site. Many people have experienced this.

    Stripchat: Boycott Them

    Some things never change. Stripchat has no customer support. They simply do not answer emails. No problem is ever solved. And Stripchat doesn't care. There's a reason why Stripchat's rating on this website, and ones like it, is so low.


    Scamming models, aided by the site. Dishonest customer support, if any. There's nothing to like.

    SC's privacy policy

    An exceptionally temperamental model name OliviaSwet got really mad at me because I deleted my account and created a new one. I then tried watching her cam but she knew who I was immediately. I then used a VPN to change my IP address and she had no idea who I was, so it was obvious at that point that SC was using my IP address to identify me and was giving that information to the models. I read through the entire privacy policy and found that this feature that is available to the models is not mentioned. They say that they record users' IP addresses and that they can give user account information to models but that's it. To complicate things even more, they have somehow figured how to detect me even if I change my IP address repeatedly. The VPN I'm using should prevent that from happening but it's not, so I'm curious to find out exactly what information about the users is getting to the models. I contacted SC but I have not heard back. Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome.

    Unfortunately, they are the only cam site that has VR models. Most aren't worth watching but there are a few who are if you have a lot of tokens to spend.

    Their privacy policy seems to be something for the public and the lawyers to see, but they seem to be meaningless in practice. They know they can't be sued while residing in Cyprus.

    Model scam

    I had a bad experience with a model on strip chat with the name of Sandra DiRose without even asking she gave me her wattsapp number then messaged me telling me to not send tokens on the site because she doesn't receive all the tokens only a small percentage and the rest go to strip chat or her employer and then gave me her real name and her bank details asking me to transfer money there instead of the site which I find bizzare. I made a complaint against her but the company told me they weren't going to take any action regarding this matter. The model blocked me when I questioned her about this but recently I found out another user committed suicide due to being scammed by this model for the same reason. I don't believe it's a safe site if this kind behaviour is normal on this site


    It's a scam
    Customer service are very bad don't deal with complaints

    scammer site

    New user went to spy on pvt for 32 tokens per minutes, took about 10 seconds or more to log in because of lag, stayed like 5 seconds they charge me for the 1 minute even if I stayed in spy mode for 30 seconds.
    When I wrote to customer service to get my tokens back they said that their was no issues even if the performer was doing nothing or wasn't there ... they wouldn't refund me 160 tokens. because from their point of view everything was ok.


    bad customer service

    Getting paid is very complicat

    After a few years on another site I tried Stripchat. From the start, the token counter and the way its reset is very sketchy. Theres little to no information stored anywhere about previous earnings, and aftef waiting 5 days for my first check to arrive, it ended up bouncing and getting returned by my bank. I paid 30.00 in fees and Stripchat simply refuses to reimburse me or explain how a company that rakes in millions, could see a 100.00 check returned. While the site is full of bells and whistles, and very usef friendly, its all smoke and mirrors to distract from the sketchy payout process. MFC is a MUCH more professional company that allows models to keep very detailed track of their earnings, and my check is delivered via UPS the 16th and the 1st of every month. Stripchat is already taking half of models earnings....youd think paying out the other half in an honest way wouldnt be too much to expect.

    Very easy to set up the page, lots of extra ways to make money in theory.

    Sketchy token counters, no stored financil history detailed, no well known pay services, no support when encountering financial problems.

    Love Stripchat

    I'm not sure what's going on with the other reviews, yes sure stripchat had its kinks and sometimes may be a bit wonky but so does every cam site. You CAN ban people as well as mute them. You can also report users to support and they do something about it. I've worked directly with Charlie and I have 0 complaints and I know several cam girls that can attest to this.

    I have never felt scared for my safety on this site and when I've come close to feeling uncomfortable stripchat has always been there to back me up.

    It's the only site you can mobile stream. The only site you can PUBLIC stream. And it's super user friendly. I will always and forever recommend Charlie and Stripchat.

    racist model Anamills

    I had a bad experience with model AnaMills she hardly get tokens that much. Sure others can I agree with me. When you enter private. She begins to write the same message 10times acting like she can't see your requests in private of what you want.
    Yet it's written what demands you will get before entering in private.

    She continues to ignore. And your tokens are going without anything been done in private. Now this is a totally rip of and robbing users from tokens.

    Anamills is a thief and hardly gets tipped. So now she hardly does anything even if she ain't in private. When you enter private. She ignored your request and pretend she not seeing your texts for what you want her to do.

    I think stripchat you should start banning models robbing use. Yet we the ones surport but losing our money for nothing.

    The fact that they take their time on stripchat model compliants and never do anything to surport users but only the stripchat name.

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