Hell for Users

i bought an ultimater membership a few years back after some pressure and you can choose to buy tokens and earn points to keep this membership for life or pay a monthly fee, I bought tokens, plenty of them and i got ripped off plenty of times. They say they have a customer support department, i doubt it . Thats where i would send my complaints which were found in my favor maybe 4 out of 400 times. and it's even got worse. An ultimate membership is supposed to provide extra benefits but its a lie. iStripchat says you can send unlimited private messages to any model but you cant. i mean you can send them but models will not talk to you unless you have tokens . Even dtrips current claim in their words, open a free account and pick thr model you want to talk to and you will be in her room to have a conversation is a lie. it will say this mosel only chats with those users with tokens. there is no reason to get anything from stripchat unless you want them begging and stealing from you. Their models they say are not employess they are private contractors and management says they have no control of the girls because they arent employees. Many models if you just stop into their rooms will send you repeated begging for tokens , and if you try to say something about it you are banned and it doesn't matter the reason, the models are always the company's number one priority. and they will lie cheat and everything else to dissuade and separate lies and truth and some very few times your complaint is found in your favor. mostly its in models favor. models have hacked into my account at the rate of 72 times in 4 hours by Candace_white. I mention the name here only to warn you because no one is coming to help in this situation.

There are a few good people , models and staff

that there are only a few good people

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