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An exceptionally temperamental model name OliviaSwet got really mad at me because I deleted my account and created a new one. I then tried watching her cam but she knew who I was immediately. I then used a VPN to change my IP address and she had no idea who I was, so it was obvious at that point that SC was using my IP address to identify me and was giving that information to the models. I read through the entire privacy policy and found that this feature that is available to the models is not mentioned. They say that they record users' IP addresses and that they can give user account information to models but that's it. To complicate things even more, they have somehow figured how to detect me even if I change my IP address repeatedly. The VPN I'm using should prevent that from happening but it's not, so I'm curious to find out exactly what information about the users is getting to the models. I contacted SC but I have not heard back. Any feedback, good or bad, is welcome.

Unfortunately, they are the only cam site that has VR models. Most aren't worth watching but there are a few who are if you have a lot of tokens to spend.

Their privacy policy seems to be something for the public and the lawyers to see, but they seem to be meaningless in practice. They know they can't be sued while residing in Cyprus.

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Try deleting your cookies for the site for every session and you catch these are areas were they could possibly ID you vpn or not.

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