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I had a bad experience with a model on strip chat with the name of Sandra DiRose without even asking she gave me her wattsapp number then messaged me telling me to not send tokens on the site because she doesn't receive all the tokens only a small percentage and the rest go to strip chat or her employer and then gave me her real name and her bank details asking me to transfer money there instead of the site which I find bizzare. I made a complaint against her but the company told me they weren't going to take any action regarding this matter. The model blocked me when I questioned her about this but recently I found out another user committed suicide due to being scammed by this model for the same reason. I don't believe it's a safe site if this kind behaviour is normal on this site


It's a scam
Customer service are very bad don't deal with complaints

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I had similar problems with this model very sneaky asked me alot of personal questions even how much i have in my bank she gave me her number voluntarily and also her bank details

Sorry but this is all your fault. The site rules make it clear you are not supposed to interact with models outside the site. The site is not responsible for financial transactions off-site, and they have no knowledge of what happened.

If the model works for a studio they do that to the models. Some take more some less but they are crooks. And Meister I have seen reviews that says or promote dating cam girls or hook up with the models but it's the review sites that stripchat and all the hub sites put out there with the 10 star rating and talks about how your safe and it's the best cam site ever but it's the site itself writing lies to draw people in. So yeah I know what you're saying but if the sites tell people you can meet and fuck a model then he is correct to talk about it.

Texas Pete, the site makes it clear that these things are forbidden. It's in the rules that users are supposed to read when they sign up. It's 2022, who is foolish enough to believe that what she was doing was legitimate?

No, it is not his fault. He was coerced and tricked. He was scammed. This happens all the time on that website. It is one of the most toxic poisonous websites to ever exist and I have no idea how in the world it is still operating with the horrendous reviews that exist about it. That website works with the models and studios, only specific models and only specific studios. There are rules for some but not for others. I know for a fact strip chat supports models who do business outside of the website and they allow this to happen if the model gives them a percentage of what they receive. Models are asked to send in a timesheet. Once they send in a timesheet, they are expected to give the website 40% of earnings as well as banking information received by whichever user falls for this trap. It's been going on for 5 years. It's getting worse. He was scammed, probably told a horrendous story about someone in desperate need of help and he fell for it. Whether that be out of kindness or stupidity, it was planned and it was perpetrated by the website. The website is fully aware that models accept money outside of the platform. They ask them to do this. I have seen this for myself. I have heard this from staff and I have it recorded. There are websites with surmountable data that show how strip chat funnels so-called stolen content to platforms. They make a profit off of that and claim it is being taken down through DCMA. No it is not. All of these poor users are being scammed by a website that is absolutely colluding with models, only specific models, to make more money because they are in quite a large amount of trouble. Let this be known. The website is looking for bank account information and if a model can get it from you, not the company getting it from you through token purchase, then they are technically not held liable in the United States and it does not break federal law. It is a massive scam and needs to be investigated on a federal level.

Cam Meister...

If you think that this is not a scam then you are absolutely delusional. You are correct. In regard to written form, it is stated in code of conduct/TOS that models are not supposed to have outside contact with any users. However, strip chat gives bonus incentives to models who coerce users outside the website. It is encouraged for a model to communicate with a user outside of the website, start a personal relationship and give specific bank account information. This opens the line of trust with the user. The model then acts as if they're giving a legitimate first and last name and a real bank account. They are giving a real bank account but that bank account is linked to strip chat. This does not happen with all models. Models who participate in this scam are chosen and they are also white flagged also known as given priority and protection. They also are asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement that does not hold merit in the United States nor under federal law because the website, although mainly Romanian based, has its pay companies through New York City and servers located in the Free State of Cyprus which is not under the United Nations.

The scam then continues...
The models are then asked to send in a timesheet and give the name, bank account and any other information they obtained from said user. Once models are able to give bank account information, they are given a bonus. Sometimes it can be up to a 10% bonus. Sometimes it is cash. This is not something that you would know about unless you are or were a model on the platform that was chosen to participate in this scam. How can one tell if a model is indeed part of this scam? Well that's pretty simple. Website has been around for 6 years. Any models that started with the website, had a long-term relationship with them and were recently terminated or have lost traffic, those models are not involved. Any long-term models, most likely models that have been around two or three years, that seems to still have high numbers, good traffic and even though do very many things wrong never seem to get in trouble... Those models are part of this financial racketeering ring. This exists and it deserves federal investigation. It should be viewed, reviewed, reported non-stop until someone listens because what they are doing, it is in violation of so many laws it's mind-boggling. And yes, I have seen this for myself. We've been collecting information on strip chat for years. We look forward to the day that company goes down. There's a reason it is one of the lowest rated websites to exist in regard to cyber Media in adult entertainment. It is, by far, one of the most neglectful, horrendously illegal websites on the planet. Anyone that thinks any differently or does not see what is blatantly going on is delusional.

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