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New user went to spy on pvt for 32 tokens per minutes, took about 10 seconds or more to log in because of lag, stayed like 5 seconds they charge me for the 1 minute even if I stayed in spy mode for 30 seconds.
When I wrote to customer service to get my tokens back they said that their was no issues even if the performer was doing nothing or wasn't there ... they wouldn't refund me 160 tokens. because from their point of view everything was ok.


bad customer service

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Well, I have to say that I doubt it was only 30 seconds you were on. If it was lagging then you should have logged out immediately. As for support they in this case cannot know if it was lagging or not. They see how long you were there and seen no problems with what you was charged. It wasn't a scam. It was them evaluating the information they have and making a decision. Which did not agree with your take on it. Get over it.

Exactly the same thing happened to me today, I was a ‘Ultimate User’ and had a ‘Collection’ of photos and videos in my account…I withdrew my support, closed my accounts and don’t have access to the ‘Photo/Video Collection’ I built and payed for…the technical issues seem to occur more often than what I’m prepared to accept…StripChat is quite ‘Buggy’ and the ‘Members’ or ‘Users’ shouldn’t be expected to pay for these problem’s…of course…Stripchats revenue increases with each technical issue…they don’t refund for an extended ‘connection attempt’ when you try to access the Spy Free for 15 seconds option.

I was charged and wasn’t in the models room for longer than 10 seconds…the new Free Spy Option is 15 seconds…I was also additionally charged for 2 x 95 tokens…which doesn’t quite make sense…I raised the issue with Customer Support backed up with screenshots…I was an Ultimate Member…No Help was given…I withdrew my support, closed my account and cancelled my membership…this actually happens quite often…beware!

Visit Stripchat Reviews about Stripchat

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