Some scamming models.

I've been using Chaturbate for about five years and I've found the service has improved in that period. I've contacted them in cases where children were in front of the camera, when models have tried to get me to send money through Western Union, and other rule violations. In each case the room was shut down in a few minutes. I can't personally say I've seen anything that suggests that they're crooks.

I received a refund when models began exploiting a bug a few years ago. Someone figured out that if a model put a password on their room during a private, there was no way for the person to leave that private. If you just continued browsing CB, you may or may not notice that your tokens were disappearing. That's because the site thought you were still in the private. If you didn't log out of CB, the model would continue to drain your account to the last token. If you were lucky, you would receive a long recording of the model eating dinner or playing with their phone. I believe they have fixed this bug.

But the models themselves vary from wonderful women to little more than scammers. It's incredible how many models are "diabetic" and "need insulin", or have a sister with a "kidney problem" and need 300 tokens NOW to buy "machines" to keep them alive and will show you a blurry photo of "their sister" on their phone that looks suspiciously like the model in a hospital bed. They're oblivious that they wear nice new clothes in front of the cam every day and use expensive iPhones and their bodies are covered in expensive tattoos.

I've created multiple accounts to study these models and it's interesting what phrase will switch them from a sexy CB model to a scamming woman. Sometimes it would take months or even years before I said something that made them go into scam mode. If you refuse to give them the requested tokens, they'll tell you that they thought you would "help" them and lay on the guilt. But don't worry. The next time you're in their room you'll be their best friend again. By using multiple accounts I found that some models are sending identical phrases from a script and that suggests that there is an organization or at least a known procedure they're following. Often they'll ignore my questions and change the subject which seems like I'm pulling them off their scripts and they're not able to improvise.

The scamming is just an annoyance for me and doesn't detract from enjoying time with some wonderful women who are unlike any women I will ever meet in my normal life. I've read some stories of how men's lives were wrecked by shady CB models so it's very important to stay cynical, hold onto your tokens, keep them on the Internet and out of your real life.

Some friendly and talented models, and in my experience it's a professional and well-run web site.

It's definitely a conduit for scams and there's no way to prevent it.

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