Chaturbate is a nice website; I met a lot of females. Some are nice, some are devils while some are scammers. Chaturbate also has some worthless persons that call themselves 'moderators'. For example; randomweirdo69 (real name Anna Liza) is a moderator that has several accounts such as whysoserious1919, whysoserious1818 and ihavenhero and uses her position to harass anyone after silencing them. She done that several times and I got her reported to the admins and then she got banned each time she done that garbage. She pretends to be nice in one room she moderates and then she becomes an enemy and an hypocrite in another rooms. She hates me period because me let one of her favourite models know her (Anna's) dirty ways as a moderator and because of that, she silences me whenever me go to the rooms. She even went as far as having one of my photos on her bio without my consent and I had to report it immediately. She works along with sl33pyyy_, which also loves to silence others and then harass them via pms. As a result, I got them both banned.

As mentioned earlier, I met a lot of females. Some are sensible and cool while some are idiots and some are scammers. I normally ask about flexing ass and most of them will determine whether they can do it or not. I try my very best not to make demands if me not going to tip and therefore most times me will talk classy in the rooms. I have a negative experience with a few of them; one is Lia (llxfire): this one loves to kick persons out of her room even when they are not violating any rules and even if they tip and/or they talk classy and unable to tip at all. You ask her a simple question and immediately you get kick out. Another is Nicole (anasuperwet): this one loves to kick persons out of her room especially if you ask a simple question, such as a change in the private show price. And even if you tell her that you going to get more tokens for her and return. And I met one or two other models that took my tokens and did nothing (scamming) and immediately me got kick out; one immediately after private as she did nothing and one immediately after tipping for request.

Also, there are some idiotic ones that will kick you out without a warning if you ask a simple question such as flexing ass. And some of those idiots I promised them tokens/private shows and on the day(s) me ready to keep me promises, them give headaches. Me tell them one by one that they will NEVER get me tokens.

Chaturbate has two sets of people; good and bad. Most users go to the rooms and demand shows including pm while promising money and some even fake-tipping, while some models take others' tokens and do nothing and when the other people talk about it, they immediately kick them out. The customers reserve the right to be refunded if things like that happen to them or the show is not done properly

The website needs to be more strict and ensure that EVERYBODY does the right thing at all times

They respond to your complaints and do everything they can sometimes to ensure that you satisfy, yet at the same time they give you a warning to prevent future issue.

The customer service kinda poor; when me account got banned the last time, me email them and they never respond at all. Me had to force them to delete me account. And also I wish everybody be honest and fair; the models must treat the users very well (whether they have tokens or not) and the users must treat the models very well too; do not demand anything at all until you get tokens and able to tip, and to the models: do not promise a show and when you get tipped for it, you change your mind and go as far as kicking the tippers out. You only bring a downfall on yourselves

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