Becoming a Stripchat webcam model: “what is important to know?”

Becoming a Stripchat webcam model: “what is important to know?”

A little overview

Becoming a Stripchat webcam model: “what is important to know?”
January 25, 2022

You've decided to become a webcam girl on Stripchat, what should you keep in mind? Anyone who wants to become a camgirl should realize that she is the star of the show. Every webcam show you give aims to entertain your followers or your viewers. Your viewers should have fun watching you. If not, you will not earn as much as your other colleagues. Not only here, but spread over our entire blog site, you will find useful articles and tips on how to become a successful webcam model.

Just like on a date

First of all, it is important that you look as neat as possible. After all, your appearance and unique personality will determine your success. If you are a female webcam model, it is almost a requirement that you wear matching, sexy and fun outfits with high heels during every show. While doing so, have your fingernails and toenails painted and evenly apply facial makeup. Your hair should be nicely styled as if you are going out on a hot date.

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Camgirl or camguy

For the man, on the other hand, it is important to put on a tank top, a shirt without buttons or rather no shirt at all. Get your hair groomed and facial hair trimmed if necessary.

Place your webcam close to the monitor you are using, so when you're reading the chat it looks like you're looking into the camera. Always provide enough light for the webcam to display clear videos. Make sure your microphone is always on when you're online, as visitors love to hear your voice. You will always sell more webcam shows and make more money talking, not typing. Try to take quick notes after each chat so that you remember each customer the next time they come back to your chat room. If you don't remember them, always pretend you do, because no one wants to feel forgotten. Always address customers with their screen nicknames as often as possible, especially when you ask them questions. It will make them feel more important.

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On another note

If you need to do something that isn't sexy, try doing it outside the webcam frame or just log out and let clients know you’ll be back soon. Be fun, flirty and creative when teasing the customers. Keep all your toys handy and ready to use at the start of each show. Of course it is good to answer the questions and requests right away when you are in a private show (when possible), clients want to make sure that webcam models don't waste their time or money when they are paying by the minute.

Spread your attention

Make every customer want to take you away from the other people in the chat room. You're a star to all your visitors, so winking, giving kisses and giving brief individual attention is the key to more tips. Make sure to let clients know when you have your next shows scheduled and always update your online schedule. Remember that a webcam job is a real job just like most other jobs. You should also commit to this job. In order to earn enough money, you will also have to put in a lot of time for this job. Not only do you earn more money, but you also build a stable customer base.

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