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Becoming a member of Cammodeldirectory is a straightforward and simple process. The first step to become a member of this site, is to visit the official website of Cammodeldirectory. Once there, you can explore the various features and services offered by the platform. Furthermore, you can click on the "Register" button on the top right corner of the homepage, and enter your details such as your email address, username, and password. You'll also need to select whether you're a model or a user. Once you've registered, you'll receive an email from the site asking you to verify your account. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the verification process. If you're a model, you'll also need to go through a verification process to ensure that you're a real person and that your profile is genuine. After you've verified your account, it's time to complete your profile. If you're a model, you'll need to add details such as your bio, pictures, and videos to showcase your skills and services. If you're a user, you can start browsing through the selection of models and add them to your favorites list.


Cammodeldirectory is a well-designed and user-friendly website that has made a positive impression on many users and models in the adult entertainment industry. The website's layout and navigation are straightforward and easy to use, even for those who are new to the platform. The homepage features a search bar and filter options that allow users to find models based on their preferences. Additionally, models have access to an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to manage their profiles, schedules, and communications with clients.

Cammodeldirectory Costs 

CammodelDirectory offers both models and users a free membership option, as well as various paid options that provide additional benefits and features. The free membership option is available to both models and users and provides access to the basic features of the platform, such as creating a profile, browsing models, and messaging. With a free membership, models can promote their services and communicate with potential clients, while users can browse through the selection of models and add them to their favorites list.

For models, this site offers a premium membership option that costs $19.99 per month. With a premium membership, models gain access to additional features, such as the ability to sell videos and pictures, receive priority support, and promote their profiles on the homepage. Premium members also receive a higher percentage of their earnings from private shows.

Users can upgrade their basic account to a VIP membership account. This option will cost you $19.99 per month. With a VIP membership, users gain access to exclusive features, such as the ability to send private messages to models, access to VIP-only content, and the ability to use a cam-to-cam feature during private shows.

Cammodeldirectory operates on a token-based system, where users purchase tokens to pay for private shows or other services offered by models. The cost of tokens ranges from $0.08 to $0.10 per token, depending on the number of tokens purchased. Users can purchase tokens in packages ranging from 100 tokens to 10,000 tokens.

CamModelDirectory Reviews

    Red Flag. Cyberpimps who steal

    This site is one big RED FLAG! I used to work for the site when it was the original CMD (Before 2.0) and it was decent but since they changed owners and created 2.0 the site has gone down hill. Not only did they lose 95% traffic but the support is abusive. The other day I contact support asking for help getting my online status turned on but instead of reading what I wrote the support guy kept on speaking in circles asking me questions I already answered. I repeated myself 3 times and support for some weird reason ignored what I wrote so I told support I have already repeated myself numerous times which I wrote in caps along with screen shots showing that I have repeated myself. Support got rude and told me to calm down. I was calm and just because someone writes in caps doesn't mean they are uncalm. After repeating myself several times one would think the person on the receiving end would read instead of playing games and being condescending.

    After that my profile still doesn't turn on. ZERO help. The next day I get an email stating I am now breaking rules and my profile is now invisible until I fix whatever rule I broke. Support would not tell me what I did but kept on sending me emails with the link to rules.

    Keep in mind I have not made any changes to my profile in order to break rules. My profile was fine before but then poof I'm breaking rules.

    So after dealing with their unprofessionalism, games and control issues I told them to remove my profile and send me the remaining funds of $27. I told them I refuse to make one cent for a company that has horrible traffic and treats those who they money off of even worse. They are nothing more than abusive controlling cyber pimps.

    Then I get an email stating that they won't give me my remaining funds because it doesn't meet min payout. Yes thats right, stealing. They clearly need $27. What job does any human work where they are told they will not get the money they worked for? Oh that would be CMD! Where they openly make it clear in writing they are keeping your money.

    Then I tell them I have a good social following and will be posting screen shots of their abuse. What do you know I get an email stating I don't break any rules and my profile can be turned on. This is AFTER I said remove my profile, after telling me they are keeping my funds, after playing games.

    As if I would ever work on a site that treats people that they make money from so poorly. They play games, have serious control and ego issues.

    No traffic, Abusive support, Cyber pimps who steal your money

    Pesimo site, they rejected me for my nationality and say it is a fraud my document

    I have been a model for many years, and transmitted on platforms such as Chaturbate or Skyprivate and when I took the record to this platform I was told that my documents were a fraud that there was no back do not even give the option to send a second document to corroborate that it is or not a fraud before discriminating, they made me feel fatal, I'm really sorry for the model record :c

    Do not take the time to really make a clear review of documentation

    This site stole my money

    I paid 40 dollars for a show with a model. She was online and ignored my request. I tried to be patient and see if we could do the show in the future and i still get ignore. Now i asked cammodeldirectory support for a refund and they refuse to give me my money because its been 7 days. Do not use this site, they will steal your money and they will allow models to ignore CUSTOMERS who are the only reason this site exists. Do not spend your money here. You will not get your show you paid for.

    Poor Payout Layout

    I was supposed to receive my payout by direct deposit last Friday (sept.4).
    When I didn't get it and e-mail support, it was confirmed, double and triple "confirmed", I would receive my payout o later than Friday Sept. 11.
    It is now 8pm and even though CMD says the payouts have been sent, there has been no attempt at a deposit being made to my account.
    Extremely disappointed with this website currently. If issues continue, I will be moving to a different website and making THEM enough money for me to be on their Top Model list instead.
    Where's my $4550 CMD?

    I've been able to make a great income.

    I still haven't received this "great income".


    I have an year and half on CMD and though I had and have traffic on this site I must say that here are the woooorst so named cammodels! I worked on MFC I work on AW also but on CMD you are instantly reported to SKype by any lil frustrated cammodel who notice you have sales and you are on first page! Not to mention mostly of the cammodels have fake pics (and I can give names)!! Why is my concern about fake pics? Bc clients complain about it and clients wont trust on buying a show from different cammodel if he tried before and got scammed! You cant post a Megan Fox pic and be Adele in person!
    But what really annoys me is that on CMD you can have pics saved / stollen by anybody which it happened for me and also Skype ID ( check AW there you wont see this shit). There is no protection.
    And obviously if youre an US average model you will gain the CMD promotion bc ....US lol .
    THose are the things that I noticed and arent ok for me.
    Now do have traffic which isnt that great all the time but from what Ive seen charging 2$/min will not bring you any traffic increase or high loads of money bc thats not how this works. Every model is unique and have special qualities that make her noticeable but having really no respect for you and your work isnt admirable bc by charging 2$/min you actually earn 1.5$/min after the site takes its part...pretty cheap right? Now I know not all are as gorgeous as me but some of the models are pretty decent/average look and can easily charge at least 3$/min and earn good money. Thank me later!

    Support & average traffic

    I felt I had no security & Models using fake pics

    Best Cam Site for Skype

    I have been on CMD since August 4th. I have been top camgirl since, and I have no idea how. I work hard, bust my ass, and guys love me. I am friendly and approachable. I don't know if that is why? I will enjoy it while I can.

    CMD has changed my life. CMD has changed everything for me. I now am in a house on the lake and out of my ghetto apartment because of the money I make. I am LOYAL to CMD. I tell all my clients that it is my favorite site to work on. I tell them that the owner is BAD ASS. The site is BAD ASS. NO SCAMS. NO BULLSHIT. GIRLS ARE VERIFIED.

    But to the site:
    1. THE BEST TRAFFIC ON ANY INDIE SITE. PERIOD. THE END. Yeah, there are free loaders and time wasters, and assholes of clients. But that is the nature of the beast. Not Mark's fault, not the site's fault. Just the nature of the beast.

    2. Payment: NO BULLSHIT. Mark sends out payments, regularly in advance of the deadline he has set up. I have NEVER ONCE had an issue with payment EVER. Everything is clearly laid out on the dashboard. And Mark even puts up with my stupid questions. I am tech challenged.

    3.Support: Mark is the best. Assistance is often IMMEDIATE. Like in seconds. Max i have ever waited was a few hours, but that was because I had a question at 1 am. Not Mark's fault.

    4. Software: I have a PhD and I can't figure out technology, but yet a 18 year old runaway can. IDK. BUT that being said, it is user friendly. I can figure most things out. I have asked Mark a lot of questions and he always answers. HTML is a 4 letter word. But it is user friendly. I just happen to be so technologically challenged so any thing that frustrates me is my own lack of basic knowledge a 12 year old has.

    MORE STUFF: Mark is by far the best site owner out there. I have no idea how he does it all. He is so friendly. And those remarks about the endless loop to get verified? I followed the instructions, and I was verified in 2 days? And i emailed and asked questions. you are not dealing with some big box site, or NF with shit flirt help. You are dealing with a real live person that will help you.

    Mark has EVERY right to suspend an account for doing it. He has it in the contract you read and sign. He spells it out in the interview. He warns you if you get caught.

    Why you shouldn't do it: If you are lucky enough to be on the NUMBER ONE INDIE SITE, play by the rules. You are a 1099, running your own business. In the real world, you pay to advertise online or in print. You pay rent for a location. We are paying that. You are STEALING from him if you redirect. And he has one of the highest payouts out there!

    You are on the highest trafficked site (I don't include SP, that site sucks). You would NOT have that visibility and the traffic if you were NOT on his site. You get the best support, the best traffic, and a very dynamic site layout. Customers love the site.

    So aside from stealing and being unethical, here is another reason to not redirect:
    You need to prove income for buying houses, cars, and having a life. You simply cannot do that with Paypal and Google Wallet.

    PS. I LOVE CMD. I am LOYAL to it.

    now to the girls who say that they haven't had a sale on it. This has been my experience:
    1. I invested in professional photos as soon as i had time.
    2. I make my pictures stand out. Sure some girls with pics of their ass and tits make sales, but how many pics are there of that? Make your picture stand out. Make your profile stand out. Make it different. Make it unique to you, your personality, and your style.
    3. Then take all of that and think like a guy. Ask a guy, I do all the time, which pic, this or that? This is what I want to say, tell me how to say so a guy will take it and run with it!

    PS. I

    Too Many to list. And Mark has no history of ever revealing models' info. He is very professional. Which is so nice when you are dealing with scumbags who run sites and perv on girls.

    All girls are verified. ALWAYS. We are who we are in our pics. If we weren't how could he be so successful?

    Best Independent Directory for US Models

    For starters, the above reviewer is completely full of B.S.

    There is no history of Mark "revealing personal info" on his models or any such behavior. He is one of very few website owners that is very highly regarded by a very critical cammodel community. He also does personally verify the models through a series of checks (professionally done) to ensure the customer experience will match what he sees and keep scammers off the site.

    Massive selection of models, all verified as real and having good English skills and some experience.

    If you ignore the idiot above and actually pay through his site, the model is guaranteed to give a show or your money back. Quality of the show does depend on how you treat the model. He can't be responsible for anything that happens outside his site payment processor.

    Models are available for customers in any income bracket. The site doesn't enforce minimum/maximum pricing, so models have a very large spread (get it) in quality/experience/pricing.

    Payment methods are generally restricted to US credit/debit cards. Additional payments could be added.

    Do not waste money on this site

    I've been a fan of cam sites for a long time but this is by far the worst! The owner Mark does nothing about anything. He plays favorites with the models yet back stabs them and reveals personal info about them. I'd avoid at all cost.

    You can IM the model to take paypal or amazon for a cheaper rate.

    The girl might look different than her photos.

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