Red Flag. Cyberpimps who steal

Red Flag. Cyberpimps who steal

This site is one big RED FLAG! I used to work for the site when it was the original CMD (Before 2.0) and it was decent but since they changed owners and created 2.0 the site has gone down hill. Not only did they lose 95% traffic but the support is abusive. The other day I contact support asking for help getting my online status turned on but instead of reading what I wrote the support guy kept on speaking in circles asking me questions I already answered. I repeated myself 3 times and support for some weird reason ignored what I wrote so I told support I have already repeated myself numerous times which I wrote in caps along with screen shots showing that I have repeated myself. Support got rude and told me to calm down. I was calm and just because someone writes in caps doesn't mean they are uncalm. After repeating myself several times one would think the person on the receiving end would read instead of playing games and being condescending.

After that my profile still doesn't turn on. ZERO help. The next day I get an email stating I am now breaking rules and my profile is now invisible until I fix whatever rule I broke. Support would not tell me what I did but kept on sending me emails with the link to rules.

Keep in mind I have not made any changes to my profile in order to break rules. My profile was fine before but then poof I'm breaking rules.

So after dealing with their unprofessionalism, games and control issues I told them to remove my profile and send me the remaining funds of $27. I told them I refuse to make one cent for a company that has horrible traffic and treats those who they money off of even worse. They are nothing more than abusive controlling cyber pimps.

Then I get an email stating that they won't give me my remaining funds because it doesn't meet min payout. Yes thats right, stealing. They clearly need $27. What job does any human work where they are told they will not get the money they worked for? Oh that would be CMD! Where they openly make it clear in writing they are keeping your money.

Then I tell them I have a good social following and will be posting screen shots of their abuse. What do you know I get an email stating I don't break any rules and my profile can be turned on. This is AFTER I said remove my profile, after telling me they are keeping my funds, after playing games.

As if I would ever work on a site that treats people that they make money from so poorly. They play games, have serious control and ego issues.

No traffic, Abusive support, Cyber pimps who steal your money

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