Best Independent Directory for US Models

Best Independent Directory for US Models

For starters, the above reviewer is completely full of B.S.

There is no history of Mark "revealing personal info" on his models or any such behavior. He is one of very few website owners that is very highly regarded by a very critical cammodel community. He also does personally verify the models through a series of checks (professionally done) to ensure the customer experience will match what he sees and keep scammers off the site.

Massive selection of models, all verified as real and having good English skills and some experience.

If you ignore the idiot above and actually pay through his site, the model is guaranteed to give a show or your money back. Quality of the show does depend on how you treat the model. He can't be responsible for anything that happens outside his site payment processor.

Models are available for customers in any income bracket. The site doesn't enforce minimum/maximum pricing, so models have a very large spread (get it) in quality/experience/pricing.

Payment methods are generally restricted to US credit/debit cards. Additional payments could be added.

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