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I have been on CMD since August 4th. I have been top camgirl since, and I have no idea how. I work hard, bust my ass, and guys love me. I am friendly and approachable. I don't know if that is why? I will enjoy it while I can.

CMD has changed my life. CMD has changed everything for me. I now am in a house on the lake and out of my ghetto apartment because of the money I make. I am LOYAL to CMD. I tell all my clients that it is my favorite site to work on. I tell them that the owner is BAD ASS. The site is BAD ASS. NO SCAMS. NO BULLSHIT. GIRLS ARE VERIFIED.

But to the site:
1. THE BEST TRAFFIC ON ANY INDIE SITE. PERIOD. THE END. Yeah, there are free loaders and time wasters, and assholes of clients. But that is the nature of the beast. Not Mark's fault, not the site's fault. Just the nature of the beast.

2. Payment: NO BULLSHIT. Mark sends out payments, regularly in advance of the deadline he has set up. I have NEVER ONCE had an issue with payment EVER. Everything is clearly laid out on the dashboard. And Mark even puts up with my stupid questions. I am tech challenged.

3.Support: Mark is the best. Assistance is often IMMEDIATE. Like in seconds. Max i have ever waited was a few hours, but that was because I had a question at 1 am. Not Mark's fault.

4. Software: I have a PhD and I can't figure out technology, but yet a 18 year old runaway can. IDK. BUT that being said, it is user friendly. I can figure most things out. I have asked Mark a lot of questions and he always answers. HTML is a 4 letter word. But it is user friendly. I just happen to be so technologically challenged so any thing that frustrates me is my own lack of basic knowledge a 12 year old has.

MORE STUFF: Mark is by far the best site owner out there. I have no idea how he does it all. He is so friendly. And those remarks about the endless loop to get verified? I followed the instructions, and I was verified in 2 days? And i emailed and asked questions. you are not dealing with some big box site, or NF with shit flirt help. You are dealing with a real live person that will help you.

Mark has EVERY right to suspend an account for doing it. He has it in the contract you read and sign. He spells it out in the interview. He warns you if you get caught.

Why you shouldn't do it: If you are lucky enough to be on the NUMBER ONE INDIE SITE, play by the rules. You are a 1099, running your own business. In the real world, you pay to advertise online or in print. You pay rent for a location. We are paying that. You are STEALING from him if you redirect. And he has one of the highest payouts out there!

You are on the highest trafficked site (I don't include SP, that site sucks). You would NOT have that visibility and the traffic if you were NOT on his site. You get the best support, the best traffic, and a very dynamic site layout. Customers love the site.

So aside from stealing and being unethical, here is another reason to not redirect:
You need to prove income for buying houses, cars, and having a life. You simply cannot do that with Paypal and Google Wallet.

PS. I LOVE CMD. I am LOYAL to it.

now to the girls who say that they haven't had a sale on it. This has been my experience:
1. I invested in professional photos as soon as i had time.
2. I make my pictures stand out. Sure some girls with pics of their ass and tits make sales, but how many pics are there of that? Make your picture stand out. Make your profile stand out. Make it different. Make it unique to you, your personality, and your style.
3. Then take all of that and think like a guy. Ask a guy, I do all the time, which pic, this or that? This is what I want to say, tell me how to say so a guy will take it and run with it!


Too Many to list. And Mark has no history of ever revealing models' info. He is very professional. Which is so nice when you are dealing with scumbags who run sites and perv on girls.

All girls are verified. ALWAYS. We are who we are in our pics. If we weren't how could he be so successful?

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