I have an year and half on CMD and though I had and have traffic on this site I must say that here are the woooorst so named cammodels! I worked on MFC I work on AW also but on CMD you are instantly reported to SKype by any lil frustrated cammodel who notice you have sales and you are on first page! Not to mention mostly of the cammodels have fake pics (and I can give names)!! Why is my concern about fake pics? Bc clients complain about it and clients wont trust on buying a show from different cammodel if he tried before and got scammed! You cant post a Megan Fox pic and be Adele in person!
But what really annoys me is that on CMD you can have pics saved / stollen by anybody which it happened for me and also Skype ID ( check AW there you wont see this shit). There is no protection.
And obviously if youre an US average model you will gain the CMD promotion bc ....US lol .
THose are the things that I noticed and arent ok for me.
Now .....you do have traffic which isnt that great all the time but from what Ive seen charging 2$/min will not bring you any traffic increase or high loads of money bc thats not how this works. Every model is unique and have special qualities that make her noticeable but having really no respect for you and your work isnt admirable bc by charging 2$/min you actually earn 1.5$/min after the site takes its part...pretty cheap right? Now I know not all are as gorgeous as me but some of the models are pretty decent/average look and can easily charge at least 3$/min and earn good money. Thank me later!

Support & average traffic

I felt I had no security & Models using fake pics

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