I do not support a company that promotes hate.

I do not support a company that promotes hate.

They’re featuring a model with Nazi symbolic tattoos on their platform. His name is Dominic Sullivan. He’s got a White Pride tattoo on his belly. An Nazi Odal rune symbol on his back. Subtle swastika pattern on his right arm along with a Sonnenrad. Another model named Dimitri Sullivan is covered in similar tattoos.

Last thing most people want to see is a pop-ad with a dude with tons of Nazi related tattoos. Its pretty disgusting that their company would allow models to display such racist symbols. Not only did they allow these symbol on their platform but they promoted both of them several times on Twitter.

I was exposed to this through an ad, but I will stay away from this company.

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This person is quite dumb. Dominic is one of my favorite models.
1st - He’s Colombian
2nd - The White Pride refers to specific things related to his LATIN culture
3rd - The back symbol is related to Che Guevera and has the phrase Patria o Muerte
Being so incredibly Eurocentric in your worldview that you can’t see someone else’s cultural heritage ... and blaming them for being hateful ... is BEYOND stupidity!

My worldview is not solely eurocentric, nor am I even from Europe.

Its not just one tattoo but several that link to extreme beliefs. Majority of the tattoos have no connection to his Colombian heritage.

The sig rune comes from the futhark, which is a Nordic rune. The odal rune also comes from the same. Several other Nazi symbols were stolen from Asian cultures. I suggest you educate yourself before you call other people dumb and stupid.

These symbols are recognized worldwide for what they are. Jews, Polish, disabled, and sexual minorities were killed by individuals wearing those symbols as badges.

Hes got an Odal Rune, swastika, and Sonnenrad followed by the White Pride tattoo. I strongly disagree that these symbols represent Latin culture.

You clearly are blinded by those muscles and looks. I suggest you educate yourself before standing up for someone thats painted symbols that represent some of the worst crimes committed against humanity.

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