Not a great as you would think it is.

Not a great as you would think it is.

As a Independent Model I would not recommend working with this Company. The only Models that truly matter are the ones from South-America that work with Studios (and of course the few from Eastern-Europe that is also related to Studios), it will non-the-less be expected that VS Broadcasting will discredit these statements, however, go onto their websites and see who are the Models that win all of their advertised contests, see where they come from (to concluded, adding 1+1 gives you 2). If you think you will generate a good income for yourself, think again. Rather look for an alternative (sadly there is not many for an Independent Model). VS Broadcasting (Flirt4Free) prides themselves as the "Leader" in this specific industry. That statement is dependent in the context in which you view it. I would however would not recommend working for this Company nor will I encourage People to sign-up on this platform or any of VS Broadcasting's other platforms. The choice is yours.



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