MyFreeCams reviews and information is one of the most popular sites where all webcam sex lovers can go for the most exciting erotic cam shows. This free cam site has a large number of beautiful female models online 24/7 and most of them can be viewed free of charge. MyFreeCams is one of the first webcam sites and has grown over the years into a popular cam site with thousands of models and millions of members.

Design of MyFreeCams

When you are on the homepage of this cam site, you may get the feeling that the site looks disorganized. You will immediately see an overview of featured profiles of interesting female models and it might take some time to get used to for newbies to become familiar with the various functions and possibilities that the site has to offer. Once you understand how the site works, it is a pleasure to visit MyFreeCams. A world full of options and horny sexy cam models will open up for you that you can enjoy for free in most cases.

MyFreeCams models

When you are on the homepage of the site you will immediately see an overview of breathtakingly beautiful female cam models. It is a real delight to see these women strip for you. The women come from different parts of the world, all have their specialties and know better than anyone how to entertain their visitors on exciting and erotic cam shows. On the homepage of the site you can see how many models are online, in the menu you can also click on the 'new models' tab to get an overview of the new models on the site and you also have the option to pay a visit to the chat rooms of the top 25 models currently online.

MyFreeCams Chat

The chat room is the main place where MyFreeCams members and models can communicate with each other. To access the chat room, you must first click on the photo of your favorite model / model of your choice. After clicking on this you can enter the chat room of the model. Keep in mind that many models do not allow guests or basic members to chat in their rooms. Premium members can chat in any chat room.

In the chat room you will notice that all MyFreeCams users are displayed in the user list. The order is: Models, Your Friends, Recent Tippers, Premium Members, Basic Members. You can also see who the recent tippers are. These are members who tipped an amount to the model during the chat session and did not leave the room. You can see, among other things, who gave the highest single tip and who gave the highest number of tips to the model.

Users have the option to upload images into the chat by clicking the image icon to the right of a chat room's text entry box, located next to the smiley icon and the send button. You can also just enter the URL of the image directly into the chat.

Of course, you are not allowed to add inappropriate, pornographic, violent, offensive, disruptive or copyrighted images in the chat. It is also not wise to post photos over and over in the chat or photos that are irrelevant. Photos that disrupt the flow of the chat or annoy the members of the chat are also not allowed.

MyFreeCams members also have the option to upload images to the Chat image library. Each photo then has a shortcut. By entering the shortcut in the chat, the image is automatically taken from the library and displayed in the chat.

You can also submit your new images to the MyFreeCams Image Library. Just add the URL of the image, category and suggested shortcut. Once approved, your image will be available for anyone to use. Images in the library may not be deleted or modified. Once you upload it, it is no longer yours. It is there for everyone to use.

If you find further images that you like and want to keep for the future, you can add them to your personal library to find them faster.

Premium members also have the additional option to send private messages or PMs to models or other members. You can also view the webcam directly in the Private Message window by clicking the "View webcam" tab at the top. Resize the window to change the size of the video and you can have multiple open PMs, viewing different webcam feeds in each PM.

MyFreeCams Credits

You need tokens to use certain MyFreeCams services. This is also the only thing that costs money on the site. Tokens can be spent on private shows, group shows, spy shows and when you want to give your favorite model tips. By purchasing tokens you become a premium member of the site. You keep your premium membership forever, even if you run out of tokens. The more tokens you purchase, the cheaper. Your credit card will be billed discreetly.

Pricing MyFreeCams

Users with tokens have the option to invite models to a private show. Private shows cost 1 token per second, or 60 tokens per minute. That means, if you want to stay private for 5 minutes, you need 300 tokens. A private show ends automatically when you run out of tokens. Also, the member and model can end the show at any time. Your private shows will be recorded and can be re-watched at any time in your Archives section for free.

  • 200 Tokens $19.99 (~$0.10 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)
  • 550 Tokens $49.99 (~$0.09 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)
  • 900 Tokens $74.99 (~$0.08 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)

When a Model is in a private show with another member, you have the option to spy on a private show in certain cases. This is already possible for 20 tokens per minute. You will receive all the video and audio from the private show, but you will not have a private chat between the model and the member. This is not possible if a member uses the TruePrivate option. For this, a member pays 80 tokens per minute instead of 60. The advantage is that nobody can spy on such a private show.

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What is MyFreeCams?

What is MyFreeCams?

Myfreecams is the ultimate cam site where you can watch sexy women perform in front of a large group of viewers. These ladies provide an exciting energy and you can reward them with tokens. This cam site is a great website with a variety of features that set it apart from the rest. It is also the 344th most visited website in the world. With over 20 million members, it has become the go-to place ... [...]

MyFreeCams Reviews

    rubbish cam models

    rubbish cam models hateful towards men and women alike compared to livejasmin this is rubbish and trashy

    nothing much it got toxic models who want handouts for next to nothing mostly

    toxic and dum fake bans

    Easy way to get blocked

    I worked as a model on MFC for over a year and around a week ago I had a tips in private from a guy, whose account appeared to be stolen. I received a warning from MFC for receiving a tips from stolen accounts and wrote them on models support email that I didn’t knew that this acc was stolen but had no answer from them.

    5 days later I received a good tips from another guy that never tipped me before and wrote by myself on support email that I am afraid to get blocked. Still had no answer.

    And today I received an email from MFC "Your account has been closed for breaking our rules after being warned. The balance remaining in your account at the end of the pay period will be sent as a courtesy to you. You are no longer eligible to have an account on MyFreeCams."

    So I wrote around 5 emails to models support starting from September 11th, had no answers from them of how should I determine a stolen accounts from not stolen one. And eventually I got blocked.

    A good service to earn

    No feedback, no support, can get blocked without violating the rules

    Nice site, worst customer service ever!

    In general, mfc is a nice site with some handy features. But that customer service is the worst... THE worst I've ever experienced.
    I've been banned without any obvious reason, without a warning. I've sent dozens of emails, but the customer service does not reply at all. And worst of all, I only got my tokens partially refunded. The remaining tokens they just stole from me, and apparantly, they're cool with it.

    None, at this moment.

    -Their customer service. Obviously they don't know how email works. Might as well put a few dogs at the office. The result is the same.

    -They're a bunch of thieves. Stealing tokens from customers.

    Non existent member support

    The good: .

    The bad: .

    The worst:

    pm function works well, mailing system is good, many nice models.

    Stream resolution is the lowest of all camsites I visit.
    mfc has a set of rules for models and especially private shows but they don't enforce them at all. Apparently girls can promise anything prior to a private show, simply not do it then and keep my money (which was a lot). I've been on camsites for three years and the only private shows I ever had to complain about were all on mfc. Seems to be the paradise for scamming girls. Support answered, refunded a very small portion of my money, went silent after it.

    hire new employees

    mfc needs to hire smarter employees

    Bad Site

    Site was good until they change owner after that , site become a big sheet i have to get from they al most 1750 $ at 2 years they said in 6 month will delivry the money after 2 year's i get nothing not even a penny ... girl's i advice you to not make an account ther ... site is really a sheet . In last i will contact police and maibe on that way i will recover money for what i work ;)

    Bad site

    Bad site

    mfc has way too many models, and below average clientele

    This site is aweful, ive worked there 3 years it was ok at first but the amount of models are ridiculous, i mean models are suppose to be atleast a bit pretty, they are so money hungry, and their website sucks, it cant hold so many people at one time, it says advanced and that they are computer geeks, yeah ok well anyway the only good thing that came out of this is the profile and how hard i tried to make my profile look professional as i did with other models i saw, so im off to learn coding software engineering, which am so happy that if i never had worked on mfc,i would have never discovered my true passion,the bad goes with the good,!



    free for customers but models make under 1 penny a minute

    This is a great site if you are a girl that doesnt mind showing your body to 1500 guys while only 5 are paying. Most of the good looking models leave the site in a short time and go on their own to be paid fairly . If your a model avoid. If your a customer go enjoy a free show . Maybe someday these models will learn math.

    Free for customer

    Low pay to model once she learns to divide .

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