Easy way to get blocked

I worked as a model on MFC for over a year and around a week ago I had a tips in private from a guy, whose account appeared to be stolen. I received a warning from MFC for receiving a tips from stolen accounts and wrote them on models support email that I didn’t knew that this acc was stolen but had no answer from them.

5 days later I received a good tips from another guy that never tipped me before and wrote by myself on support email that I am afraid to get blocked. Still had no answer.

And today I received an email from MFC "Your account has been closed for breaking our rules after being warned. The balance remaining in your account at the end of the pay period will be sent as a courtesy to you. You are no longer eligible to have an account on MyFreeCams."

So I wrote around 5 emails to models support starting from September 11th, had no answers from them of how should I determine a stolen accounts from not stolen one. And eventually I got blocked.

A good service to earn

No feedback, no support, can get blocked without violating the rules

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