Getting paid on Chaturbate

Getting paid on Chaturbate

Different ways to get money

Getting paid on Chaturbate
May 4, 2021

You can get your Chaturbate tokens paid in different ways. You can be paid via:

  1. Paxum
  2. CosmoPayment
  3. ePayService
  4. Skrill
  5. Bitcoin
  6. Checks
  7. Bank transfer
  8. Direct deposit

For european webcam models it is recommended to create an eWallet such as Paxum or ePayService. This greatly speeds up the payment process and keeps transaction costs low. Checks are not recommended. Because in Europe they are hardly used anymore, the costs are very high and it takes a long time before you have your money. 

More information can be found here: Become a Webcam model on Chaturbate

Keep in mind that there is a minimum amount required to get a payout, most methods start at a minimum of $ 50.00. If you don't earn the minimum amount required within one pay period, your balance will be transferred to the next pay period until the minimum is reached.

Payment terms on Chaturbate 

Payment terms are from the (1st-15th) and (16th-31st) of each month.

Payments are sent within 7 days of the end of the period:

Income from the 1st - 15th of each month is sent in the 1st pay period of the month. Payment will be sent within 7 days, so if you have a payout during this time, it will be sent on the 22nd. If you chose Paxum, you should receive your payment on the 22nd. If you choose the check option, it will be sent on the 22nd. There may be a longer transit time for checks arriving via USPS or Fedex.

Income from the 16th - 31st of each month is sent in the 2nd pay period of the month. Payment will be sent within 7 days, so if you have a payout during this time, it will be sent by the 7th at the latest. Again, if you have chosen Paxum, you will receive payment no later than the 7th. If you choose the check option, it will be sent on the 7th. 

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Will the envelopes of checks state ‘Chaturbate’ on it? 

No, the envelopes in which you receive a check from Chaturbate have “Crosstown Services LLC” written on them.

What are daily payouts 

Daily Payouts or Daily Payments is an option to receive your money every day. This is only possible after you have already received money from Chaturbate twice. Go to the Token Stats Tab and request the dailyPayout there. This can take 1-3 days before your application is approved. Also, payments are only made from Monday to Friday. On Weekends and during holidays they are not sent. There is a $ 3.95 fee for this option with every payout. And if the payment method you choose has costs, you will also have to cover these costs. 

Getting your money

How much do I need to have to receive my money? 

This depends on which payment method you have, but most of them have a minimum of 50 dollars, see below for the others:

  • Daily Payouts minimum of $ 20.00.
  • eWallets minimum from $ 50.00
  • Check through Fedex minimum $ 200.00
  • WirePayments minimum of $ 1000.00.

What does it cost to receive my money? 

  • Check via Mail (No charge)
  • ePayService (0.6% fee, or $ 0.06 for every $ 10.00)
  • Direct Deposit (No fees, US only)
  • Check through FedEx ($ 40.00 fee in the US, $ 80.00 International)
  • Bank transfer ($ 45.00 fee)
  • Paxum ($ 0.50 fee)
  • COSMO Pay ($ 1.00 fee)
  • Bitcoin ($ 3.00 fee)
  • Skrill (1.25% fee, $ 25 max) 

When will I receive my payment? 

All payments are sent within 7 BUSINESS days. You will also be notified when a payment has reached your account. The times for receiving are as follows:

  • Daily Payout: 1-3 days after it is processed. Processing is only done between Monday and Friday 1:00 AM MST.
  • Direct Deposit: 2-7 business days.
  • Check: 2-7 business days within the United States. 7-10 business days for Canada. 2-6 weeks internationally.

Paxum, CosmoPayment, ePayments or Bitcoin: These payments are sent within 7 days after the end of the payment period. You will receive your money on the same day of payment.

How do I change my payment information? 

You cannot immediately adjust your payment information. For this you need to contact Chaturbate via Customer Support. You send them a message with the following information: Change payments by check:

  1. Name.
  2. Address.
  3. City.
  4. (State).
  5. Postal Code.
  6. Country.

Change in payments via Direct Deposit:

  1. Name of the bank.
  2. Type of account (savings or giro).
  3. Account number.
  4. Routing number.

Payment changes for Paxum:

  1. Your account username.
  2. Time and date (month / day / year)
  3. Change of information Bank transfer:

Name of the account holder at the bank.

  1. Bank name.
  2. Bank address.
  3. City of the bank.
  4. Bank ZIP code.
  5. Bank country.
  6. Account number.
  7. SWIFT / BIC code.

Why didn’t I receive my payment? 

There can be several reasons why you have not received your money:

  • The payout could not be processed because you have not reached the minimum amount, you haven’t converted your tokens or converted tokens have been moved to the next period of payment. Converted tokens do not expire and can be moved to the next pay period.
  • USPS cannot deliver the check to the specified address. The check will then be returned to Chaturbate after which you will receive an email for a new address.

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