Chaturbate tokens, what exactly is the value and what do they cost?

Chaturbate tokens, what exactly is the value and what do they cost?

For the customer and for models

Chaturbate tokens, what exactly is the value and what do they cost?
May 4, 2021

On Chaturbate there are two ways that can determine the value of a token. One of those ways is for the people who want to buy Chaturbate tokens and the other way is when Broadcasters (models) are being paid. 

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Chaturbate tokens

For the people who buy tokens (tippers or viewers of a show), the price per 100 tokens is between $ 7.99 and $ 10.99. It depends on how many tokens you buy at once. But when the Broadcasters (camgirls) have to be paid, Chaturbate takes 40% - 50% depending on how many tokens are bought by the viewers (see below). After this percentage has been deducted, the rest is paid to the Broadcaster, so that the broadcaster gets exactly $ 5 per hundred tokens. So in other words; the value of tokens to a Broadcaster is exactly $ 5 for every 100 tokens he / she has earned. 

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The following applies to the buyers of Chaturbate tokens:

  • 100 Tokens for $ 10.99;
  • 200 Tokens for $ 20.99;
  • 500 Tokens for $ 44.99;
  • 750 Tokens for $ 62.99;
  • 1000 tokens for $ 79.99.

If you want to purchase more tokens at once, this is possible after request. You can get even more discount.

Payment to the Broadcaster (Chaturbate model):

The number of Chaturbate tokens that you see as a broadcaster on your balance sheet is your share; Chaturbate already deducted their share before it showed up on your balance sheet. They took their share when the buyer bought the tokens and not after they tipped you. So as a broadcaster or model you will earn exactly $ 5 per 100 tokens. This amount remains constant for broadcasters, even though the price per token for the buyer has varied (depending on how much they bought at one time). Therefore models receive 50% - 60% of the value.

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For the broadcaster / models it looks like this:

  • 20 tokens = $ 1;
  • 100 Tokens = $ 5;
  • 500 Tokens = $ 25;
  • 1000 Tokens = $ 50;
  • 10000 Tokens = $ 500.

A token has a value of $ 0.05 (5 cents) for a broadcaster. This is, in contrast to the value for the customer, a fixed amount.

The following is good to keep in mind:

To be paid by Chaturbate or to convert tokens to money, you must first verify your age as a broadcaster. If you buy 100 tokens for $ 10.99 and you want to get your money back by converting your tokens to cash, you will only get $ 5; because Chaturbate has already deducted their share. If you have already used the tokens, it goes without saying that you will not get anything back.

If you appreciate a webcam model, it is good to buy tokens and tip him or her.

More information can be found here: How can I receive tokens for my shows?

Earn Free Tokens

You can earn free tokens through the Chaturbate affiliate program. You can choose from a number of different options at the Linking Codes option. One of them is called: Program: 10 Tokens Per Registration + 500 Per Broadcaster. You will then see all kinds of link codes that you can share on your social media or your blog. When a customer signs up with Chaturbate you get 10 free tokens. When a cam model signs up you will receive no less than 500 tokens.

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