Get free Chaturbate tokens!

Get free Chaturbate tokens!

The Chaturbate affiliate program

Get free Chaturbate tokens!
June 7, 2021

Referring new models and customers to Chaturbate can get you some nice tokens! Chaturbate has created an affiliate program. Here you can find more information about this program.

What is the affiliate program?

There are several ways an affiliate can earn money and tokens on Chaturbate. There is a large collection of tools that can be used such as banners, popunders, text and advertisements. 

Want to know more about the values of tokens? Read more here: Chaturbate tokens, what exactly is the value and what do they cost? 

The Program consist of: 

  • Pay Per Fee: Affiliates can earn up to $ 1.00 per free registration.
  • This also boosts conversations where no email address or credit card is required. Your earnings will depend on the countries from which your customers come in.
  • Revshare: 20% revshare of purchased tokens (by customers coming from the affiliates) is paid to the affiliates.
  • Broadcaster Bonus: $ 50.00 is paid to affiliates for every user who makes $ 20.00 on a broadcast. The user must then have entered via the affiliate.
  • Webmaster referral: 5% rev share is paid on all affiliate earnings from webmasters. You can earn $ 1.00 for anyone you send to Chaturbate and register. You can also earn $ 50.00 when one of those people becomes a broadcaster

To process a payment, you must first fill in a form. That is possible here. Payouts are by check, Paxum or Firstchoicepay and you can decide how you want to be paid within these 3 options. For a payout you must have earned at least $ 50.00 in money.

How do I create a whitelabel?

To add a whitelabel to your affiliate account, click here. Here you can control which color options you want, choose a gender, create a logo and many more options.

Furthermore, your whitelabel must have a size of 200X70.

Why am I not receiving a referral bonus?

To earn from these referral links, people who come in through you must register. If they click on it but don't register, you won't receive a bonus. Below is an example of a link code that you will find on your Affiliate page.

Payments may vary depending on the link you used. The links are available here. If a new user has registered through your link, you can contact chaturbate so that they can verify that all steps have been followed so that you can receive a bonus.

Can I place a pixel?

You can place a pixel if you want to do affiliation tracking. For this you need to contact Chaturbate. 

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