Everything about the Chaturbate Cam2Cam option

Everything about the Chaturbate Cam2Cam option

Cam2Cam a better experience

Everything about the Chaturbate Cam2Cam option
April 22, 2021

Chaturbate has always presented itself as a way to get people together, masturbate, chat and socialize. So unlike many other cam sites, which started out primarily as a one-way street of models broadcasting to viewers, it has always been possible for any Chaturbate member to broadcast their video. So you could say that Cam2Cam is built into the entire base of the site. This is one of the things that sets the site apart from the many other cam sites out there. Just consider the fact that the “broadcast yourself” option is the second item in the top menu of the site, right after “chat rooms.” This shows how the cam2cam option has actually always been part of Chaturbates design.

What is cam2cam? When two people are both broadcasting and watching each other at the same time. In the end, it is that simple: creating that environment when meeting people is not a one-way street, but a truly social experience of giving and taking.

Without the ability for every member to broadcast, Chaturbate would just become another cam site. The other similar sites are of course not inferior, but Chaturbate still gives users a different kind of experience where more interaction with the model is possible.

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How to use the Cam2Cam option on Chaturbate

Chaturbate makes every effort to make broadcasting easy, however users occasionally experience problems when using the cam2cam option. Every PC has a different internet configuration, webcams on different computers are often set differently and standard security settings can prevent you from always broadcasting when you want. It's worth spending some time going through all of the minor technical issues that may arise before starting your first session, especially if you do this in a private session when time is money.

It is good to know that Chaturbate does not have a separate cam2cam mode. Instead, it's just a combination of two people, choosing to broadcast and watch each other at the same time. The models, which are on Chaturbate, of course, broadcast continuously, so for them this is the default position and they should have worked out all the technical stuff. For their guests, who want to broadcast to them, this also means taking on the role of broadcaster. Fortunately, only the model can see you while you are broadcasting.

There are also a number of controls to ensure that only the person who wants to see your live video camera feed can do this. The easiest and most straightforward way to do that is to set a password for your video and only give that video to the person you should be watching.

What do others need to be on the webcam on Chaturbate?

If you are a regular host, you will find that users sometimes want to broadcast themselves to you to take the relationship to the next level. Everyone wants to be liked and people hope you like how they look as much as they like you. First timers may be confused about how to broadcast, they don't know if it's possible. And in fact you don't know either because your own setup will be different from theirs. What you can tell them is that if they have a webcam and / or a cell phone with a camera, that is certainly possible. A great first step is to tell them to test whether their webcam hardware is working, or whether the actual camera on their computer is working properly.

Best webcams for Cam2Cam

Ultimately, the best camera is the one you have yourself. If you do your best to buy a new webcam to experience cam2cam more clearly and better, then of course there are plenty of choices. The webcam built into your laptop wouldn't be the first choice, as they are generally quite primitive. While they may be talking about Full HD or even higher resolution, that doesn't take away from the fact that the small lens and base sensor mean you won't get such a clear picture.

The camera on your phone or on a tablet such as an Apple iPad is generally a much better choice. And with the HTML only broadcasts from phones, which Chaturbate now supports. A new stand-alone webcam gives you the best quality and there is plenty to choose from. It all depends on your budget, but beware of one that has good low-light performance because the last thing you want to worry about while masturbating is getting yourself super brightly lit.

Exposure and cam2cam

Whatever camera you're using, and whether you're aiming it at your cock, your face, or your wallet, you want to make sure it's clearly visible. Indoors, out of the sun, there's no getting around it, it can be a bit on the dark side and webcams don't work great when the light is less than stellar. Try to turn on the lights. Dark and moody is fine for scary movies, but if you want to show yourself and be seen clearly then the use of lights is highly recommended.

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