Another cover up for scam

Another cover up for scam

I'm a model on CAM4 and other sites and have been doing this for 15 years off and on, and have been streaming on C4 for over a year now, but not much longer. This site used to be a great site until 2020 when they leaked tens of thousands of people information and it has fallen to the bottom of the list of cam sites. But what I'm going to expose them for today is and we all know about the studio rooms with it's illegal activity, but last week I was in a models room because she came into mine and bugging the crap out of me to come in hers, so about 5 minutes in her room they we're stupid and tried to put a spyware on me called static.hotjar, and before someone says that is a harmless virus, well let's put it on your device and track everything you do and go and look at through out the internet! So I reported it to customer service, which I can say is they do get back with you pretty fast and most of the time it's resolved but what they told me that there site doesn't allow it, and if I didn't go to an off social media like Skype or hangouts this wouldn't have happened. Huh, lol that's the problem with these sites which some of the biggest sites have controlled the tracking and other stuff in those studio rooms and even wanted me to send who is doing it. Well CAM4 I told you in my first email that there's a program that is linked to the US Fraud agency and every time someone tries to get in my information it's sends me a message and them a message, AND EVERY TIME I ENTER YOUR SITE YOU TRACK ME, which I know everyone on the internet does but every studio room does it. I even had a couple of girls tell me they do after I threatened to report it, but to blame me and say it's my fault after I lost a Google account from a scammer sending me a pic in my inbox on C4 and only thing I did was open it and I was done, and after checking on the scammer and told you they we're wanted through out the United States and after couple emails asking why they are still floating around in your site and still nothing done. It's bs because I don't use Skype if you read my profile it's says don't even ask and I have just the social media that you allow so you just don't give a rats ass and basically cover up all the bad and don't give a crap about the performers. Also you said you verify everyone? Well how do you explain the couple of profiles I reported that we're using pornstar pics on it's profile? What about the profiles that we're made the same day with no information, no pic, but you verify them right? You are a DAM lie. How about that C4 broadcaster you Bragg about but the people who use it can't control there room, anything and anyone especially scammers come in my room every freaking day. And every time I cam I am in the top 4 male performers, but since you don't listen to us and want to blame us when you Fucked up, I will be deleting my profile and remember about the friend I told you about that works for the US Fraud agency and every single sexcam site is being investigated, but you here from him personally with all the evidence that you want to say that it's not happening. So good luck with your next adventure and remember don't lie about stuff like this it's a very serious offense.

Not a dam thing

Cover up, studio rooms looking for your information

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